Another episode of deck deck and rochelle..dis a police and acs problem now…deck deck call police pan rochelle and bay tings after him claim di children dem whey nuh live wid him








  1. Evening everyone. It looks like this animal of a mother takes out her frustration on her children. Maybe her mother was like that with her. So now that the man is moving on with his life, she feels rejected and now she wants to reject her children. This must be the way she can only move on by taking it out on her children. He should take his children from her. She is mentally scarring them. You see how she dash away her son. When the father don’t take him up. She will remind her children that the father don’t want them too. Just like he didn’t want her. By the way, this woman is very unstable.

  2. I ONLY feel sorry fe the CHILDREN. Meck DECK DECK AND ROCHELLE GWEH. DECK DECK YU MEMBA WHEN ROCHELLE RUN LEF KENEKEI WIT KENNY TO ROAM STREET WIT YU????? Wha good fe de goose good fe de ganda. Why yu surprise she abandan unnu pickney dem????? All a unnu NASTY like. Wendy go sit down an stop teck yu son pan road go TEIF wit yu.

  3. Its ppl like wendy that put gasoline to tge fame.mind your damn business. Thats why you cant keep any friends now i see why sheba family never want you at the funeral too rass nuff. How about you as a mother taking your son to steal ?

  4. nigga go sit the f**k down take all the empty seats.. So your kids going through this and you are at baby shower enjoying life instead of in a f((king court trying to get FULL custody. Why post this and the kids still there. Them have 2 parents for a reason.. I hate niggas like this. Blame the wutliss mother and dont do shit bout the situation ..f((king HELLLOOOO you just as bad

  5. Nasty Jaguar di time u deh pon social media a fass Ina di ppl den life u go fix urs..Tell di world how u baby fadda gone back to him wife. See God no like uglii u teck di man and run go breed and him run right back home to him “Stay Bad “woman..
    Every body weh have lickel links you run een pan. All of a sudden you and Deck Deck close.doh meck mi buss out dah secret deh.
    Memba you Neva use to chat to certain ppl but now chu hard life a wap you you a try come back to di regular ppl dem.Since u turning 43 soon try wearing less makeup and stop lieing bout u 35 y/0. Lolz

  6. Deck deck always have the kids. All the money pass through Rochelle hands she should a have a big house a live off investment.

  7. Rushell or careless woman whay you name. Dem to lock up you rass now a long time you a breed up like gini pig and no want the pickney dem. damm john crow of a mumma. Not mother why breed if you a go run leff them ever man you find you breed and when dem want leave you crosses rass self you run left you own flesh and blood. You well dress and you nuh take care of your kids. Careless woman stop breed use condom. From the first big pickney is a mab have him whay a nuh him father you are too heart less. Through deck deck leff you and engage you a tek it out pan your own fresh and blood. You to go prison now stop breed if you nuh want you kids. A nuh the fist second or third my god careless lady. How you sleep

  8. Wendy is not the issue. Everyone know wendy take care of her kids and nothing no too good for her two boys. Her big son in in college But rushell care less about hers. Kids babysitting kids what kind a pressure that. Deck deck did the right thing by reporting her rass. Better you go f**k back deck deck with kerryann if a that a cause the problem but love your kids you bring them here

  9. deck deck all weh u a do not working if Rochelle did what u say why is she home with her baby an her daughter deck deck u just madd cuz Rochelle a blow u up move u rass u steal har kids them from har fi one year an go pon welfare wid them Rochelle work an tek car of them since she have them u r a weak mother f**ker low blow deck deck low blow a wa the child support have u stress Rochelle a good gal u can,t stop har u could a call police she is not going to lose her kid,s u should a shame fi a use prince fi fight har shame on u u r trying to make her in to a bad mother in social midea deck deck u need fi quit but deck deck y u so madd with her doh I think u were happy only when a preson is not happy they do things like this ur very unhappy

  10. Police involve report file. Acs involve. So all kids will have to take care of now or them tKe them whay and jail who to jail. Thats all so story come to bump now cause i sure police a go do them job and acs now. So all foolishness involve the innocent underage kids them will have to end

    1. Is DeckDeck giving financial assistance to Rochelle so she can get a sitter for the 6yo?. The baby shouldn’t be in the house with the other kids but a him same one say a work she a work so if DeckDeck call ACS they can jus hash out what him fi pay one time etc. If he is not fully supporting the children then he will also be at fault

  11. But the 6 months old child though? The 6 months child is not deck deck own. just hear she tek back the kids fr deck deck fi baby sit. Deck deck 2 could have gone to his house and she and lucky put the baby in a sitter. Hear me hear don’t kill me.
    the 6 months should be with a sitter.

  12. Deck deck u should be ashamed after you not minding your kids and Rochelle still give u the kids to file taxes for u turn around and take all the tax money and keep baby shower and not even one cent u na give de Pinckney them now after she said she gon tek u for child support you try brainwash her son to lie about his mom mistreating him but karma is a bitch like you so wait you got good what coming to you waste of a blood cloth father

  13. really now people u really think Rochelle would left her 6months old baby with prince come on now that girl drop her son to the baby sister ever morning and she have a personal cab man that pick her daughter up from school an drop her off to her at work deck deck u r a wicked mother f**ker u see god na sleep u try fi mek them tek weh her kids an now u look like a asshole all u have is a report Rochelle got court date for your ass u dumb f**k u trying to hard to let rochelle look bad but it,s not working

  14. and no ACS was not in Rochelle home because the cops see seh a pure lie him a tell pon har deck deck please all u have is a report

    1. The police will have to hand over that report to ACS so tell Rochelle don’t be surprised if ACS show up tonight or sometime soon

  15. Doesnt the report say investigate child abuse. Neglet. From what i read. This has to be forward to acs by law so rochelle cant say police think a lie from it file when he turn in tonight he has to document it so rochelle dont be surprise if acs social worker dont pop up at your door. Report file had to be documented by law and these are serious allegration which will be investigated. If the acs slack on it well but they will be involved and if anything wrong with these kids later on in life god forbib by the parent. All government officical who should have follow the right procedure if they didnt will be in trouble.

    1. But someone had to have made the report and if is today the police go is not the school call dem so DeckDeck can’t say he innocent . Is not by chance he was on the road to see the police come etc.

  16. Met , that’s the same thing i was thinking. At the end of the day It’s the children that suffering. This situation shoud not be on social media. Word of advice to the new mother take notes. Bipolar Wendy don’t give your friend advice on this one you will only make it worse.

  17. You know me neva peep the part bout the car. U know a whole heep a different story going to talk. But ME Still WaIt Fi Rochelle Side.

  18. Them a saY the police wasn’t called because of the baby sitting. The police was called cause she put the lil boy out. For what reason i don’t know.

    1. Fab DeckDeck mek post the day before say him go fi the son and him did a complain. Mi sure the little boy never call the cops. Something not adding up

  19. I hope Deck Deck know he too will be investigated and if dem find out seh a false claim fi avoid child support he will be charged
    I don’t know why Jamaican people love call ACS
    Don’t f**k with dem especially school age pickney cause if di picknwy dem go school regular and dem clean and a eat then dem look elsewhere

  20. yu see how stinking wendy nuff…
    dutty lean up batty wendy go sit down because your big son father took him from you because of your nasty stealing days and he did not want his child to grow up like that so how dare you, deck deck can piss off because no real man go on social media to display their business , dude looking for extra back up. You are a scum and there are always two side to every story, what you both need to do is have some maturity like adults and figure out a way to co parent and dutty wendy go learn how fi cook and stop post yu stay bad food dem pon facebook.. go fix yu lean batty ole thief

  21. Deck deck full of shit n now its coming out of his mouth..he kidnapped the son from Rochelle without her knowledge n carry the Lil boy go baby shower in a run down clothes n make him missed school for 5 days and a talk about abuse..he’s only doing all of this to spite Rochelle.. All of this is not about she or him wanting each other..its apparent they have both moved on n as I know Rochelle moved on way passed him first by even having a child,which now he’s following behind her footstep as normal.the whole thing back from Erica days when him could have simple sleep wit germs back washed up Erica n leave as him carry the furniture to..first sign of a worthless man wit no ambition. The girl moved past that
    That never triggered her too much, maybe just a tht never then him a front like him a good body and use the their kids to fight his battle n making falsing claims against the women..him a potrait she him a father but use the kids tax money keep coming back to america shower with what we now know tht the what ever glitters ain’t gold just copper like h heart..not saying also leaving her kids alone is right or in fact true but is she alone a make ends meet to feed those same kids that he has no room for or money to provide for those kids.. Deck deck need a life n just like how he’s handle the situation.. The same women that is pregnant I hope u be mindful of what he is doing..cuz that also be her situation a few yrs from now if not tomorrow n as for ya..I know all u have to go on is speculation but at the end of the day..ppl business is sometimes more than what it seems especially from the inside looking out n not outside looking in..

  22. met is dek deck call them go on Rochelle fb page deck deck is a little bitch so how him get the paper met deck deck u too wicked an if ACS come me know Rochelle is going to be a winner god na sleep deck deck come out a rochel shadow all u a try fi mek she look like a bad mother u too wicked Rochelle a madd u u little ass hole

  23. met the person who mek the report they get the report deck deck is a bitch all a this fi social midea tru the gal talk bout har kids them tax money deck deck u ago get it left right an center wait u a call police remember u r a known drug dealer an your on parole in arizona

  24. Diidnt deck deck post said the cop wanted him to take his two and they were going to take hers. So case solved still child abuse because kids left unattended with minor read what deck deck said so he obvious spoke with the police too So its still going to be a issue for roschelle if the police witness the kids alone roschelle let this be your wake up call start bieng a mother to all your kids and take. Care of all get all of them from all over the place and be a mother once and for all because a long time you a run left yours them come on now and deck deck help her take care of her 2 that she has for you. Rushelle stop breed if you nah go grow them you nuh sick you ok you deh a dance every night you can grow your kids no man come before your children look how much you take already and them gone and your kids are still here.

    1. Ok Rochelle not a good mother and all but DeckDeck aint no prize either. No police would have wanted him to take any children..what was he doing there calling the police anyways? If the children were in immediate danger there wouldn’t have been no ”wanted to take” in that case..They would have been taken. Tell him to stop lying on social media and yes the police still has to call ACS but irs still gonna get him for the money he took on the kids and they don’t live with him. Him too lie, if those kids were in care of the 11 year old all those children would have been out the house. Him lying..after mi think bout it good and well mi see seh a story him a come wid because the woman talk bout the tax money.Him a brandish police report like a true police peggy but he **never won**..cheeze voice..What is due to Ceasar give it to Ceasar..That money was not his to keep

      1. Also he went to the precinct to file a report before he got there , the police pulled up to investigate his claims and obviously they didn’t match what they saw because they would have taken the children..with or without him being able to take them. He is a liar

  25. For real well him must a take the pictures of the police carat the precinct when they park up outside. Mr deck deck please stop the bullshit cause in the end only tye children suffers

  26. She stole to take care of her children !!!!
    That shows how good of a mother Wendy is she took risks for her children !!!! I respect her

  27. i remember the days when deck deck and rochelle were inseperable ,it peirce my heart to see all this drama going does not look good or sound good. please take care of the kids i love deck deck and rochelle.

  28. A truth mi memba when Deck Deck an Rochelle was like Hollywood Hype an Marlene except fi Deck Deck an Rochelle own was real lol

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