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  1. this man and his girlfriend is sooooo damn annoying !!!!! Like seriously why yall go so hard to prove yall relationship and this man better stfu bbout ” rest of dem who ” i hate a man who love boast bout dem woman all over social sites but behind the woman back they are cheating disgustingly

  2. Rest of who boo???? Keisha u insecurities a shooooow. U think a u maties di girl a talk? She prbly just a refer to di odda man dem him a compete wid inna d dancehall fashion, brand, showing off world

  3. Poor blk folks acting like they have money as usual :ngakak when u rich u don’t show u labels on social media. They will never get it.

  4. Gm. di big black monkey ah gwan like him nuh like it but him wi tek any way! keisha yuh lef yuh gud life (talking about your career)fi pay man fi fu..k yuh mi know sey yuh not dunce so wat di fu..k yuh doing check yuh self boo!!!

      1. Afternoon Ms Met and the rest of the goodup goodazz Metters!!
        Yes those are so last 2 seasons (in my Paris Hylton voice). Pumpum eater Grammy Kid is a user, him will skin out him battam fi likes and the phucked up part is that he NEVER looks good. Him just luk like a big lesbian wid him sweet pepper nose. Never come see bloodclaat see. Keisha yuh fi know sey as long as a gal can buy him LV him will suck dem dry even when dem deh pan dem red.

  5. If only mi fren Devon did find out bout Keisha before hand him woulda neva guh deh and him world wouldn’t get turn upside down.

  6. Met mi spidey senses a tell mi ah Burlington she buy them eno DWL
    Marked down, clearance … I swear … Cuz they be having Gucci all century 21
    Can’t let these dancehall dunce bat fool we

  7. Morning Metsy all metters
    Sweet pepper nose Keisha u Neva know say u must not buy shoes give man fi dm walk out lef u , bell pepper nose swell gut Grammy kid u frighten fi di boot ehhh u run a post pic those were clearance dick head n y u feel u fi share dat wit the world kmt

      1. Metsy :peluk :peluk
        U know mi no like when u do dem sumting ere WHO NO REACH 30?????????? Caaaaaaaa ole man Charlie Grammy u a tawk cause di man look older than dirt an pusC juice give him face some permanent crease n folds smh

        1. She meant to say his penis wehdid feature on the pink wall no reach 30 inch yet… @passion plz to leave Burlington out of this its a nice store I like it lol

      1. Hi hellerrrrrrrrrrr so how him a married n a get green card the somebody front whey him nyam off fi di greencard a who? Boy dem confusing but mi waaaa cause the lady whey har nose shape like bell if a long Grammy tongue longggggggg r a strong it strong.

  8. Met if Grammy no reach 45 mi willing fi eat the pair of UGGS I’m wearing right now no sahhhhhhhh :hammer :hammer :hammer

  9. anint nothing wrong with clearance r wey it buy a how dem so rich lol rich oook poor boasty and evey cloth and boot a fi show pon media net work

  10. dutty blood clatt grammmy mi seh a chuu u nuh kno how it bun mi fi u an yo fat piggy lookin b**h … the time u deh deh pon instsagram a post valentine pic bout u not a fan a gucci … u shouldd a calll pu**yclattt child support an pay a moneyyy outtta the $50,000 weh u owe to yo f**kin kid weh u nahhh mine … yeh i said it 50 gran … all u mi sehhhh .. mi wahhh fling an buss yo bloodclatt head wid a bottleeeeeeeeeee…. mi seh mi caaah wait fi yo married the fat piggy bi**h …..cu pon oonuh to bout oonuh a get married an yo wantt ppl fi mek suit an wedding dress…… hahahah b**h bye

    1. Mi dont laugh so hard in a long time….grammy becareful when yu out a floss mine bottle fling offa yu…lmao as a matter of fact mind somebody send in the pics to child support! Smdh unnu dead beats kill mi, will find a ooman fi buy you gucci but yu couldnt mek she gi yu a ting fi yu youth….

  11. Morning Met, and mi family, so how mi nuh hear no body a talk bout the up coming nuptial, wedding set, church, time, and place well set, all counseling with the pastor take place already. Miss ting want big excitement wedding. horse and carriage red carpet and long train out a road OOOO! :kimpoi

  12. i dont get it ,,every body inna di brand trap….there is nothing with liking things but it should not matter the name ..these ppl are.marked by the beast …they dont know their kids dont have their last names but they are eager to show that they are wearing someone else’s

  13. Been there done that… Old shoe.. Better than any Luis.. If you knew about designer this shoe would have been in your classic.. You can tell when Jamaicans are just coming into the game…

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