1. Ven look old and tired go sit down. She need a different life to old yo be on mixup and dancehall. Go take care of your kids and stop party cause you nah get no where but f**ked by some young battyman. You forever ah show you crawny body parts dem to get likes and if dem people ever see you in person them frighten to know how busted your face is and how your breath smell like toilet water. You have so much marks and holes in your face retire nuh and stick to the hair leave young boys alone cause dem nah wife you.

  2. He looks insipid eei man????? No sah all him nice nice son him ah exploit smh. These bishes no hav no morals simple as dat.

    1. where lol, Kwesi is a Midget and this one is a beggar and scammer weh have little ambition at least him is a dam good father but Ven fi lowe out these young boys cah she know the boy live wid him babymada and she still a try wid the boy

  3. It luk like ah Ven ting dat shi love mine young boys, shi nuh care wa Kwesi sey worse he’s broke and needy and to what I’m reading she seems like she can afford it, I don’t think she’s looking for a soulmate she’s just having fun wit har old pu..y and her money

  4. Yo each dem own but mi love man weh luk like man, from yuh see him yuh man.. I don’t know how dem bwoy yah get unno pusc wet cuz fuss thing cum tuh mind wi mi see dem like dis a lazy, whoring,don’t have shit, lie nd more

  5. 8:50…lie u a tell ven look good fi her age everything yes she need fi change wah shi dou as a mother but mi sure she look better dan u an no she is not my friend i am just a fair person

  6. 8:50 maybe a d scent from the infection u have u a smell its not ven mout she is all ppl can sah except nasty she keep her house , kids and body clean lie u a tell u wah si d amount a ppl wah eat from er soh dat part a lie talk bout d lowlife man dem wah shi teck but nasty inna her house an body a lie u wicked ass a teck goh a doctor a u mouth or d yeast wah u have a rotten pon u …not ven mout at all

  7. goddamn, how much money does she have?…I know hairdresser make money but it seems she’s making double. All everyone keep saying is…”boy want her money”…and how old is she? everyone calling her an old lady. Ma’am you are very attractive save your money for retirement and your kids college fund.

    1. She grown I wouldnt say old but definitely grown enough to know much better than this here. Look at this boy whey look like him mouth run water all day and him need a body bib ven mek a tek libbaty and a send threat.

  8. Mi swear ah yah suh nice cherrylips love aff all ah di man picture ah wah dis fadda gawd suh she ah f**k kidbreezy but cherrylips ah tell people Seh she ah f**k jerry bling and Jerry love har man uno some nasty dag, ven yuh need fi bill mama it nuh look good yuh have a daughter

  9. Ven and Claire have same taste in males though. First kwesi, now this dude. Marlene money a run Pon her again so she can’t use it and seduce this little youngster.

  10. Ven me loose off of you. Me rate you as a hair dresser and admire your business acumen but this is ridiculous. If for whatever reason you still a grind kwesi how pics etc reach inna it. You should have shame to talk this. All bow tie inna him one room Berta dan dem two young boy. It’s best you did a stick with jadion all those years ago when him used to sell cd. I’m curious how you nuh run in come defend yourself yet. You par with kd and she forever a get used by what ever woman she pick up. You a chat say you want hot car so stop Waste your money on these clowns boo. Dolly been a live in a denial and is a thief from she deh a school. You want to sleep wid smaddy weh deh with her after she was with buju who was with China fabulous. Dance hall too small. Whole a unno a loo

  11. This hoe is wack stop make her important. Instagram really be making these f**k boxes feel special. Someone tell me what’s important about this story??? Everybody does there body and can wear makeup but is she educated? Does she own a house? Does she own her own business? She is no one just another dancehall bitch with name brand shoes going no where in life but to Jamaica and showing off what they wallet can’t afford. She and dolly look like twins ugly and well bleach out

  12. @smh Ven brother weh live ah LA money tall tall tall… so ‘maybe’ him turn likkle lulahla fi har.. otherwise hairdressing an padna shi throw fi cocky draw!

  13. Although di bwoy bleach out he look good to me DWL….. he sell him lil one two piece a clothes mi hear and I’m sure he’s a scammer of some sort. Everytime I come on here I have to laugh. Let the old duppy face gyal f**k and be free. Sender probably wan one likkle f**k offa him too …. oonu love watch other ppl pussy. Everybody f**kin everybody a ja and Farrin nowadays anyway so who gives two shits. The two a dem ago bleach til dem transparent like wata And they gonna f**k regardless a wha. So let f**k be free and let f**k be merry

  14. No sah a yah so really nice inna di morning yah. So Ven seh she lef Kwesi she nuh want him nuh more and go all di way a Jamaica just fi guh deh wid kwesi number 2 dis big woman a really a likkle idiot gyal fi cocky and bleach out Hype man because from yuh look pon di likkle bwoy a das all ven a get some f**k in har hole from another bleach out kid weh she ago affi pay fi him whole har hand and par wid har. When gyal desperate and fool dem just desperate and fool. Dis bwoy yah inna every gyal DM. A weh Ven tink she special cause she spend har money. Di bwoy already a f**k like dog pon ven. Ven go pon seniors meet and go find yuhself a decent man fi respect yuh and yuh pickney dem and come out a di dancehall your time come and gone from dem kaliss mix up life yah lef it to di young just come gyal dem. Yuh mine enough man yuh can stop tell lie seh yuh naw mine kwesi number 2 because him nah hide it.

  15. I saw Ven in a restaurant in daylight she looks totally different from her pictures. She looks like a tom boy no wonder she done surgery and her face looks horrible without foundation now don’t run in and say me badmind it’s the truth . Yes she’s very ambitious but her priorities are wrong for hard working woman man is not the answer. Your taste in men are despicable .

  16. Doing my GED online thank god for pink wall . Ms Met let a lot off us learn to read and write a good sentence my bad the GED say strutcture a good sentence. Apple please do your GED online if you not busy faking it .

  17. Ctfuuuu WAIT DEHHHH suh ah true JERRY BLING ah f**k cherrylips no sahhhhhhhhhhhh Claire yuh love hype man ehh jerry yuh buddy nuh have shame Chargie all ah uno nasty yuh f**k. One big duty circle


  19. ( Stop mine man duh you face) said straight up corrected. She isn’t a looker unless lots off makeup and naked clothes she do look boyish.

  20. Clare a dog from longtime di amount a party man weh f**k she and dem a act like dem a goodas Clare f**k both gal and man .Clare is a nobody and Marlene she nuh better a pure pussy Hollywood Hype him have her a di house a eat with har hill shape batty Marlene you turnin di house in a f**k shop nasty wretch .

  21. Nothing about Marlene she and that sagga sagga fake batty every Friday night pon dem show di people dem a dun har ,Marlene your legs is too small to have up dem big booty deh stop mek Hype tun you inna a idiot gal you too old fi dat bout tune in 10pm for the Hollywood Hype and Sky Hype show .Marlene you mek Hype tun you inna one poppy show nuh stop yah poor soul. .

  22. Nothing about Marlene she and that sagga sagga fake batty every Friday night pon dem show di people dem a dun har ,Marlene your legs is too small to have up dem big booty deh stop mek Hype tun you inna a idiot gal you too old fi dat bout tune in 10pm for the Hollywood Hype and Sky Hype show .Marlene you mek Hype tun you inna one poppy show nuh stop yah poor soul. .Met you need to run a New year thing pon dem cause Clare tell a fren of mine that her sister is not married to Hollywood Hype its a lie and Hollywood Hype tell him other woman him not married so i dont know why they was lying .Happy New years Met.

  23. Ven body looks good.. Face holey bad. I mean she entitled to mess with those guys if they want her. Marlene a tun her decent house into f**k shop. Jody n Kim find their wAy there do you done know. Hollywood Hype look like s big turd.. Bout him love threesome

  24. Marlene dont run shit she’s a lagga head so she have no control over wats going on is Hollywood Hype run things him talk to her like a piece of shit ,poor Marlene mi feel sad fi har soul and is longtime Marlene and Clare a eat pussy nasty rass dem .

  25. But that boy is straight up gay my friend f**k him alresdy fi likkle clothes him love likes bad ven will forever full a std cause she love the batty and man dem. She take him up and think him did ago own her like how kwesi own dolly and the boi don’t even post ven pic on his instagram him tell are fi all stop comment on his pic ven insecure bad

  26. Ven been nasty fr baby daddy- jay ican- mr frass- kwesi-pony hype- dave fr nj -to the fish in ja they all seems gay or have gay with that said no wonder she stay with a std .pussy shit up ! And all the above names nyyyyyam her out like ole foot save

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