Now this country man from west side hanover, damion aka. Dame dog or “Gur”. Whats your motive? You s*x down the whole west side lucea , hanover you name it. Treat woman like dog… no respect, call woman scavengers or him do a role call. All you a work caan see the reapings , yuh name call pon every front ole front, new front , second hand , certified used and totalled. When yuh a grow up . Every month yuh change woman them say u have woman a foreign a mind yuh, yuh nuh give no forward a so when the other woman dem deh bout and the the other woman them fly in , everyone have to hole them corner. Mi nuh want be apart of that sh*t , aids a run hard a yaad, you a look woman and deny all the other woman them how unuh so wicked mi a put yuh pon blast. Walk past him real fast , cause him not even pardon dog andything weh name woman wid p**y him tear down. This yah lock down anything roun a kendal, grange and hanover. Fassy….


6 thoughts on “LET HUD BE FREE

  1. He doesn’t look like someone any woman with good sense would fall in line for no sah, he must have his money real tall eh… I wouldn’t even stop and take a double look pon him… Next

  2. I bet you some hating ass nigga sent this in and tried to mask as a bytch to throw off everybody. Jamaican niggas love doing g@y azz €o€k blocking shyt like this. Silly rabbit, you don’t realize Jamaican women LOVE players, so “putting him on blast” is only going to increase his body count. Keep up wid di bag ah gal ting brudda, nuttin nice like woman.

  3. F***g idiot body count when this nigga f***g any and everything , every man can get pussy , weh hate ago? Him have a house? Business? Stable lifestyle?. So if promoting pussy count is a plus, more hospital fi mek when aids epidemic buss. If a bitch promote pussy count she a dogshit… if a man promite pussy count, u nuh deserve no forward

    Sign and sealed

  4. Gur is a womanizer point blank .. so who ever wanna praise him so be it.. cant leave yuh pussy careless fi man who carry careless buddy,not surprised yuh mek pinkwall huh yuh step on someone’s toe or yuh rub a woman really wrong

  5. @captain gal clown
    Sit your no puzzy getting azz down somewhere you pum-pum claffy. Any real gallis is going in with their boots everytime you dumb azz, so entertain the STD talk with man like you who phuck, cow, goat and roadkill, yah fool. You can catch AIDS from having sex with just ONE gal, so what everyone should do practice abstinence as a result of that possibility? If the man wants to go around and look gal why does that bother you? Do you want him to look you? You phucking fish! Men acquire houses, businesses and “stable lifestyle” all too attract more females you fool, so if the man can do that without having all of that then more power to him. Any man who would be upset with his actions, is jealous because they have to back their fist or buy puzzy from back road in order to get a realease. Captain backlist go chuck off inna sea yah fish.

    1. Me a good bloodcloth fish pussy, since yuh a dis bwoy cocky spokeman, yuh a gur cocky night stand?! Blood cloth idiot, mouth cut crosa fi say any and everything, yeah the chinese boots them a work wonders, the sender say him f**k careless, gal out a road say him careless, life nuh build a shop pussy , go suck some dirty cocky , chuck off of a cliff yuh roach infested pussy. Nasty blood cloth go suction the last year cum off yuh stomach and feed yuh cranny self , mi a cocky captain and pussy inspector . Fu king clown

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