Met please to send lean clean to KFC to have a winners box. She nuh stay good a bbc make lean clean mawga and crawny suh. All her head big and look like dem pickney with marasmus. Omg! Lean clean all these excessive exercise and diet making you look anorexic. Young 31 year old girl like u looking (Edited)

46 thoughts on “LEAN CLEAN YUH TOO LEAN O

  1. She claim 35 but she is about 38/39 and yes, it has been scientifically proven that a harsh diet and too much exercise ages a woman greatly. Lifting old iron everyday just to appeal to a man that treat you like dogshit.

    1. Rachel is the middle child and has about 2 or 3 years on nicole. If Nicole is 33 she would be 35/36 . Agreed she can do better because her personality is way more vibzy and genuine than Nicole’s . She just down to earth.

  2. Yes she get 2 slim fi true and the drastic weight loss aged her.I saw a picture of her awhile back and she looked great. Mama no hate just put on back some weight and u good again

  3. This is why I cant take my peoples. Why ya telling lies bout 31 I’m 32 and this lady looked like my kindergarten teacher from 20 odd years ago. This lady looks like she 45 n I’m a guy that loves women but cmon 31 lol

  4. is this photoshopped? How she look so? mi naah say u nuffi healthy and fit but woman fi have little curves and softness man, mi nuh like see when dem tough so, cuddling with her would be like hugging a bag of nails, urrggghh.

  5. I feel for these gymaholics, because Jamaican culture will always find it hard to appreciate a toned female body. This derives from their inclination to celebrate larger figures, a phenomenon deeply rooted within the culture.

    I’m not commenting about the woman above, as I cannot truly see her figure from that picture alone. I’m simply referring to females in Jamaica as a whole, so to speak.


  6. WOW!!! She look like a little person in this pic.. How she mawga dung suh?? No issue with being healthier and working out… But WOW this is drastic and super unattravtive. The salad look bigger than her.

  7. She looks like the Lady Jennifer on the show Little Couple, Only thing Jennifer no look so out and tired. Lwad she don’t look good.

  8. Hope this is a joke and is just one of those cartoon tingy dem using. This big head likkle body ting dont look good at allllll

  9. Rachel stressed out bad, a wah Greg a gwaan wid now? He made promises to change, is he backsliding already? He was making progress too you know, lost weight and started behaving a little better. Even Carnival Sunday he was on a boat with Rachel and not on a truck as usual. HIM START ACT UP AGAIN RACHEL?

  10. There is definitely a thin line between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and developing an eating disorder. I’ve been there many times before. You plan your entire existence around workouts and everything and everyone becomes secondary. (This was before I had kids). You obsessively count every single calorie and the gains or loses on the scale can send you in a tailspin.

    I cannot believe this picture. This should be concerning to her loved ones.

    1. This is woman that eat one tiny bowl of fruits for dinner. She definitely has an eating disorder. And the evidence of what she eats is all over her page. Who wants to be constantly hungry? And she can afford good food?



      Order a pepperoni pizza Rachel and eat it all. Go out and eat a nice fat steak. The slope is a very slippery one so please get some help before you mash up yourself, both mentally and physically.

      1. You don’t know what you are talking about. Eating disorders don’t allow you to have muscles period.

  11. She looks EXACTLY like a worn out, horrible version of Jen; Dr Jennifer Arnold-Klein, Bill’s wife and Will and Zoey’s mom, from Little couple on TLC! Not even when darling Jen went through her bout of cancer and underwent Chemo, she has never looked this bad!

  12. Whoever sent this in had time in their idle life. You have access to her personal IG but yet you chose this picture taken at a bad angle from another IG to send here so that you could have others join you in your derision. Check yourself! SMDH

    1. U are always going to post “perfect” pictures of yourself on your social media, people even go as far as to photoshop their pictures to look good when the basic editing doesnt work. Whenever someone else posts a picture of you they will not do all of that so you will definitely see the person’s flaws.

  13. LOL – It’s not the vegan diet. Lookup the 73 year old vegan lady, she looks quite young.

    It’s more so her genes…

    1. It’s the diet and major stress. It affects people differently and sad to say the vegan lady look like a corpse.

  14. unoo wicked eeeh! That clearly is a doctored pic bwahahahaha unoo well an know a nuh so di gyal look. I do not take to her but oh gosh man!

  15. She wasn’t always a vegan. all age differently, different factors comes into play, genetics, melanin, other lifestyle choices.

    Should could be quite healthy physically, but just need to manage the stress better.

    Just my 2 cent!

  16. I can’t believe these sisters are in their 30’s. They eat well, exercise so their appearance should be more youthful based on science. I think its genetic and their older appearance have nothing to do with the above picture. They just look old even on a good day.

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