0 thoughts on “LENA BRITISH IS BACK

  1. Shi trying so hard to look lady-like, shi fava church lady, di frock n di church looking sling back shoes. Don’t care if a brand-name. It look middle-age. Den again she r of dat age group

  2. I think that as we age, rather than being really trendy, and following the latest fashion, we need to seek comfort. It is cool to develop our own style. She looks refreshing to me.

  3. first off they are still hiding and screwing each other, second she buy the things dem at a turkey store in London and is fake brand dem turkey the place to go to find the fake brands that look real, Lena even know every single show that killa do fi the summer and what time ect…

  4. so what if is fake? clothes a clothes, unnu too frightened and brain washed. nuff a unnu nuh use to nothing that why unna always a talk bou designer. Every piece a garment made is a designer dsign it. some designer bus, some don’t. that why unnu thief and prostitute unnu body feh show off. nuff a unnu pickney and extended family a starve and at times a live inna deplorable conditions, yet still unnu a pre designer wear and cant afford it. leave the gal and ar clothes alone.
    Nuff a unu a run down designer wear and don’t know that not because unnu buy stuff in reputable looking stores, it is the real thing yuh a get. The fake industry is hugh, and dem affe sell. from something look good I will buy it, wheather it cost $1. or thousands. And feh meh feh spend thousand, meh a think very very hard, and it will definitely be for a special occasion. unnu a gwan like, money deh pon ground like dirt

  5. The world know sa Lena gone back to bounty. One thing I would love to know where is bounty wife to be, why this lady come back to ja to mash up bounty life a she alone can make him smile. A bounty and she da a every dance and a have lunch no sa

  6. why you people going on like you know the lady business or is even in her circle!bout she don’t go Jamaica fi 2 years lena is always in Jamaica facts! 2 times last year she go down and easter this year she was there whapon to unu?

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