My man tie me so I heard, and him cuss me day and night say him no want me, me try so many times to leave but can’t, him even get involved with a woman and she obiah me because she want me to leave,was pregnant for him and she kill the baby and almost kill me,I even go church and couldn’t leave so I went out and the man say I’m going to leave but not now, him no stay home all morning him come in and me can’t sleep when him out, it is wickedness to do this to a woman and then treating her bad, him to it because as him use to open up him mouth to me me gone and him never want me to leave him, so him give me stuff in tea them even say him spot into my juice and tea and even piss in it , that’s one of the worst body tie, sometime I think about doing it back to him because me just can’t leave him, me all lock him up and still can’t move out, him call me from jail say me must not leave because him no have no one else and when him come out lied Jesus gal after the other me tired of staying in the house, it’s not right if you the the person treat him or her good

3 thoughts on “SHE SEH HAR MAN TIE HAR

  1. Girl if you really want to leave you would. It sounds like you don’t have any where else to go and that’s why you haven’t left.

  2. Whichever century u lef ur sense dem inna plzzzz go back fi it m’am and skip out this one caz u inna the wrong era. Kmt

  3. Wow!!! Lady Pray!! God wins!!!!! and don’t go back to see anybody ABOUT THIS. GOD A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SELAH

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