Met beg yuh run dis yah fi wei

So Marci yuh cyan bark a dis yah tree yah, yuh walk ah tek people man too much wah happen to de man from farm Wey him ooman run yuh dun a may pen wid knife an tell yuh say fi low out her man yuh no talk dat Marci yuh no shape gud luk ninja man girl yuh have a man luk more like a tranvestat. Wei wah now how unda yuh red so de short red up. De bore lip no cute no not one bit. so yuh stop bawl now bout yuh nah trust no man again no man nah stay wid yuh Marci none just hide an f**k an duck. De ooman from farm a pree yuh yard fi see if yuh still a tak her man woiee click click


5 thoughts on “DI TRANSVESTAT

  1. Mi no know bout de run dun wid knife part but mi know she a take the lady man fi true a regular gal step to she fi dem man, a full time now she fi learn stop walk wid har pussy inna har mouth now. R life sad bad

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