Nigerian women are the most unfaithful women in the world. Go to University campuses and see how young girls sell their body for sex. An average teenage Nigerian girl can have ten to twenty boyfriends and sugar daddies. They have one for school fees, one for taking care of hairstyle, one for usual pocket money, one for recharge card phones and latest gadgets, one for paying hostel room fees, one for taking them on vacations, one for shopping on latest wears in vogue and one for general purpose need. They called these boyfriends or Sugar Daddies “Muggus” or “Mgbada”. That is “Foolish Ones” or “Cheap Antelope meat”. A Nigerian girl can marry a husband twice her father’s age due to ulterior motive. If you want to know how bad Nigeria women are, dare take her overseas and specially USA. The divorce rate in America is 35% but 55% among Nigerian married spouse. Once they use their husband’s citizen statue to come into USA as an immigrant or “green Card” holder, then the game sets in. They will start quoting “American Laws” as if it was taught to them in Nigerian primary and secondary schools. The deceitful and unscrupulous ones will start running faster than their shadow in America. On arrival, they use their spouse financial well-being to obtain education specially in the Nursing field, once they secure a good paying job, insubordination in marital affairs kicks in. They start trumping up flimsy excuses to divorce their spouse. Most times, they start keeping opposite sex friends outside marriage and start depriving their husband the natural need of life.(The guys know what I mean). For any slightest of provocation, they will call the law enforcement to arrest their husband. The statue of liberty”American MamaWater” or “Evil Marmaid” donated by France gives freedom of immunity to women and children in the USA. That woman carrying a torch in one hand and situated in Staten Island was donated by France to corrupt USA. It gives women the torch of Freedom but some women turn the freedom to “Free-Doom”. Most ungodly women use it as an advantage against their husband when it comes to marital differences. Most of them want divorce because they have found third party, or want to live a single lifestyle due to promiscuous life-style. It does not matter how many children they have in that marriage. In USA, Igbo women divorce their husband more than any tribe. About seventeen Nigerians have killed their female/wives after been driven to temporary insanity. They say “Temporary Insanity” but the best thing is to walk away from the house and move on with a new life once these women start their “abracadabra” in marriage. Some men try fighting back but end up been the loser. Their financial earning garnished from paying monthly child support and rendered homeless in America. 70% of American men are in jail due to problems with their wives or girlfriends. Yeye de smell for America.Yes ooh! she cleaned me out. Guese what! It became a blessing, because I walked away, brought my ass to Nigeria and married the most beautiful girl in African with three boys and a girl. I am a rich famer in my village and living happily with my present wife. Yeye no de smell for 9ja marriage in Nigeria.

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