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          1. me wan fight har moustache and win dwl.. all she a talk a just the upper lip a distract me…

  1. One time mi cuss her off big time !! Bout how she don’t want any “nigga head Pickney” I light up dat switch and her fren dem. she fool as fly she never hav fada? Why she Nuh love her self. Now mi upset
    Good morning Met < dis shoulda come first sorry

    1. she sound like Yendi and ….shi need fi leave di baby col’ talk alone and if she a naiga evenif shi married to any kind a man the child hair might just be hers

    2. its quite obvious that Lauren is bitterly scorned by something or someone…don’t know which, but something has affected her deeply to where she doesn’t believe in love and kissing…..who tha fuhhhkkk doesn’t love to love or be loved or kissed? then di wickedness part ah when she ah try mask it aid disya fuhhkrey. Lauren baaaayyybeh ( in my best elderly voice)…you may fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time. HAPPY FRIDAY ERRBODY!! Hey Metty/dysfunctional fam :peluk :peluk …Metty where is mi spanish relative Quena? How comes she jus drop out suh baps?

  2. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

    until Lauren can stop telling lies nothing she says as of now to me is the truth she cum off all dry …where the necklace is concern my problem with it is dat someone is trying to make their name and some money and she did even have the info at hand cuz its obvious she gets couple free stuff from the gurl,yuh cuda market har stuff betta yuh batta mouth germs yuh kmft

    1. you know she is trying to say she does private, exclusive shopping …..she does not have a name because she probably got in TARGET

        1. mi seh…………wen mi and mi sista go inna dem worl wen wi deh a Jamaica wi realize how much money wi can mek ….because all dem do a pretend and frighten ova colour…..mi cah wait fi open mi busy inna fi dem part a town ……dem really lack knowledge

          1. I wish I could read a book to her…….I mean she is reading but her head is not MAINTAINING she has very low self esteem……its really sad ……she does not even know what luxury is …..she is dying for everyone to see the starbucks cup …….she needs someone to hold her hand…your mother brought you up by herself stop trying to hide from facts …fiction is for fools

  3. Seet deh! She Nuh uptown nutting bout ” nub earring” name studs big head gyal . Seet deh. And she need fi cover her mustache !

    1. but why does everybody want to be known as an “uptowner”?? what is so interesting about recognized as such…………..di place boring di ppl dem boring and uptwon itself divide inna three ……they need to get with the times and stop being backwards

      1. Bcus when ppl lack individualism they seek out a group that they consider superior and try associate wid the group. Then. BOOM yuh are a better person with self worth. Been thinking abt doing a boutique that is “exclusive ” just fi ppl like her I wld so make Nuff money buying from Claire’s and selling to dem.

        1. yuh woulda better off buying wholesale or bulk from or alley express and turn roun jack up eeh price mek ah 200% profit offa dem den eediat

  4. First of all this bitch need fi wax har upper lip……second she rite she dont love cuz groupies dont love cuz dem just after one thing bwoy watching the video mi almost fall a sleep no mon she wack bad and yes lauren we know yu deh a farrin so yu nuh need fi show the starbucks cup

    1. If she remove that bag a weave she will find her curly African roots….lolol. Can’t stand this slut. These sluts think dem can fool people a tek picture wid white man and de man dem face can’t show.

      The only thing different from Lauren and Taz is dem toilet locations…this slut do the U.S. dam chamba pots and cum buckets..!

  5. Morning everybody…..One thing keeps reasonating through my mind: #poorting. This young lady has some of the most lifeless eyes ever. I can’t even begin to imagine the state of her soul.
    Superficial and empty. Even the place (residential environs) look decrepit and devoid of any life.

    1. morningggggggggggggg nix i wouldnt say superficial.. she believe smaddy else lie and dat a di worst thing fi do..try fi be someone else jus because.

      1. Morning Metsy :peluk . I see your point. I just see sad when I look at her though…From ever since the 1st time she popped up on here, even when she’s in the throes of expressing excitement… I just see sad…. I so hope I’m wrong

        1. :peluk

          yes she know what she doing…………….no emptiness believe me..she is fully aware she jus believe that smaddy else win wid di same movements n she a move wid it…..Lauren someone told me the saw u in mobay ..dat is what she need fi talk bout..hear bout starbucks and a pose wid it…lawd man :travel

    1. AT LEAST ITS YOU?? we would like to meet Lauren we need ar fi stop hide behind di accent and di fake hair and introduce herself

      1. All of unno have fake hair so nuh use that . Don’t grudge the girl straight face tru she nuh have a nose dat matterhorn want fight

        1. mi dead now!!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

        2. MI HAIR NATURAL…so that cannot be true …..and what is a straight face??? only a donkey have straight face……and da nose deh ….a guesss a dat give the face the “straight” face meaning………unu need fi stop it looks stupid a talk like unu cah pronounce words and a pretend like unu inna Jamaica’s so call elite…… and nobody nuh grudge di girl a sorry mi feel sorry fi ar shi sound like shi have col’ from shi a baby and it neva sort out

          1. Amen…her septum a interfere wid har speech…guess not all straight face and nose benefits the owna. Notice donkey Brey wid all dem teeth kin like dead dog.

            Lauren a one a dem long face, browning whey de caucasion gene pool a die dung so it start tek on deformities.

          2. shi need fi go “browning” ar hand dem …dem hand need the satin wash becaw dem knuckle deh step out and beat mi bad ……yu know seh I do not know what colour bracket this girl fall under because all this time mi swear she was a dark slim girl ……a di “straight” face and di “straight face ” mek mi recognize ar

  6. :ngakak :malu :ngakak she funny bad pretending to be what she not har house look empty ,not to mension how har DIAMOND LIKKLE CAN HARDLY SEE IT :cd NAH LOOK :kr

  7. Lord bless Lauren and grant her wisdom and bless all the persons who post comments .Give them wisdom and happiness and may they have abundant health . May we all know your love in Jesus name

    P.S Anyone who knows me loves me

        1. lolol. Met me nu like certain people pray fi me a rathid.

          De words a one thing but the image and thoughts dem a project me nu sure bout. Evil comes in many forms and speech.

  8. Genius, you confirmed the suspicions of insecurity and low self esteem. Why make an idiotic video devoid of personality, humor or anything substantial or at the very least entertaining beyond a Starbucks cup and then be perturbed by the responses?

  9. Met nuh tell me say a ingenius this, claim seh IT a pray fi people, I used the word IT, cause mi me nuh know wha rah it be, and me know mi nuh included ina It prayer. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. Met, I have this, Ingenius, no I don’t have a work, nuh a clown like you pay my internet bill, why should I work, when I have a fool like you to entertain me at home. You is all the work I need. :peluk

  11. dutty Ingenious mi look f**king good, mi can show everything, not only mi hand, yuh think u know, and better yet, if yuh really know mi, u done know u cyan step to me no day, much less night, suh u know is not mouth talk wid me.

  12. she never kiss no body yet? so the last time when she deh pan twitter a cuss one man say him make she dash way the belly.. so when dem did a do it.. she never kiss him??? all the engagement ring pan her finger so when the man did purpose she never kiss him??? me wan fight har moustache and win.. what a girl lie :ngakak :ngakak

    1. This young lady jus seems so cold and indifferent to emotional attachment. I mean I know we all tend to brush shyt off and don’t give a damn sometimes, but inna fe ar 20 add years yuh mean fe tell mi seh she neva yet love nor kiss? And of all things, ah try come off as if she is some brainiac scholar who does nothing but curl up with a good book and read all damn day long. Bwoy mi ah tell unu, the shyt some people say and do fe try get in where they can fit in…chile please!! :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2

  13. Let’s play nice ladies….we don’t know who or what she has to kiss. She may have a good reason not to like kissing.

  14. When boasty did a give way dis girl head d line. Plus y d boassy ppl dem can’t talk normal n think dem betta dan patois. It grieve me to hear how d uppity ppl trying 2 talk nice. This needs 2 stop d girl come from Jamaica n not even 1 likkle ounce a patois u no hear is like she scorn we language like kissing ewwwwwh….

  15. @Willie, i must say i have to agree with you. I really pity this girl, i think she has severe underlying psychological issues which were never resolved. She’s very sad indeed!!! I don’t know her, and i wont attempt to judge, but she appears sad indeed..

  16. Lauren darling I feel bad for you.
    No met she suck that Starbucks straw fi bout 30 seconds before the video
    Start like she wa ppl see she a drink Starbucks lmfao
    Starbucks taste bad like wah kmt she wa appear to know good tings
    To us in America Starbucks is Starbucks nothing more nothing less
    Jamaican ppl frighten !!!!! My gosh man anuh she one nuff a dem put up Starbucks cup
    When dem come here on them IG …

    Ok Lauren is sad because her something of a father up & left
    At a young age .. She has daddy issues not just that she who’re out her entire teenage & current life trying to find the father figure she never had which amounted to nothing .. She Fcked & Fcked & Fcked her way to get that pathetic show on lime or whatever about absolutely NOTHING not sure if she thought she was a fashion police cuz she don’t dress good she’s a plain jane & don’t know nothing about style & grace. Wasn’t Lauren in London the other day with her other beau who wasn’t that bald head man she deh Charlotte with now??? Lauren looks depressed she thought that man actually was rich & then she went to NC & she realized he was a trailer trash yea white ppl have those frighten Friday Lauren u look like u wa tek d first flight back a Jamaica now but how your status is set up right now you lookin a green card. Brush it off Lauren just like you’ve brushed off everything .. #1 reason I know you’re sad the choice of books .. You want to feel accepted! AAAAWWWWWWW hush bubb it starts with you not your pussi

  17. Met trust mi .. Nothing the bloggers dem saying is lie the girl looks dead in her face
    Even answering the questions .. I can tell she answer it in her head & then she says yea no I don’t miss anything lol that looked like a sub as in she don’t miss her pathetic life back home lol !! Cheer up laurz it will get better once you stop lying to yourself! Who just say Lauren a brownin unu tappi cuz Lauren have a nice darkish brown complex she’s not light skin she have one piece a nig garish hair a grow towards are forehead Weh she paste down like baby hair DWRCL Lauren a joker

      1. Is falla Lauren a falla and get caught up. I dont believe that is her true persona she a present but she thinks it will work for her..Suh dat ditzy blond persona is fi ketch a white man she think looking for a pretty fool. But what she and nuff a dem nuh notice is that u haffi drop dead gorgeous or regular looking + intelligent because u either haffi can bring in di money wid u looks…meaning u will help ketch some rich partner fi di man or intelligent and can hold your own so he wont have to worry about his money..These men are not fools

  18. Forever 21 Maxi Dress Haul- Madam Schizo says she doesn’t have a favourite colour and yet her fave colours are black, white and grey! Boo Boo these are shades….

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