Met, true story n facts only. This germs name Jody Dawson from Compound n Maxfield. She is a big part of what’s going on In a Olympic Gardens right now. She baptize 2 time n back slide n turn round a f**k the area don Garry. Them said Garry was her good good friend man n she use to go over the girl house n eat n drink n borrow the girl clothes. The girl use to travel every minute n Jody thief out the girl money a ATM that’s how them stop talk. Garry have him woman who have a liquor store in them community, him have 2 other baby mother in the community but one live a foreign now plus other girl weh him deal wit in the area. Her friend Shelly f**k Garry fi 30,000 n she a par wit Shelly now. Bolo have up Shelly who him friend f**k although a Shelly alone tink him really want her. The marga gal in the picture did a christian n f**k a Penwood teacher in the area who have him woman n the man leave Jody n married n everybody laugh after her. When she aguh stop clown out herself. Her brother go in on she n Garry one night n catch her a s**k the man hood then she run out in a towel shame. Him bill apartment uptown wit him best friend Mujo n the people them sey if u ever go in a her house u shame. Shi a fuck money man n the house a drop dung pan har in there. Dress up everyday n u house is a disgrace. Garry run gone a foreign leave she in a the shame. Him tell everybody him don’t want her n every minute she n one of him baby mother fight. She have another friend who married n use to f**k Garry to. The girl husband come from foreign n nearly leave her because him hear about him wife n Garry. That girl n the same baby mother fight to. Jody mother a christian n love chat people so hope she talking about all her daughter cause in the place. That’s how the war start. The brother go in on Garry so because Garry is the don them say the brother violate n them beat up the little boy then them say him father kill 2 guy from the area for it n none of the guy that dead wasn’t there when him son get beat up so why him would kill them n not the others that involve . Garry n him friend them put up millions for her stepfather cause them fear him because him was a long time bad man. They don’t do anything for the community n they do business there n the people them holding it down years now n not talking but them singing like a bird now. They recruit the young boy them n give them gun, give them a thing from time to time n they do them dirty work. All Olympic Way n Hunts Bay police them collecting money from the drug don from Compound. The people them don’t trust the police. U have police who know what them do n still par wit dem. They are so corrupt. The stepfather name Governor n him best friend Biggie Man take the money n set him up on Waltham. From the man dead the thing tun up a Compound. Them take down them social media n delete pictures from the picture site them. Some wanted n some gone a jail. Wanted list have nuff a the area man them who par wit Prezzy who a one a Garry second n him inna jail right now. Prezzy sister is one a Garry baby mother she always a fight him woman them n she back gun on get brother baby mother the other day. Them a big drug dealer n the people them don’t like them is just intimidation n money so them work wit it. Is about time. The people them glad under the quiet. The one them still in jail is Badda Badda who keep Garry coke, Prezzy who sell drugs n flass n buy big Apartment without working or own a business n big car. Him want take over as area leader n Bunny in jail too who doing things n gwan like him not doing anything. Him buy 2 gun n give Hunkman 1 n the police find shot inna him house. Him mother come out wit the gun n hide it over a big man house name Boo. Gun head a the killer one who suck the most pussy a Compound. Owen as Chatta from Old Harbour need fi add to the list to him in a it. Prezzy can’t read n write n him mother is a obeah woman n them love gwan like them unstoppable but outside police a clean up the place so a big things. Police going to get arrested too they are in on what is going on in the area n being paid for protection. The police fine a rifle in the area so base on where it fine somebody talking. Garry set up a police at Hunts Bay n him lose him work so some people say that cause what is happening 


  1. Dis need “”coloured pens** and scrap paper– fi follow with understanding.

    Saga sound interesting though.

  2. Mettttt if a love you one more time…..what a rasss inna the day yah. This yah smaddy come right out….sipping my tea and reading the comments like

  3. Sender, so because Jody’s walk in on her sucking Garry cocky she a the cause of you community problems?

    Shouldn’t it be:Garry SHAME because him get catch wid him hood inna the girl mouth, by her brother, and instead of holding it down him have the youth beaten?

    …AND because him no know say the girl family no full a punks him catch a retaliation him never expect which cost 2 youth dem life?

    In return dem catch dem fraid and in garrison retaliatory fashion kill the father of Jody’s brother who got beaten?

    So Jody fi carry all thus burden…which part whoring garry responsibility come in? As fi de babymother…bitch need 2 under har rass fi a tek set pon people.

    You community is a rat nest that’s over due fi some poisoning.

  4. The person or persons who wrote this is just badmind and wanna see progressive youths meet there demise.Lindel was suppose to kill the money makers and that didn’t work so they trying to find other ways and means of stopping there cash flow…but who God bless no man curse

    And yeah prezzi sister who is one of Garry 1000 of babymother need to calm down she’s way too hpye she act like she’s the wife bitch ur just another number u only breed for security and sustainability u ain’t shit…

    Anyhow free up the man dem

  5. All a who a talk bout why the thing no inna a paragraph go learn fi read. Is not a focking book,mi know when unuh fren a write things send unuh a sane so it look or worst Kmft. Well this a really mixup,d kind weh ppl ago end up dead,prison or bruk up.

    1. Miss Veronica is like the councillor still which is why she get the name mayor. No disrespect will be tolerated. Miss Veronica stand up for the community that name can’t just come like that. She is a strong black woman and she don’t hide and talk. I respect that about her because I rather have a honest enemy than a lying friend. Some of us would love to stand up like that but fraid. Respect Mama V yuh a real woman.

  6. Dis a sender yah sound too mix up and seem to bad mind and hate di girl name Jody. Fi see all di sender to how dem look smh mi smell hate all ova dis

    1. Unu drug dealer fren who use unu fi get rich den move lef unu why unu nuh attack Dem a because of the money. Wen war a guan which one a dem still Inna the community a help unu figth the war. Them buy gun gi unu an leave unu fi physically fight the war by unu self. Somebody couldn’t really care bout unu an risk unu life like that. How some a unu even reach Inna the war, orders unu get. Unu need fi tink fi unu self an stop mek people tink fi unu. Why dem don’t help unu progress Suh unu can live lickle life like them. Instead dem keep unu on a leech duh dem can use unu as dem please. Dem naw buss unu the right way fi unu independent. Dem fuck off the young gal dem an gi dem a lickle change an unu still feel like a care dem care an a defend dem. Unu need fi wise up

  7. Sender your mouth ‍♀️ your from that neighborhood? because of envious and rejections you send in this. So what I sum up so far your loyalty is with the man that die? Which is also a murder too. So the young lady pic on top is his daughter or stepdaughter? But your a bit envious of her and the others babies mothers and side women including the ladies mothers. So sender you secretly slept with these dudes and get rejected by them so this is why you send in this drama ? which could ruin people lives and friendship. My advice to you is focus on you do some soul searching go to church and seek God then maybe you find someone to love you. Not everyone blessed with a good heart good virgin and mouth, sender after reading this please ask some for a hugs, oh my bad hugs your pillows, your soul is dark and lonely.

  8. Veronica and har whoring daughter tissan need fi talk how har big pussy muma rob up har son money and when di boy get dip he neva have a dollar to him name….and dem same man deh who fah name uno a call up help him n stop him from nuh kill big pussy Veronica and a because di man dem a nuh fool fi gi har dem money fi mine lindel shi a carry feelings…. all who’s name tissan and her muma mentioned nuh have a ting fi do with wats going on all poor badda uno eva si him in a nuh dealings. a people like uno mek innocent people lose dem life because uno a run uno mouth about things uno nuh kno bout. But dem seh when people play stupid games dem win stupid prizes.

    1. Me wouldn’t mind read a post pon “Veronica and har whoring daughter” since dem hot fi se likkle beef. Tit-fi-tat.

  9. So is who shot up biggie man? Mi hear say him dead and mi hear say him no dead. And why muju and Garry couldn’t spend them money likkle betta a compound. Nuff bright pickney down there and can’t afford to move on to university when dem done high school…the gun money could a use more wisely. Wicked people dem be

  10. All a this is unnecessary!! Leave this to law! Y’all need not to be calling nobody’s name! An refer the big woman as big pussy! Who to tell a goodly the same man dem round a pound a do this! Cause all a dem round deh a pussy! Dem carry feelings against them each other an that’s factz! Unub stop call up ppl name! Let the law deal wid it! Ppl dead an that’s it! A nuff wrong doing ppl do so dem never expect fi live forever! Unuh just stop! Cry peace! Christmas come then New Years!!! Peace ppl

  11. Nuff a unu affi hide an call people name. Badda a lock bloodclawt Garry coke an everybody Kno. Big up yuhself who send een the postmi like u nuh bloodclawt. Everybody up a Compound a hypocrite an a fck off unu one an edda. Unu fi guh out a port guh fck unu soon ketch aids up deh. Nuh drug dealer a Compound nuh help the people them progress. The stepdaughter is a bitch

  12. Say no to drugs that’s all I can say. The people defending the drug dealers are crazy though. They are destroying lives by selling it. I am wondering what they are gonna tell God. Isn’t there other ways to make money. Asking for a friend

  13. I just can’t believe Jody slept with the don after all I just read. Baptize twice? How old is she to baptize twice already and back slide. So much in this post. How does the friend know the other girl stole her money from the ATM? Who did she tell? She had to tell people for it to end up here. So much happening. Where is Jody mother? As a Christian how has she allowed this to happen?

  14. I like Tissan. That girl don’t keep company and stay minding her business unu too wicked. Leave the girl out of unu drama shi nuh bizniz bout pple

  15. Unu need fi come out fi Mad Mouse like how unu run out like rich now. Who Kno how him dead, who kill him an weh him bury unu talk up.h

  16. My concern is the police dem a Hunts Bag an Olympic like wtf. A suh Dem drug dealer deh powerful. If dem a build apartment why them nuh get audit fi Kno where the money come from. Something fishy.

  17. How Tissan, Veronica an the son reach Inna comments? Anyhow, a the storyline mi a follow den how Garry careless Suh. Him nuh fraida a sickness to how mi hear sey aids dash weh a pound. Den the gyal Dem nuh betta, unu jus skin out Suh chu the man have money caw Garry nuh look good. Garry nose alone then mi off. Everybody hear long time sey Shelly fuck Garry fi 30,000 Suh u coulda leave out da part deh senda. Anybody post dis ko the 100 man. Mi nuh affi add much but mi Neva Kno Jody an Garry a fuck, unu sure? Garry a deny it tho mi jus a sey

  18. Tink da dance ya did lock off. A which police Garry set up an how drug dealer get fi a set up police dwl a way really a guan a Jamaica

    1. Unnu Jamaicans is ah corrupt dutty set ah shit. How much people did man kill and because him have two house an two pretty car unnu set him prosperous an ah get fight fi it. Unnu love likes tuh much
      Jamaica is fast becoming just like Haiti I have been saying this for over 25 years and it is looking as if I am correct

  19. Peer rapist deh a Compound why unu unda the post don’t post bout dat. Unu a support dem a hope the police clean up every last one a dem. It long overdue. Unu a protect drugs Lord roun deh who Neva help the community. Dem Eva keep a back to school treat? Dem build a community center? Dem help nuh badi guh bck a school? Dem help pay doctor bill, school fee or small legitimate businesses? Dem help the old pole Dem who nuh have nuh help? Put on competition or keep concert fi unu enjoy unuself. A high school in the community Dem Eva donate anything to it? Them build nuh factory fi provide jobs? Open Unu eyes

  20. Somebody comment big pussy Veronica an a two pickney the lady have wen some a unu have half doz. The lady is a big woman, a JP an bet unu weh a talk guh beg the lady sign fi unu. Hope shi stop sign papers fi unu dung deh. Shi help the community more dan unu drug dealer an rapist fren dem weh shoulda a duh it. Some people nuh like har but nuff a wi love har. If Veronica spend her son money a she fi spend it, a unu did waah spend it fi him mother. Unu stop mine the pple dem bizniz fi dem. An bout whoring Tissan. Unu dislike them tho but it says more about unu dan dem but only certain type of pple have haters in life. Keep doing what unu doing Ms Veronica, haters gonna hate. Unu a protect drugs Lord roun deh who Neva help the community but a disrespect the JP? This must be a joke. Genuine question, the drug dealer dem eva keep a back to school treat? Dem build a community center? Dem help nuh badi guh bck a school? Dem help pay doctor bill, school fee or small legitimate businesses? Dem help the old pole Dem who nuh have nuh help? Put on competition or keep concert fi unu enjoy unuself. A high school in the community Dem eva donate anything to it? If the answer is no u people are dumb for protecting them

  21. I know her from Maxfield, sips tea. I feel like send har een to caw da sender ya nuh start talk yet. This is nothing. Blink twice Inna the comment if a you send it een Suh mi can gi u more tea. Finally this bitch deserves to be here

  22. Wen the baby mother an Jody fight who win? Mi curious. Why them a fight? Weh the man have fi sey. Please tell mi is not him the fight fa? How him look? Him spend money? How much baby mother an is much kids? How old is he? So many questions

  23. Den Garry neva a fuck Jody mother to one time a wa kinda passa passa dis. Den Jody really guh tek Garry after har mother tek him. Har stomach Trang tho

  24. So the don put up millions for the stepfather but can’t help the community. Am I reading correctly. I couldn’t fuck my friend current or ex even if we aren’t friends anymore. Fighting not gonna keep a man either. Most people in the comment section is focused on the wrong things. The police are being paid off by drug dealers and that’s a big deal. Isn’t the government curious about those apartment how do they prove source of funds. If a new don on the rise that needs to be taken care of. What about the lives lost in the past. The best friend kill the guy in Waltham how him sleep. Is their any truth or proof to what is being said. Why do we run with everything we hear. That community need Jesus

  25. The person who a talk bout Tissan an Veronica a how unu suh passionate. Look like Banks did fuck unu an promise unu some a the money weh him mother dun. Mi rather hear sey a him mother than hear sey a friend. Unu couldn’t wait fi the mix up fi run out wid the pple dem name an naw run out pan the killer an raper Dem Inna unu community. Dat sad AF. Unu leave the people dem out a unu mix up an guh si a who send it in to, the mother goodly spend some a the money pan u caw da family deh always a help people mi naw lie. Big up yuhself Veronica an Tissan dem aguh tiad fi si unu face.

  26. This is alot. If it is true that community need to take a stand for what is right. So many things cant be happening and u let it slide, why? Because dem a druggist. I hope the MP get rid of dem. Dat can’t be good for any community. I hope there is a follow up post in the future how the community United and took a stand to get rid of the criminals

  27. Nobody addressing the mother that hide the gun. You guys are strange. Anyhow everybody a suck these days so that’s his business but the killing part I don’t agree with. What is happening in the community is not unique though, it is happening everywhere under the anti gang law especially under a state of emergency. Seems there are no readers here. If you are affiliated with anyone in a gang they can arrest you. Check the news to see how many other community it is happening in. Get over it and let the law take it’s course. This doesn’t help

  28. Could be wrong but mi have a strong feeling sey a one a Jody fren send in this who did waah tell har an neva kno how. Guh si how them a laugh an chat wid har right now tpc. Mi feel sey a Tetty a comment bout Veronica an Tissan but why shi neva tell them to them face. Unu bad pan unu opinion though when unu tink people nuh know sey a unu. Mi want unu tell mi weh Dem duh unu mek dem reach Inna comments. Compound is a generation of vipers.

  29. In other words Jody a sell pussy. Got it. She is the first human I know of who baptize an backslide twice. There is a special place in hell fi she because not only did she backslide she is now involved with a area don with multiple women and baby mother. What is she thinking. She need prayers so let’s stop judging an pray because something clearly wrong there. Shi special and unfortunately not in a good way

  30. Fuck fi 30gran. Is a upscale prostitute. 30gran dun quick miss. As u guh chu u gate that done so in reality u nuh fuck fi ntn. A wa kinda gal dem deh live in a da community deh. Peer dead dog it seem

  31. Anybody a post negative weh deh a farin a hope unu have unu papers up deh unu a dip unu mouth Inna wa nuh concern unu

  32. Even if u an people have a difference in opinion it shouldn’t a cause no war. Bulla an Bloke gone an unu can’t bring them back. Lindel gone so why the fuss same way. It need to end. If the police doing them work let them do them work. If unu wasn’t doing anything bad it wouldn’t be a problem. Let people grieve how they know best because everyone have a different mind set. Not because one say is a 6 and the other say is a 9 mean either of them is wrong. Each are looking at it from their own perspective. Everybody used to be friends at one point, what the other person do that’s so bad that u guys can’t learn to put differences aside and move on

  33. So Garry baby mother back gun on someone and it naw talk bout more stronger. A only certain people can do certain things and it die down. Prezzi cyah read an want take over fi area don. A how that work. Who else cyah read somebody tell me cause this is ridiculous. It’s like a movie

  34. So Charmaine really fuck Kay man. That look a way. The way how she boasy mi think the place woulda fix long time. Christian dip them call har compound people a the best

  35. Somebody sey whoring Tissan yet still a Shelly a sell fuck fi 30,000. That more sound like a whore to me or maybe mi cyah duh maths

    1. I can see Tissan name written all over all these 34 comments like a water mark bitch u life sad bad enuh. Low di ppl dem and go sort out u dutty life man. Mi wah kno a wah kind a award u ago achieved out a the post plus adding comments below. Bitch u need a job too much leisure time on your hand man. Let God have him way and low everybody to him mek him deal wid each man on his timing. U bitter man

  36. @NO NO. . tek u rass offa yah. Stop talk shit. HOLD U POSITION. U outa u lane. Sounds like u gi u tides an no hav nothing fi urself. Religeous ding dong seems u was sleeping go back a u slumber.u an u comment 40odd yrs late..frm coke deh a ja. Ask u pastor..dam fool

  37. a the corrupt police part catch mi I think they should really give the Olympic and hunts bay police stations a thorough investigation, it was the same situation in the neighboring community of waterhouse when the police took sides in the war, how can coke base and police station be on the same road that spells corruption yes the coke base is just down the road from Olympic gardens police station

  38. Garry family them stay bad though. So much a go on for him and nobody in him family look good. Him fi go on better it don’t look good. Instead of pay 30,000 for sex that could help one of them start a small business. I don’t rate that

  39. The person who comment bout Banks fren dem help him let’s talk about when him used to help dem fuss. When Banks jus get dip the boy did have him bus pan the rd an come wid him money. Him fuck 3/4 a the gal dem caw dem love likes. Da yute deh a good yute, him help people but a jus chu him nuh love talk. All some Judas weh against him now. Every party mi guh mi use to si him an a bagga man behind him. Him carry Dem Inna him bus an buy everybody liquor an mi a sey a how da yute ya a guh suh hard. Him nuh kno sey a peer sweetie bag behind him an Compound man Dem cyah tame. So said so done look at the comment but unu cousin unu bredda unu uncle unu friend an unu man use to run back a him. Unu love discuss current news but forget the past

  40. Pink wall nuh allow one person fi post suh much comment an the girl dun call unu direct areadi suh why unu nuh talk bout dat. Shi sey weh shi affi sey to unu but dat a hold dung caw unu shame. Why unu neva ansa har wen shi message unu. Jodi u come fi har pan fB an gyal class u eeh till u sey u nuh Inna nuh argument an a u come fuss. Furthermore Tissan sey shi naw ansa caw Jodi bredda dun tell har areadi nuh waste time pan him whoring sista Jodi. Dat sad eeh, shame an a nuh mi. Who a call har name mi woulda love if u guh to har an sey it to har face

  41. Tame u so rite the Yute mek some a dem who dem is a him mek nuff a dem get gal and dem a do de Yute so a some badmind boy deh a compound that’s y me keep wide all them do a group up inna de lane and chat dem one another dem nuh real compound man dem nuh real that’s y them up end kill dem one another…leave banks alone the Yute deh América a mind him own business

  42. so hunts bay police find gun pon pandora crescent….I wonder how come is only one with a few rounds dem find. work a gwaan

  43. Banks fi go tek care of his kids dem! Ntn bout banks ina america! The same old news banks nuh want ntn out a life he’s gonna be the same banks just different locations! An am not a bitter ex me just a tlk truth!

  44. So tissan how uh nuh tell the ppl dem seh garry use to fuck u to an u a hide it! Tell the ppl dem seh uh cah go bck America again cause u is a scammer lol uh see wen unuh love ppl business an fi unuh own a spoiled! Tissan u not different frm the girl dem a compound u is just like dem!

  45. Kiki a wen that happen how mi nuh hear bout that! An a deh so a me ends! Member seh dem an hunts bay police man dem a fren to enuh!

  46. The fact sey Garry jump back fence guh fuck Jodi say alot about her. All a this unnecessary. We all can see what kinda person she is. Clearly no class

  47. Hope Tissan not in the comment for real. University student vs not even a CXC. Back fence vs front door. It not worth it

  48. Post unu real name mek mi si sumn. If u affi hide behind a computer den a joke dis. Anyhow, peer bitch mi si a cuss cuss Inna the comments an a miss the important thing dem. Why Suh much drug dealer Inna the area an why dem naw duh ntn fi the community based on the comments. Dem sleep deh wen war a guan or Dem let unu deh. Jodi had 2 fren weh deh wid the don an still deh wid him. No surprise when u have needs u lose principle these men only use unu an laugh behind unu back. Do better

  49. Mi know Tissan win the war wen mi si Jodi affi private har page lol. Look how much time she an the baby mother war an page still nuh private. Tissue u are the GOAT

  50. Due to how Jodi tell the people dem sey shi a real estate agent dwrcl. What a gyal lie. As long as yuh a GI fuck the man aguh tek the fuck. Hope u naw try prove fi him choose u caw him nuh waah u. U cyah represent him. U Kno how fi use knife an girl? Bitch u can read? Dress up everyday naw guh nuh weh. U secure u future? Unu naive is a shame. Unu leave Jamie man alone an stop war ova him.

  51. Suh America nuh fly come fi scamma, why dem nuh come fi har an a same place shi deh. Unu waah kno har bizniz so bad lol.

  52. If u naw sell pussy hold up yuh hand lol. A could never the Jodi this in the pic weh me know. Know she love sweets but to go to this extent is just sad

  53. If Tiss used to fuck Garry dat must be a very long time ago so the joke is still on Jodi fi guh fuck him still. That look a way

  54. Then ugly nose Garry nuh have a nice woman and big children in them 20s. Garry nuh cute, him nuh sexy, him foot big, him teeth missing, him cyah dress mi nuh si ntn bout him suh a really the money. If him get lock up an him asset get cease cause a drug money an him visa get tek weh unu still aguh guan Suh ova him. This don’t look good at all. Him family suppose to shame. Him don’t even help him family them so that speaks to him character. 6 kids if memory serves mi right and all this excitement over him. Unu waah give him the 7th child a dat unu parents want from unu. I am disappointed in this situation. Garry have baby mother in the 20s too and him a almost 50. Him nuh act like a big man. Him worse than the young boy dem.

  55. Every weh Garry a carry Tissan shi used to drag Jodi back a har an Jodi still guh deh Suh. Long time shi waah tek Garry. Mi fraida har. Hope har friend them a watch them man

  56. Sender u couldnt send a clearer picture suh mi can buss blank offa har wen mi si har any weh. U can si the dead dog pan har face

  57. Friend a kill friend dung a Compound how long. Long before even Peter Brap time. Neva yet a outside man an the gal them a pound always play a role fi fuel it.

  58. Den a suh Tissan put dung har card careless mek Jodi draw out har money. Shi nuh kno sey har ex fren a puss long time. Shi used to tief clothes wen shi a work a Bit Bran dats why dem fire har. That gal will do anything fi material things

  59. As mi si Banks name mi affi talk bout him ugly friend a Compound. A how him mouth stink Suh him caw guh dentist. The people them a talk bout it hard

  60. Suh Jodi really a fuck Garry fi true an him nuh stop tell people how her arm green an her mouth stink. Her self esteem low though mi couldn’t fuck him nuh care how much money mi can get. Hope shi atleast a try set herself out a him but mi hear sey him mean suh mi kno shi naw get nothing much. Beg him one a him apt goodie an if him gi u dat mean him want u

  61. Suh fi a gal wa a tek money man a how shi look maga suh like shi a suffer. She an mi good body friend Shibby coulda pass fi twin. The money man naw feed are. Young girl hope a nuh fuck alone u getting 2020 around the corner make sure u put down something so if him can’t feed you u can feed yourself. Better u clothes pop dung an food Inna your house an money in the bank.

  62. Garry take everybody in the community an turn roun chat all of unu. Him need fi grow up to, him is a big part of all of this that’s wrong. Everything in this post have something to do with him when u really check the levels. All him woman him chat

  63. Garry nuh ramp fi sex off the gal dem a pound mi want hear bout that. Some a unu willingly fi likes but If u are a victim of force please identify yourself. If Sawyer an Yanic can deh a jail for it why ugly Garry feel like him fi free

  64. All now I don’t see one positive thing in the comment about this girl in the pic. Somebody say something positive please mi refuse fi believe there’s not one good thing about her. If she baptize twice some good must be there, then again if you baptize twice and still baptize unu carry on. Cyah be good somebody fi real. Mi a come Inna the area come do a survey but a the big people them mi aguh ask bout everybody name who call an see the result caw the young people them might not answer fare. I think this is a good approach and who get the most vote win

  65. Tired if this. Can we move on. The real issues are not being addressed like the violence in the area. How the yute them a manage a prison hope the don a help them or since them a drug dealer them money put down for days like these. The ladies with the cussing under the post need to shut up. Just the way u talk and the way u acting I know u uneducated. Use that energy and go to school or look a job these men u arguing over want good woman by them side not this market behaviour. Bet them reputation rotten

  66. Gov dead an Garry gone a foreign wid him woman, Prezzi deh a jail, Gunhead wanted, Sana a fight over Garry, Jodi fuck har friend them man, Tissan fuck Garry, Banks naw mine him pickney, Veronica spend off Banks money, Shelly fuck Garry fi 30,000, Bolo a wife up a whore, obeah a wuk deh, drug dealer full Compound an I think that sum it up so what da war ya fa. Everybody a live them life good or bad stop mine people business that’s the real problem. Unu stop comment fuckry an close the chapter Suh people can move on. Good news with waah hear now. If u waah trace so much call, message, inbox or DM the person don’t bring it here because wi cyah si a who. Internet badness naw guh nuh weh. Wen a gyal guh to a gyal directly an by herself mi wi hi dem props

  67. Mi hear she Biggie man nephew get take out…..what the hell is happening again? Mi think she everything cool like how lyndel dead

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