1. So Lauren finally fin har white man ? We will all see because chick such as Lauren always think it greener on the other side.

        1. The hand nuh look like nobody inna dem 20s or 30s………………….a whofa hand shi crop??? all di white hand favour mannequin no sah

  2. Good morning Ms. Met, what a way the Ashley she dash har white man picture!!!! But that man is ugly as f**k. Yes Lauren you finally turn table cloth. congrats yuh made it.

        1. she see a sekklement in di horizon? mi a miss everything..whey day di curran she did a cuss bout smaddy a follow har pan ig

          1. I saw it too and was like, this woman has way too much time pon her hands fi a business woman and mother. She petty bad.

  3. Gm everyone!

    Met look here nuh yuh need fi guh pon har IG !
    Fi a person Weh like to brag .. Unu ever tek a look inna
    Di very small apartment Lauren & this white man
    Live inna .. Unu ever look pon di furniture !!??? & all the fake brands
    Lmfao to me she’s a bit humble from before cuz this man
    Ain’t no rich man he’s a regular white man suh ah mussi white
    Baby she a look ! All the pic wid dem inna d bathroom mi a wonder
    If she feel say it look luxurious tru a forrin. Baby girl you should’ve aimed higher
    If you were looking for that look but it comes a time when bitches realize that they ain’t shit.

    1. seh adda tings but doe se dat :ngakak
      if pumpum did have teet ooooooooooooooooooooo it wudden have none lef oo :hammer :tkp

  4. Dwrclllllll I’m so weak met yuh too bad!

    But show off Lauren not even show the box it came from
    A wonda if a during the cheesy movie she did a eat d popcorn
    & find d ring? Cuz mi nuh know how comes it just appear pon d day she a guh watch movie.


  5. The way this gyal gwaan you would think when she was leaving jamaica there would be no passangers on the plane, just her, the pilot and the precious white man that she crave so much. But no, byotch flew coach like any other regular byotch.


  6. when me talk bout BEDWENCH this is a great example. she is not the only one, the majority think the same, she just brazen wid it. now if a black woman end up with bill gates or richard branson then i can understand why she would feel on top of the world, lets face money and power talks. these bedwenches however, in their endless worshipping of the white man, go and find some regular joe blow from dung di road and just because he is white think they have made it in life.

    now i dont have no problem with people having a preference, but lets face it. this is about perceived status that comes from being with a white man(even if he is broke). her white man can go jamaica and get treated better than a successful black man wid a mansion and a big body benz.

    know whats funny, i dont see nobody saying she hate her father lmao! yea man black man deh with whitey, he hates his mother and him a sell out. black woman deh with white man, you go girl, niggas aint shit lol i wish all the bedwenches would just find a white man too cause they are usually unattractive anyway. then only the nubian princess dem will be left for me and my friends to fight over 🙂

    1. You are right. All the trials and tribulations with the “brothas” that I’ve had and mi still nah luk no white man.
      Mi juss a wonda if mi dawta a guh tru a “phase” wid har “friend of a caucasian persuasion”. Mi nah lie…mi nah luk fi no “mixed” grandpickney. What to do, though?

  7. Can’t stand jamaicans like her why dem so frighten fi everything white. So many years of mental slavery n dem still can’t liberate demself from its.

  8. More power to her, I hope it works out the way she has planned if the grass is greener girl go for it, your the only has to live with the decision you make good bad or in different.

  9. She a wear dat cloudy ass ring lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time since last year, all the posters are right is hype she a look, was it last year she had a mental breakdown on twitter? She does indeed not have a relationship with her father she said on many occasions so perhaps she does have daddy issues and hatred for anything tanned. I’m sorry for these color struck young Jamaican women, who think their savior come in a white man they make me sick and I am black woman.

  10. but when mo’bay full up a so much battyman the girl have no other choice….congratulations i love happy people lol

  11. She been married since last year. How she always cuss bout she naw cook or clean etc, we’ll she are deh a Farrin as a proper house wife. Cooking cleaning, going grocery shopping. Nttn glamorous she always blogged about. If she happy we fi happy

  12. Look at the history of her pics on IG, she been rocking her ring from wayyyyy up in the year. Ppl jus start tek notice plus she jus decide fi show it up cause boredom a lick ar fi six inna di apartment. So she Wah di chatting n speculation fi start fi gi ar likkle entertainment.

  13. Is who she engaged to? All these groupies are getting the good men to propose and marry them… More power to them. Congrats Lauren!!! Mets is how you so late with this news?

  14. She’s been wearing this ring from the guy that cheat on her….. that’s the same one who took her to London lolol I don’t think she’s married nor this guy have $$ like the others besides they’re always driving somewhere for hrs loooool why not fly? nor she not into fancy store doing her normal extra stuff but I guess she trying something different since her last breakup….I personally think she needs to take a break & chill jumping from relationship to relationship ain’t healthy hence her breakdown on twitter and also counts for her constantly bashing man etc…

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