This stinking ********** b*tch Fancy Franny don’t stop liking my pics on Facebook when my baby father post them on his wall yet she whatsapping him this “Mi lydung this mrn n meba say a fi u c*ck first me suck😂😂😂😂”. I didn’t know b*tches keep tabs on sucking d**k,I think you’d want to remember who took ur virginity but I guess she don’t remember that only the first cum that landed on her face. B*tch stop texting my mans phone. Ps: he keep asking why I’m running on with this cause ur not sh&t and you don’t mean shit to him but I’m still pissed its about the respeck hoe,probably sucked off the whole Clark’s Town.


19 thoughts on “HOW SHE GET YOUR MAN NUMBER?

  1. Sender u sound insecure af. If your man says she ain’t shit then why u a make it bother u? U feel threatened don’t? I’m assuming she has your man’s number cause she used to suck his dick and most likely is still doing it.

  2. your man? or community cocky? miss the lady and you nuh inna nuh relationshit, is you an yuh “man” so don’t knock har, kuf him. same way him dis har to you, him dis you to har, him mouth nuh loyal.

  3. But the girl tell u is ok to be Different!!Like u sey most oomen remember virginity,she remember losing her mouth’s virginity..a nuh nutten!

  4. Well your man sender is no good… He tell you she isn’t nothing because he wants you to stop the nonsense already him don’t want fi hear it no more so with that being said just move on… It’s your man right you have majority of the time well then move on and leave it… Apparently he like when she suck the cocky…

  5. Your man will still be f***g her cause har breast them big and har PUSCI look phat, he only tell you ‘she aint shit ‘ to get you off his back.

  6. Whoi! She have her game plan figured out. Miss trust me u lost that man the moment someone else deh message dem inna the 3 am a talk bout suck dis and dat. That every man wanna hear she is the type a woman man want. Try up ur game go practice ur black pepper grinding technique

    1. What is that technique, ms.b? 😀

      Sender Who 1st splash on your face? Better be baby daddy the way you a carry-on. You baby daddy set the standard, so the girl just a follow along.

      1. Me a dead fi know cause in all me years never hear this one yet, Met. Ms. B come back come school we man 😀

  7. Me a guh ask mi girl for that black peppa grinding thingy n if she ever ask me wha name suh…I know we in chobble.Mi nah dash her whey just so..maybe try counselling…

    but mi a go want a technique deh Ms.B cuz uve piqued my interest n I simply cannot go back to pre-blk pepper grinding dayz oo!!

  8. Unuh tan deh nuh kno da technique deh …Unuh neva used a black pepper grinderrrrr yet??? Just as how Unuh use Unuh hands fi do it just pretend di koki a di backle. :travel

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