Lance Fashan Di Pepper
19 minutes ago ·
Ok took dwn my green card an now back to my normal life. HEY RENEE ASK JIGGA WHO GIVE HIM DI GIRL that he f**k in UR car an caught GHONORRHEA an gave it to u. GOODBYE
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  1. I tell you bout these tight pants wearing gender confused sissies! They’re pathetic! So a man dresses, so is he! A big gal!


  3. lance what green card ? u know sey u nuh have nuh status in a merica !!! u not even have a drivers license !!!

  4. but pampers and gonorrhea nuh may lead to shit bad next,wats wrong wid dese germsy body ppl

  5. Some a we love to speculate bout people status in this country too much especially when we don’t know facts. You have a next set that get the GC and a act like it was the blue book,regularly mi hear them in the Jamaican stores” mi nuh lean inna merica mi well straight” ain’t nobody ask them anything. …..smh. We should all remember once you weren’t born here they can still take away that naturalized status too # I’m just saying.

  6. I hate these dark and unintelligent people! The crimes in which they will strip you of your naturalized papers people of the Carribean is hardly thinking of it! I.E. Treason terrorist surely you didn’t think shop lifting and credit card scam gets it taken!! Research is key

  7. But met a di same lance this weh suck poochie pussy jay tee babymother and give her gonorrhea and him baby mother found out and put him out.

  8. Good morning wurl! Lance yu made history again,yu no tired fi mek yu batty and mouth fail yu,along time yu a undercover he/she,a di same ting mek yu affi lef yard and yu walk wid it.lance yu no Tired fi mek yu family a yard Shame poor di gyal sje must left yu now bcuz yu call everybody a yard and tell dem say do gyal a bitch and how see a treat yu and yu still a f**k ass.big man yu can’t jave best of both world yu affi choose,and I think yu fi choose Kendrick.lance fashan di gyal dem sey u a walkin milk true,I weak.

    1. Good morning I was waiting on you…please do not change your name anymore…every comment u use a different name

  9. But wait di head a fashan unit aka freaky lance a call out people a dis nice!lance is not a pampers u need is a king size comforter wed 4 extra large pin.

  10. lance talk da truth and tell your fb fans wah gwan. yah nuh tired fi thief people money… crawny body boy. A same way him try fi tek mi money talk bout him have rent fi pay and mi fren tell mi sah a ina jigga house him did live, and a so mek mi never gi him mi $1000. Di boy walk and a beg people fi suck dem pussy! lance come talk bout di buffet style. mi nah lie him can eat pussy good dwrl but am not a fan of f**king ina mi ass Mi cah manage it. This man is the biggest undercover bisexual ina queens him f**k man fi things

  11. met! when lance sell yu a story yu affi buy it.mi nah lie him coulda be a gud sales man.a gud ting mi fren did ina di car wed mi and after mi get off di phone mi start to tell her about him and shi say wait lance fashion ?mi said yes,shi say alisha fantasy man? and mi say mi nuh know bout dat a me and him a talk and him tell mi say him single and aso mi call him back and ask bout har and him say yes. y? and mi nuttin and mi hang up. and met wen mi fren read out him file mi wish mi neva gi him mi pussy.and a true him a fag fi real bcuz the second time we f**k after him eat mi him try fi put him dick ina my ass and mi tell him no and him say mi fi just try him ago grease him dick and put it in slow.

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