I was looking for the pic with LeanClean and Gregg on the boat where she stand up next to him but it look like she delete if after someone said the boat waan sanitize. That was the best pic to show u how big him is. Rachel need to get her husband on the LeanClean diet because the food weh she a pack out for the week her husband eat that in one sitting.


  1. Dizzy Cess dem fling yuh ova yah. A whe yuh do now a which gyal send u over yah dwrl.
    A which gyal dm yuh inna me always like the love him have for him wife but I guess it’s a proving thing on social media. Because dizzy seems cool to me jus look older than him age

  2. Bwoy unu cyaa leave the ppl dem alone? No sah. So wahpen if the woman husband fat? Unu need fi find sumn constructive fi do man. Siddung pon ppl name like back pocket rag. Guh see some a unu how unu life sad #siptea

    1. Ikr sad bad!! Dem need fi watch fi dem life cuz some a dem wudda love fi walk a day ina one a dem man deh or dem wife shoes cuz some a dem a bun alone dem a get noooo benefits lool

      1. Me nuh waan inna the wife shoes that is no marriage she always alone and sicky sicky every three months she ketch flu that is no way to live.

    2. If unu back pocket rag neva did up in sop up wet pussc nobody wouldn’t a fass wid unnu. Stfu and stay from over here since it a bother you.

      Anon @10:11 nobody want fi walk in a shoes whey lean and soak wid shit. The post is a bout the BUN unnu a get unda unnu bumbo :ngakak :ngakak

      Stay off a the post if you no like mixup bitches.

      Reddi bo yu damn ugly my girl.

    3. See unnu still not getting it. So let me explain.


      1. A wife can’t mek har husband do what she want, when she want. The man dna say him fi fat and a just so it set.

        What we do get is the fact that these bitches think them above females below,east, west and south of tarrington bridge…reality check! ✔✔✔✔

    4. What do you expect from hoodrats? Jealousy is a hell of a thing. These hoodrats are pining away off the UPT people. That is what uneducated people do for fun since their lives are empty and unfulfilled.

      They spent all their waking life reading gossip sites and reading tabloid magazine, wishing they would one day achieve something. These hoodrats breed up the place with 5-10 kids, with 5-10 different baby fathers (their kids do not know their real fathers).

      1. Stop call people hootrat when Nicole and Rachel look so much like rats themselves. Hoodrat me raas. Yuh pass yuh place now man. I am in no way a hoodrat I have one man over six years now I live uptown don’t get it twisted johncrow.

        That’s why unnu always a get bun from unnu man wid the HOODRAT dem because dem pussy sweeter in case unnu never know. The hoodrat dem pussy grip unnu man buddy better than fi unnu own.

      2. Jealous of what? Who nasty like uptown people? Nicole I know you have to beg Sasco to bang u most times you are annoying and you talk too much the man tired a you.

      3. Alright uptown RAT! What the f***k you doing in the mother f**king gossip site gutters?!

        You long clit sluts whey suck pussc like suction cup and busy a nhame out batty hole like a filet mignon can’t class not a soul!

        Majority a unnu granny and mumma did a sell pussy a Victoria pier and f**k dem way uptown …case and point dat red bitch up top lineage! When we dead we all rotten alike, so you inbreeds no special just curse.

  3. To Canda-licious from yersterday’s post there is Greg and his dad.

    Now unto the lovely Christians leanclean unnu see why it is never wise to hype up and gwaan pon people like unnu shit don’t stink !!! just focus pon yuh business, but my advise woud to become certified first because you really don’t want to be out there giving advise and cause anyone to get sick or hurt themself, lawsuit that although yuh man rich.
    unto Dizzy Mr. Cess yuh father-in-law nuh rate yuh one bit so please just have a seat cah them know you will never be accepted into UPT society. yuh never born inna wealth you and Mr. Mike accumulated unnu wealth just the same so please.

  4. Rachel, who toe corn you step pon???? Is it Yendy??? Because Yendy is into fitness as well.No sah. And mi really feel it for them all. I liked seeing the happy family pictures it gave me faith that there is good Jamaican men out there. I find yolicess husband handsome, I can imagine how handsome he was when he was younger. And assassin is sooooo sexy. Everything about him scream sexiness and roughneck. I loved him since day one. This wall has so much tea that the wharf is full to the brim.

    Good morning Met and everyone else.

  5. Mi need them fi dash out Kymani Robinson and him new babymada and wife tea over yah cah mi never know them coulda left
    Kymani weh own RE-Tv this going to be the year of dashing out these upt ppl business weh act like them better than ppl nuh a unnu a get the bun and the beating and giving the threesomes as well. nuhbadie nah get spare this year

  6. Bwoy the one weh name Dizzy Cess love
    Me woulda give him like 5 stroke out mi pum pum
    Lmfaooooooooooooooo wonderful family though
    He loves his wifey n she’s beautiful with lovely kids.
    They seem the most humble to me & probably has the most
    Money out the 3.. idk just guessing what does Mr. Cespedes do
    Anyone? ….

    Nicole & sasco nice to but nick just relax
    You’re like the first libra I’ve ever seen to be
    So happy go lucky lolllll it seems forced but
    I like what you’re doing for the youths

    Lean clean mi like u but u don’t
    Seem happy idk I sense that you’re
    Somewhat depressed & not happy w ur marriage
    Like ur holding on to a string .. skating on thin ice
    Kinda thing .. u cya badda wid Greg cuz
    1. Him a give yuh bun
    2. Fi d life of you he won’t exercise
    3. Fi di life of you he won’t eat right
    4. Him ever look like heng pa nail raggedy n chakka chakka
    5. Him give u pare headache
    6. You really only holding on for the kids & possibly the $$$
    Or just to even say yuh have family fi pose wid
    7. You never post any pics of him .. & you like to post shit

    Hey bwoy Greg know weh ya do eno treat the lady with respect ya ole nasty asss. Fi ugly fat man to BBC u too bold I woulda bring
    Ur fat ass right back to earth u see! Shoulda me when me
    Done wid u Ugly cock true bumbohole u woulda kno what clock
    A strike !!!!

  7. Nicole is a Libra and Sasco is a Capricorn. This is not a natural match. The attraction is an extremely strong one, great sex, but for the relationship to work long term there has to be a lot of compromise, especially on Nicole’s side. It doesn’t ebb and flow naturally.

    1. A lieeeeeee lolol unu can’t tell me weh him hang out?
      Mi need fi go kotch mi heel back deh lmfaoooooo!!!

      Mi need my 2 shillings fi d New Years cess anytime u ready
      Fi d purchase mi ready fi d sale woiiyoiiiiii

      A joke

        1. Nah look pon who? Girl who dem man deh nuh want? Unnu man a fi everybody STFU educated duppy bat. A unnu get the most BUN because my man could never sleep out so much and me just accept that so. Yuh mad. Him woulda have couple scars fi show.

  8. Uno can come off a dem now this is not a f**king story it has been said in the comments of the other articles.over n over n over

        1. No lie at all when ur dancing with him he always bends over for you to dagga him and wine him from behind. That said I don’t think he is gay.

  9. Yolice and Rachel dem are sisters or just frennz? How so? thought I heard her dad owns Phils? Dizzy look old fi 45 wid him lean mouth. Handsome where.
    But all sour Greg him, his dad is a good Christian man i name and nature and look how di dutty bwoy a live
    Dashhhhhh out dem business dey give me

  10. Yolice and Rachel dem are sisters or just frennz? How so? thought I heard her dad owns Phils? Dizzy look old fi 45 wid him lean mouth. Handsome where.
    But all sour Greg him, his dad is a good Christian man i name and nature and look how di dutty bwoy a live
    Dashhhhhh out dem business dey give me. From the year start Metty have mi a grin off m face wid dem sweet suss ya

  11. Unu seh we nah leff di pple dem “good good’ life alone yet evryydayy unu ova ya a fass and want to know pple business…how ironic

  12. Boy this senda yah is a real old claat! Wah mek unu nuh lef the people dem? Unu just badmind! All weh unu a chat them still a win! GTFOH with these lame posts!

    1. They are winning…straight to the gynecologist, urologist, divorce court. Keep coming like umbrella fi shade dem disgrace. Fake life bitches.

  13. Is Kymani still married? thought he was divorced. His baby mama used to date one of the mcmillan brothers couple years ago

  14. @real as it get !!! Really still a win ? How? If your a female after hearing all this that is going on in your marriage you would still consider yourself a winner ? I mean she is not just getting bun , which is forbidden to eat in them lean clean program !! But look at her damn husband weh shi a get bun from! Get up everyday and post how much ole iron yuh can manage fi liff and still cyan manage yuh big ole man and stand up as a woman and get your household together and let guh off the meal prep because all the prep yuh a prep yuh man still a stray!!! Lets be real we all been with a cheating spouse at one point,but everyday uno come pon line and a gwan like IG is a platform to display your make belief life , we all have problems so stop painting a picture with a canvas full off dirt because you people are not in touch with reality!

  15. All a uno wah a complain bout sender diss and dat wah uno a comment fah bypass d story cause me kn sah a sumbady one a d man dem.or woman dem fuk wid fi dis a gwan sob long Greg lazy like him love 69 u fi si d fuka face wen him A cum hahahhahahahahahahahahaha

  16. D man dem have more dan one phone dem wife cah goh in dah u kn how much money greg gi saki u kn how much young gal a pay rent an school fee out a dem u kn how much gal teck plane out a dem trust me its a lifestyle fi dem dem wife fi start goh o er d cabana

  17. LeanCLean if you make Greg lose 50 pounds by the end of the year I will sign up my USD$50 in your program.

  18. As people mi know personally (through business), dem comments yah have mi a dead!!!!! Cant lie, dem life is a show for the cameras but some a unnu bad mind nuh raas tru unnu pocket empty lol Truth is nuff a wi can only comment pon Pink Wall because that the only place people see or hear unnu.

    Everybody know Greg cant settle wid one woman, but Dizzy love him wife bad and know say a she is the money tree so him will try him best stay under manners.

    1. So delusional, always think when people chat unnu NASTY business say we wish we were unnu. No dolly dear, clean money we say, not money weh scam from old or poor people (Olint), blood money or drug money.

    2. you right Mr. Cess has to worship Yoland cah she comes from money real money and again her father in law don’t rate Dizzy cah him is a nobody yuh notice how him act frighten and show off, cah him nuh use to money the wife is very humble facts. I love her is the two rat pack sisters always a try nuff up inna har.
      Mr. Phils nuh rate him why yuh think him did affi go start his own hardware ….ding ding

  19. Rachel yuh mate dem nuh have nothing fi badmind u over because them a get money and attention. They see your husband more than you do boo.

  20. Yeeeeeoooowww. It a get nasty and hostile in here.

    Leanclean and company come hot up pink wall fi d new year cah cool.

    :malu2 <— a so mi a look between post after post after post. mi mumma.

  21. Trust me mi personally kn a noh lie most of these statement fi uno tunk a lie goh a d cabana uno couldnt beleive a marriend men a behave soh goh inna taboo uno vomit soh if any a dem wah sah a lie goh luk fi uno sef nicole mi kn just obsese over her husband nothing like dat bout sasco but a greg an cess a d big dog greg #1 wah pussy greg noh suck a wah him noh wah .

  22. Why dem a act like this is a ghetto blog? EVERYBODY business rinse out over yah, Yendi, Kamila, Denyque, Government, Foreign celebrities, everybody. Come on now.

  23. Met….. I see a lot of them… Mi nuh wah call nuh name…. Just run the file for the wealthiest man that live uptown… Just do a list and people will talk….

  24. Boy, how Rachel feel when she look pon Nicole and see her a hug up Sasco the she look pon fi her big dumpling weh hardly deh bout? She goodly masturbate and think bout Sasco cause she could never a think bout Greg. Enjoy the money Rachel just buy some sex toys, watch some blues and chill.

    1. Or find a man that will appreciate her for who she is, and nuh bada stay fi prove a point to the other baby mothers

  25. Just to clear something up EVERYONE who makes it to this wall is bothered! So please don’t fool unnuh self! From we post something dem run go pon Instagram a throw shade, if you are responding den it a bun you! And if you don’t like what is on here den jump off! Cussing bout it not going to change nor phase anyone over here! Cause wi come fi di mixup!

  26. Did Sasco get an outside child that’s what I really want to know. No one has confirmed OR denied this tea.

  27. Honestly i like yolicess she is a very humble person dont mix her in this lifestyle….Her dad his not coming from money though he is from West Kingston so he shouldn’t look down on Dave for being a hustler that’s his past…Unno leave yoli out of this she dont deserve it.

  28. We don’t need glasses to tell that Rachel aka leanclean is unhappy the stress show in her face and her body language…..She just need to do what she have to do and stop make that ugly fat bitch disrespect her for the love of money and hype lifestyle….

  29. We have done Leanthief a favor dat tire suppose to stay close to home fi a few when him realize say ppl a watch him nasty behavior smh

    1. U think Greg cares, nope!!! This anno something that did a hide Inna the social circles hmmm no it was not hiding. You have a column name Tuesday talk in the gleaner and there was tatley tale in the observer Weh uptown business gets dash out pon a regular basis. People know these ppl business, helper and helper chat too ohhh.

      Back to the question if Assassin as an outside child nuh badie nah pop that one shut or open !!!

  30. LORD AV MERCY mek yall a do the mn so lol so much a u a say man lazy an love 69, omg she mus see this post well I guess gal hav dem bills to pay an money sure, MET MET U SEE THE PRINCIPAL GONE A COURT GONE GET HOT WATA,, A HIDE RAPIST FACE SAID SHE SUPPORTING HIS WIFE HUGHES SAY THE WIFE WAS NOT AT THE COURT

  31. F**kery uno a talk how dizzy cess humble, why unno say him nuh humble, brixton him grow and his dad been had money and business from him a ute him grow come see money real money and him married to yoli yeah her ppl dem richer bt me sure know say if you did rich and meet a nice girl weh richer unno wudda married and mek unno union richer. man can afford a certain lifestyle so why not post his accomplishments on his IG…. afterall it’s his page. Big up missa cess real brixton OG and big up dizzy cess. Ask anyone from braeton Phase 2 or 3 bout the cess family.

  32. Question, dizzy first daughter is 17 and him and yoli married for 17yrs. Did yoli tek him from him baby mother or him cheat on her with his baby mother?

      1. he also has a daughter that is younger than the older daughter for Yolice so he is no saint or preacher unnu think a lie the people dem a tell sey them man yah wild no they are not lying.

  33. Listen wah nite mi hear sum.high profile bigshot ppl a talk bout pink wall an leanclean greg an d list goes on greg a whore long time

  34. I admire yolicess very much. I think she’s the realest of the three and even if her husband is a dog him still a love her up and she still a go on her vacay them. I think the other two is trying too hard to be like her

  35. Wow this is really deep. Just came across this page on the Internet. I honestly admire these three girls. Don’t know what their lifestyle for real but based on their Instagram posting they all seem to be happy. I feel terribly aweful for Rachel, she seems to be a nice girl but man I know Greg from I was in Jamaica and he is a piece of work WOW…I am shocked to know that Rachel is the one to deal with all what he comes with and give. I admire yolice she is truly humble and a lady. Nicole I believe is happy too,she loves her husband. Im really sorry that Rachel has to be dealing with Greg and all that He comes with because if has not changed, it’s nothing pretty to deal with. I see she goes to church, so I guess her faith is what keeps her going. I will keep her in prayer cause as mi say Greg was not and seems like he is still a piece a work.

  36. Whats the obsession with these girls. Yea, get it they used to be untidy in highschool and have chosen health and fitness as adults. Atleast I’m sure about rachel she’s cook,never knew the sister. But its not like we getting any new stories about them, so what exactly is the deal…….? Whoever sending these stories to Met need a life.

    And whoever bashing the uneducated on this site, why are you on here with all you’re education? Many of us on here have more 1st and 2nd degrees, but wi come for the jokes and keep it quiet. U know u love it, quit hypocrisy.

    Happy New Year Met, blessings for 2019

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