1. She has a bachelors in law from U-TECH not necessarily a “Law Degree.” She can’t practice Law with that alone. Anywhere.

      1. I know that, but does she? Because the way she recently touted the ‘law degree’ she makes claims to, you would think she’s been to Norman Manley, pass out it & the bar & win 2 cases already.

        Every day is something new with this girl. smh

        “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

        But if she knew & adhered to this scripture she wouldn’t be in this mess would she?

          1. @Cindy you make a good point! What’s the name of the company and what does it do exactly!?

            And @Met we shall never forget the honours nor the Masters degree!

  1. Unnu stop it. U nuh see how she market herself. From however amount of followers she had to now almost 130K! Impressive!!! Lol.
    But I thought she quit her job? What company is this she speaks of?

  2. When will this end? :cd Bolt im waiting on your last say! Without it everyday me aguh si this Kasi B on pinkwall, publicly annouce u guys are still an item or not and put an end to this baffoonery charade! Only Usain alone can stop this

  3. Stupid young lady ‘ beautiful with education and dumb as door knob . . . All that education and can’t reinvent your self just walk away and hold your head high.


  5. There are several people who have degrees in one thing and choose a different profession. The greatest thing is that no one is disputing that she has a degree.

  6. Why the constant attack on this girl?
    It is getting stupid now.
    Do you know of her not having a company?

  7. Mi woulda just luv fi be a fly fi see di nights she cry an Dwl cause mi neva see dis yet neva! A mean it might happen but fi watch it live sweeta God know. Gal probably text an no get no reply oh gosh! Social media ago be di end a Yuh imagine.. Yuh nuh fraid dem hack yuh.

  8. Met me seh me just just hear seh the trip is confirmed it confirm it confirm! Dem is going to BORA Bora Met! Kasi has been talking met she not going no where. Met nuh bodda post the comment cause she will know is who.a talk. We cannot out the link! usual magic with words and run a story

  9. Stink pusci Chunchi!!! All dem Gyal ya do is sit on Twitter n chat people !! You unu seh unu inna cooperate world but find so much time fi deh pan Twitter !! All unu do is pretend to be uptown when unu doh come from nowhere and force up unu self pan people !! Nufffff! She and the one name Kandiileena! All unu a try fit into uptown di people dem still nuh rate unu !!! All dem do is chat and laugh at unu ….

  10. Went to tracks and records earlier on lunch break and saw that it was closed for 4 hours for a “private function”, Bolt’s inside as I saw his Range parked in the lot. Maybe Kasi is “developing business” with Bolt’s managers by recruiting and marketing girls, however they turned her down as one of the performers…sorry ms Old Harbour.

  11. Chunchi need fi go fix har nasty buff space out yellow teeth dem and low people business !! Dem Gyal deh rotten out pusci cya hol nuh uptown man ! KANDIILEENA AND CHUNCHI the man dem a talk seh unu anno fi Dem type, no matta how hard unu try run eeen

    1. that must be the reason the two of them can’t get a man to save their lives. Chunchi has to resort to Tinder and KandiiLeena wishes somebody wanted her ass. I do too so she can shut the hell up about being single on Twitter. Had to unfollow her ass. She needs to focus on those damn dark circles around her eyes.

  12. Good afternoon Met!

    Why it look like a di same anonymous person a comment! Cause every post the person mek dem a cuss…it look too obvious!

  13. So Kasi going on vacation with bolt this Friday. Somebody help me with this one, so she never go rio, and his bff, squad and whores get fi party with him first for his birthday and then me get vacation last ?????

  14. Maybe him a save the best for last? U know that non historic no special occasion vacay just because that every girl wants from their man! Kasi stay winning 😉

  15. Met is who keep on saying Kasi pretty. .. she’s OK looking …a pic on twitter tonight, delusional Kasi kinda look like miss piggy still…calm yourself Kasi bout you don’t like pink, you certainly not all that.

    1. Maybe because she ”crome” all now mi cyah stop use dah word deh…somebody seh she chrome oo suh dat makes her beaudyful

  16. @anon 9:27 pm . Me prefer the proud that you are my girl , always want you by my side, always putting me first, want me at the forefront when him mek history so I can tell the grandkids kinda man … But do you Kasi and stay “winning”

    Tek the money dry your tears and gwaan do online shopping when you are lonely

  17. The Jamaican Olympic team would not allow bolt to bring his girlfriend. The girls that went with him are his friends.
    He was filming an ad for virgin in the UK also.

  18. Why so much Chunchi hate? I’m almost curious to know why people a get so venomous just by seeing her face and a comment she made.

    1. because she too damn nuff and opinionated to be a weak 2 on the scale of 1-10. sorry not sorry. Tell your friend to shut the hell up and continue begging the men on Tinder to go out with her

  19. Kasi and bolt ain’t going on NO vacation kmft kasi and bolt is not together met a wah do dem people yah . And for the record tracks and record is not own by bolt they only use his name it’s not his restaurant but he’s getting shares for his name being used

  20. lmao @ jamaican olympic team would not allow him to bring his girlfriend. But yet he got his own hotel room in Rio whereas majority had shared accomodations. Please try again.

  21. Cause Chunchi is annoying and feel say she a somebody and have the nerve fi a look dung har sweet pepper nose pon ppl when she still a live in a rent house and a tek bus. I have no idea who is gassing this cruff up but Chunchi have 0 humility and har friend dem nuh stop chat bout har dutty ways and nasty attitude.

    1. Ahhhh I see. I know all too well. I just wanted to see your reasoning for not liking her. Mek sense though. It funny u f**k though. :ngakak

      1. shady dash Chunchi and KandiiLeena file. Those two are nuff and confused because neither are cute without the Maybelline.

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