1. I really kaintttttttt this mawning ya mainnnnne :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

        1. Hi hello how me already know beg pardon deh mi couldn’t tell u a beer bakkle different from one of the dancehall celebrities eno mi just a try understand if u have company with u when u a walk n know di ppl dem business that’s all Hun

        1. No sahhhhhh but is how u know the lady family tree cause I don’t think I’ve heard that one before Quena really and truly is who u????? Oh I’m curious ur HUSBAND party too???? #justcurious

  1. but scammina yuh nuh c de man nah luk bwoy badi language is a hel hab a ting enuh..yuh blush av mi a way mumz nah lie still all de head like johncrow stay from far nd sen him pickney fi guh finish nyaam e’….:ngakak

    a leash wenzdeh dis yah tideh baba

    1. WEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ___________________________________________________________________
      Who did it, WHO, who colored on Scamini face______________________________________________________________________
      Yep, come find the ‘moticon weh Scammy fava :ngacir2

      Wait,,,,,,,,I wonder if me and the Dwarf is Gucci tuhday :games

        1. Quena, Or maybe this one>> :alay …or goodly dis one>>> :kissing: …but this is my favorite emoticon>> :doctor: …idk why…

    2. Simplicity! Yu nu easy a rass….

      “johncrow stay from far nd sen him pickney fi guh finish nyaam eā€™ā€¦”

  2. is that polka dot panty hose this lady have on??????? pls tell me yes ah stockin print if not she suffa from leprosy skin patchy patch it don’t look good the man she wit look like him coming str8 from 1990s outdated :malu2

    1. There is nothing wrong with the man outfit…and furthermore, 1990’s man dem ah the best kinda man fe have cause them is more level headed..yea, his jacket might be a lil too big on him, but so what?? I’d rather have me a 1990’s man than them now ah days licky licky beggy beggy poor excuse fe ah modern day man. I’m not too crazy about him plait up hair needa, but I’ll work with it…

  3. Met him clean up the barber shop them a queens & club is a little send out boy from queens . Only 27 years old strong hood yak yak sey she will do all the spending .

    1. A Janitor_______________________________________________________
      Aye Diablo!!!!!_______________________________________________________________________________________

      1. nuh knock the honest bread just yet atleast him a duh sup’m..from uchube hairdresser and frack mekka tuh top class store cleaner…..scammina yuh getting sumwhere which is nowhere mumz a doah wrong doah

    2. As I said unno must stop tell rass lie! Which part of Aueens the boy stay? The man don’t even live in NY! Don’t frigging blog to make a point, truth we dealing with oba yah!

      1. Davgal, Windex works good; if not, tek pieca wet newspaper and wipe off the glass..clean as a whistle!!

    1. same way she can put makeup pon har face, she can use makeup and cover up di spotty spotty legs dem.

  4. Heh heh. Mi know exactly whaagwaan inna him mind. Him nuh want fi tek nuh picho wid ar. One a dem moments deh when him wish him cudda mek ar disappear like bewitched. :bingung

  5. why dem dancehall dinosaurs eer no go look a decent respectable man ????? how har son dem fi respek har. ? one careless muthafuka in and out one afta de otha in and out har son dem life . how dem one dunce so? n de ediaat bwoy have enuff sense fi hide him face lmfro

    1. Neva you bring NUH man roun yuh kids dem unless it is certain that it is a foundation relationship…NEVER DO THAT!! A man will tell you anything to get up in them draws and your pocket book, but if that be the case, then fine..do as you please, but always guard and protect your children from the lies and games that these boys will play. Nutten nuh wrong if the lady want test the waters and date…there is no crime in doing that ( plus ah summa time tuh, turn up time )…but keep all that nonsense away from the most important part of your life…your kids and family…LADIES!!! Same rules that men value, should also serve as yours…dont bring no ni99a home to your mom, dad, kids, close family, friends…UNLESS he PROVES himself worthy :malu

        1. dem beta learn and learn faaas faaas…OneDrop, there is no crime in a woman dating; there isn’t a law against it..people try to make it seem as if it;s something to be ashamed of when a woman dates as if she’s suppose to walk roun with a Scarlett Letter on her chest. Dating is dating; it nuh mean seh a woman ( or a man ) haffe sleep wid every man she chooses to date, but nuhbody cyaan tell mi seh dis lady not entitled to live her life and have some fun as well. As long as the kids dem taken care and properly supervised, house cleaned, food cooked, bills paid, laundry washed n’ folded, and everyting is everyting, then she can do whatever tha funk it is that she wants to do…my only advice to her and any other woman would be to NOT be so quick to jump into any relationship with ANYONE unless you both get to know each other VERY VERY well…always protect what you value most!! :heart:

          1. Real talk man Yeppie, but some ppl nuh have nuh self control every man weh seh mi like yuh eh nuh dem dash it up pan dem widout warning and jump gone introduce him to d kids and family bout fiance or husband, mi nuh know how dem quick fi run in so and let off….

  6. why yak yak don’t go get a Panamanian man n leave outta dancehall.mi nah hug no man wey nah hug me back.yak yak tek wey uself fi a min nuh man….sass christ

    1. And Sassy (no tea no shade )..why must she take away herself? Where must she go? And of all times, summertime? Yuh really expect this lady fe siddung inna hot house ah sweat ah fret ova man when di man dem ah turn up di tingz during this lovely summertime?? No ma’am!! Not gonna happen :hoax2 ..enjoy yourself as well yuh hera mi ma’am?!

      1. Same way so Yep! I excited bout summertime so till, cause this was a terrible winter. Them too bitter man…..

  7. All this money she seem to be spending to impress people. Yuh mean fi say, she can’t afford to go to a specialist bout her legs..geez woman..guh look bout yuh damn skin so u can come out the long tights, long fracks n all them covering up garments..yuh soon melt smh….Yuh naw bingo!

  8. yep…I don’t mean go hide herself…I mean stay outta di Jamaican dancehall people way.an alone ano Jamaican ppl alone ave entertainment..anon….kiss mi rass…mi free fi say what mi choose…my husband is in rehab with a broken leg fr an accident…mi no ave time fi argue with woman ova man inna dem yah day n age…so if u bitter don’t think everybody else is…anon kiss mi rass again a c if dat bitter….f**kin brite..

    1. Sassy, sorry to hear bout yuh husband broken leg; wishing him a speedy recovery…question though Sassy..ah yuh bruckeeh man leg? I hope not!! šŸ˜” … Ok Sassy, mi understand weh ya seh, but if she prefa yawd man vs. Panamanian man then that is just her preference, nutten wrong wid dat neither..

  9. yeppie…mi always a fuljoy myself….a my name alone deh pan mi birthpaper with di parents…mi nuh come yah wid no twin.so no man no validate me n my livelihood…mi live fi me n my two kids…thank u maam.no name anon…bite me…u probably lean like 8 bus…

    1. Yes ma’am ah hear yuh loud and clear! Mi travel dung mi mumma birth canal on mi own as well suh the feeling is mutual. Ah me seh livity, love, laugh and live life to the fullest!!! And who nuh like it can crawl back inna dem mumma ovaries and tan deh tun still birth…and Sassy, mek sure yuh naah batta bruise yuh good up good up husband, yuh hearing mi ma’am? :peluk

    1. Spots tattoo? NO SAH! that look like a full fledge fassy foot from over the years.

      Who would tattoo a skin disorder on them self? Me know dem desperate fi fame but i don’t think she would.

  10. Laughing at some of the comments but what a piece a audacity fi tell di woman fi leave Jamaican dancehall scene. So a only Jcans fi party wid jcans? So di odda ethnicities can tell jcans fi go find dem own kind fi hang wid den. KMT. Anno jus tideh other ethnic groups a hold di spot light inna jcan party. Rememba di African girls dem? Yakini gwaan star up di show everybady have dem time an a ur time now, mek di jealous ppl dem gweh. (And oh no I don’t know her nor any of her affiliates).

  11. By all means Yakini should party where ever and with whom ever she please..afterall we are all culturally related. she should also move on with her life and date whether Jamaican or Panamanian. But one thing mi know fi sure sey that dem costume dey weh she a wear a party no mek it at all. So @Startled I don’t know which dancehall scene she a star up.

    1. A dat me did wah know too, cau she is di star of her owna show not no star inna di dancehall world. She tried hard, like really too hard to fit in. A Dogleash buss har inna dancehall, I hope she gave him his cut of her dancehall money. She prolly broke by now, cau di amount a young yute she did haffi pay fi hold up sigh fi har. Facking poppy show. The real dancehall people nuh stop laugh at this chick, dem go to her dance not to support

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