wo men have been charged in connection with the murder of two-year-old Demario Whyte, who was shot dead on Luke Lane in downtown Kingston, last week.

Head of the Area Four Police, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Terrence Bent a short while ago confirmed that the men were charged this evening.

Demario, his father and his uncle were shot after men armed with firearms drove into the community and opened fire at the corner where they were sitting about 8:30 pm last Tuesday.

The toddler’s father was reportedly shot twice in his foot and once in his stomach, while his brother was shot in the face.


Meanwhile, head of the Kingston Western Police Division Superintendent Howard Chambers today confirmed that 17 of the 20 men who were listed as persons of interest have turned themselves in to the police.

Chambers said that out of the 17 people, 11 remain in custody, while six have been questioned and released.

Chambers further added that at least two of the 11 people who are still in police custody will be charged in connection with the upsurge in gun violence in sections of downtown Kingston.

At the same time, Superintendent Chambers appealed to the three remaining persons of interest to turn themselves in to the police.

The police are of the view that conflicts involving rival gangs in Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens, as well as extortion, are among the major factors contributing to the upsurge in crime.

Racquel Porter

6 thoughts on “MEN WHO EXECUTED 2YO HELD

  1. mi nuh waan read bout nuh charge dis even a dead dis evening it fi a seh,what kind a lock up yuh think these two shithouse fi really get let them guh back inna the ghetto give the ppl dem mek dem show unno weh justice look like…them kill a baby enuh a baby

  2. Doesn’t say the men who executed 2yo have been held.

    17 arrested – 6 released.

    “at least two of the 11 people who are still in police custody will be charged in connection with the upsurge in gun violence in sections of downtown Kingston.”


  3. Anon @ 3:02, The beginning of the post says two men held regarding Demario’s murder then it outlines the 17 persons of interest topic in the last part of the post.

  4. Listen, I am all for due process and people serving their time and being pardoned once reformed BUT not in this instance. If you know and can prove without a shadow of a doubt that the two identified are the DEMONS that cold-heartedly MURDERED THIS TODDLER, kill them dead. Not any quick death either. Mek dem suffer like the prisoners of war down a Guantanomo Bay. Water board and shock them backside. Pop off finger nail and toe nail and bruck them fingers and toes one by one. Let them be an example for all pedophiles, rapist, gun man and even negligent parents (I have not forgotten that wukliss effing mumma weh gone a dance while her baby girl get raped and murdered).

  5. Remember the father who kill his lil girl n escape police custody then they found him dead?well hopefully these 2 are allowed to escape bk in public!

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