Hello Met…….This is Tia So Progressive Quality…..see her the other day with di belly she nuh tink seh is time fi she fi stop do road…..mi nuh understand every ole pan a knock she deh deh….damn it man stay home and for those who think im hating trust me i have no reason to hate.


  1. Ur not hating Lol I say the same thing.. I understand some ppl just love to party, dem born with party vibes.. But come on man. And she don’t , make up bad, outfit stay badd.. She wanna be an it girls sooooo badddd Lol! Tia u will Neva have that image. Sit down

  2. Mi crinch wen mi see har a di dance dem..a kotch she kotch wid ppl cause a only wen ppl kotch a ppl yard dem haffi lef wen dem lef the yawd to,cause dem nuh want dem inna dem place alone.I haven’t seen her in pics lately doh

  3. I’ve seen women out with belly bigger than hers and they are not pregnant or ever been pregnant…….lol

    1. Ah tru! She neva have a man for herself yet. I remember when she just come here. She came wid the runner’s from JA for the Penn’s Relay and yagga roo it out. She kotch wid Rochelle fi di longest while then she pick up the police bwoy and deh deh wid him until she meet a man an di mon breed har wid di first pikini. Now she ah breed again only to have whoever is raising her dawta raise this pikini too. Careless life. She don’t want nutten outta life. All Rochelle shi sid dung every day pon har madda step an look miserable. Time fi dem gweh an move dem bloodclaat. Tyad fi si dem

  4. see her on my page, at 1st thought it was cute, but after realizing its a every night thing, mi a say to me self say no decent quality woman not going to leave them yard 7 nights a week fi go dance,is not a good look> not only that, if she work a day, and party a night what kind of bond could she possible have with the 1st child! and which decent quality man gonna take her serious if she out a road every night, rather worst ya now wid d big belly? if that pickney don’t born a one a dem round robin deh i change my name.
    WORD OF ADVISE TIA…..U A RUN DOWN SOMETHING WEH PASS U LONG TIME, you are on to baby #2, just try be progressive in your childrens eyes, at the end of the day is only them u have to impress. i’m just saying

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