An 18 year-old Jamaican accused of killing a 12 year-old boy in Connecticut in the United States remains behind bars after bail was set at US$1 million when he appeared in court Thursday.

Tajay Chambers was arrested last week and charged with murder in the death of Clinton Howell.

Howell was shot to death outside his Bridgeport home on December 18.

Chambers is one of four people arrested in connection to the crime.

Chambers is due back in court on January 8.

If convicted of murder with special circumstances, Chambers could be sentenced to life without the possibility of release.

He reportedly left Jamaica to join his family in Bridgeport, Connecticut, 18 months ago.


  1. Yeh man
    Same like him ah kill and rape ah jamaica. Just a menace to society if you ask me. Lock him wey FOREVER in American jail Mek him see and know “real thug /bitch life”
    Didn’t even deserve this opportunity of being in a much more progressive country .

  2. He does not have legal status in the US either. This is what happen when you associate yourself with the wrong crowd and want to prove to others that you are a thug. Now he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

  3. His parents probably took him here to get outta bad company and look what happen. Badness nuh pay.. killed the innocent child , now both family lost their children.

  4. Imagine, an 18 yr old should be thinking of college, trade school and what kind of future they want for themself, not murdering children. Luke 23:29 is coming to pass.

    The deceased is at peace, out of the evils of this world. May his loved ones find the strength to endure their loss. The pain will never go away, but it will get easier to bear.

  5. When you give these little F—-rs a chance to better them life, this is how they behave. KMT
    Who raises these boys like this? I totally agree, a meance to society.

  6. Welcome to america gunman nuh run tings up here sir.and u about to be somebody bitch in prison. Wish u welll bitch ass little boy

    1. But a dem get the worse treatment in prison, child killers and pedophiles. They may not even put him in general population for his own safety. But if they put him in general they will kill him in no time and that is after he has been raped and used through and through. When dem dun wid him he will curse the day he was conceived, but if you want to kill a child then you must be prepared for the repercussions.

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