0 thoughts on “LALA FRAME

  1. You actually look better au natural…you’re not one of dem people who scary without all the makeup and hair

  2. Soooo dem dancehallers have a no weave, no makeup challenge? I wanna see Happle m Barrabas no make-up, no weave look

      1. I kaint afford it there, will have to go somewhere cheaper Chuet but mi eyes really wah check out fi true before mi get glasses

  3. she looks so oldddddddddddddddd
    no man – too much night dew
    cause aint she in her late 20’s early 30’s ?
    no LALA shouldnt do yourself dat

  4. Suh Met isnt she like 10 younger than Striker and Frenchie dem…An AARP member and soon start collect social security in bout 10yrs, weh u a flatline fah now

  5. Dutty suck pussy lala u done suck out mi friend pussy and a seh a because a u fantasy and a ask har if she want u Fi lick har batty but she nuffi talk? Bitch u a undercover sadamite no man no want u days why u a turn to woman now. Stiff tongue gal lol

    1. Stop it lala neck caa even stretch fi turn much less fi under gal crotches unnu fi tap dem something here man kmt

  6. people yu wan see angela striker, angela jet set kerry, happle, ven, yankee michelle, and the list can go on for the rest of the day of people who mi nuh wan see wid out di wig and makeup…di gyal deh look ordinary not scary

  7. Wtf is a man????? Maybe me born different man is da least n me neva make dem b my problem if she into girls I don’t see she not getting a man have anything fi do wit

  8. I’m not mad about she Sucking n f**king a next gal it’s how the dancehall gyal dem gwan like dem nuh suck pussy undercover ting. As long as u a do what makes u happy no need to be ashamed.

  9. MI a sen out a challenge………it called “no bleach reach” mi challenge cabbage patch aka Dolly …..and Bitta aka sweets…..and Corey ….No bleaching for two weeeks and post your pics ………. :thumbup

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