Jamaica Constabulary Force
51 mins ยท
Reputed leader of the ‘One Voice’ gang 21-year-old Omario Burrell o/c ‘Duplex’, fatally shot during confrontation with the Police in Hanover last night. One .38 revolver with one .38 round was seized during the incident.


  1. Kill them all n done!!Dweet Novelette! !This imprisonment of criminals sometimes defies logic.Consider it is a criminal offense not to pay taxes. .ok.

    They will lock u up for not paying taxes but use our taxes to feed,shelter n maintain u.Hence the government is spending more money (our taxes) to punish u for the little amount of taxes u didn’t pay!

    How can that system makes sense?We would then be rewarding a proven rapist n murderer with our taxes!!?

  2. Mi nah stop seh it! Di whole whole dem fi dead! Nobody nuh fi a go prison a live good offa ppl money! Anybody want dem fi deh prison mek dem pay fah!

    Big up Novelette! It obvious seh a long time dem shoulda put a woman as commissioner! From dem put her there, mi see more police out a road, some a dem look like dem all frighten fi see road, to how long dem hav dem inna office! Ppl a talk bout di crime rate, but dem nah watch and see how much a dem dutty gang member yah dem a kill! Every week you hear police police done another gang member! A dat waan see! Who nuh like f**k off, cause unnuh a boost up di criminal dem!

  3. Yes Golden Spoon keep licking the hell outta that nailhead with ur hammer! !

    Novelette is like a female version of Renato Adams. ..but only thing with sense n communicates coherently.

    1. Dwln…the Spoon is golden :hammer :ngakak

      The acting Commissioner don’t play politics and from you free up the other crime fighers to operate with minminimal impunity then results is a MUST.

  4. Unu a talk bout novelette unu no see say warmington uncle lick big science unda dem nastiness, as a mata of fact a care zero if a she or him as long as them keep full up the morgue dem with them ole criminal ya mi happy like a rum head pan pay day…………

    1. On a point of order plz note its Montague uncle is the obeah wuka.In all fairness Warmington has been behaving exemplary. Plzzzz don’t drag Warmy inna the effery!

      1. A believe a de same person me correct yesterday.

        Montague uncle is the Obeah man and him aunty a de one him we call fi race up whomever him did a cuss in a parliament, some years back.

        Warmmy is the one fi mek all trump duck from insults, and him daddy is a man who would kill for his son.

        1. But that’s why u must trust ur instincts enuh PP.I knew for a fact u corrected the same person but mi sey mek mi nuh throw caution to the wind n I went easy. Look how we drag warmy when him wrong and seet deh history create cuz One year him gone without giving trouble. So nuh wrongful accuse him oo.thanks much PP

  5. 21 and wicked suh? good riddance. With all the young men who tun “shotta,” and get killed or a serve lengthy sentences, and all the senseless killing of our women wat will happen to our future generations?

  6. I’m calculating that there will be many more riddance of theese gangsters and criminals by police because the current administration in the US and its policy of nation first will focus more on themselves and their interest and that policy shift will divert attention off regional human rights and in the case of jamaica will open the door for the government and security forces to deal with the crime problem how they want without the big brother breathing down their necks now that the big brother has gone rogue
    another example how you can or might reap positivity out of negativity! . . . . as absurd as it sounds.

  7. Why glorify killing when we all cry for killing to cease? This is horrendous. Novelette gets the credit? How do we know Nov is behind all this? SICK!

    1. Then you can volunteer and pay for them when they’re in prison doing 20+ years! Mi tired fi see my tax dollars a feed murderer, rapists and pedophile! Things waan do inna di country and money a waste pon dem, no sah!

      Novelette don’t play politics, nor a look friend, so unlike those before her she actually doing her work. Even though she probably a get fight under di quite!

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