So miss gussy that’s the only thing KB left for you Yoshi. All the war you war and defend KB I never know he would leave your na├»ve ass and go married. So all them confirmation from his Dad that your the one what happen. I guess all that (Edited) couldn’t hold that man. But he done tell you you weren’t the one he was just there for the freakness but you were there for love. You thought because he took you to family dinners you were the one nah b*tch he was a detective and he wanted to look professional. So all them boast and post bout Keisha had the keys and all them picture with the ring and your fake friends who knew of him cheating in Your face boosting you how do you lol know.b*tch never give boyfriend husband status unless he buys on the ring. You look real dumb now he breed on you now Marry on you. Stop fake it bout your In love and it’s no secret! Your hurting fi a educated teacher you dumb baad


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