As a true dancehall fan, I am perplexed by what is going on now in the industry. I can’t believe mi eyes that Mavado and Bounty Killer are not friends, or even associates. That is just crazy because Mavado was the one who first defended Bounty Killer’s legacy against Vybz Kartel when everybody had been afraid to challenge Kartel because of his gangsta reputation. But the Real McKoy did it when everybody else retreated into their shells. So now, fast-forward six years, and to see Bounty Killer and Busy Signal start to attack Mavado as a hip hop groupie him now is mind-boggling and even now, Mavado has not said launched a direct verbal assault at Killer.

The whole thing looks suspect to me. It is almost as if Bounty Killer took a look at the business and decided that the Gully-Gaza era is over since Kartel is behind bars for what could be the next 35 years, and that the Gully axis should go as well, but that makes no sense. If Bounty Killer does that, it will forever mar and destroy his own legacy. How must you as the musical father destroy your own sons? Why does he want to bring down another dancehall hero?

If you remember, the real reason that Mavado is upset with Bounty Killer is that the Warlord has failed to apologise to the family of Conroy Edwards for scandalous statements to the effect that “ah Mavado and him friend dem mash up mi party”. I don’t know what happened that night in the Quad, I was not there, but Killer was visibly upset on TV. He perhaps made the statement in the heat of the moment but Edwards died a few days later, and to this day. Killer has not come forward to say anything to the family, or even to Mavado, not even to offer condolences for his dead friend. Mavado still mourns for Edwards so he must have been a close friend for him to be so upset. We all have friends, I have friends who I will mourn through a million lifetimes, but Killer seems as if he can’t understand the concept of a ‘real friend’.

Years ago, when a man died during Bounty Killer’s ‘Saddle to the East’, Bounty Killer came on television and apologised and even promised to take care of the man’s family until the child turned 18. So why has he failed to offer condolences to the family of Edwards, a man he knew personally, and who did him no harm? This is bigger than wrong or right or some misguided morality, a man has died. Where is the remorse for his death?

How could Bounty Killer be upset that Mavado bigged up Vybz Kartel when the two of them were gladiators on the field of battle and have mutual respect for each other? Why does Bounty Killer want the upcoming generations to have the same level of blind jealousy and envy that has taken over his life? He doesn’t want the new generations to break the cycle of violence and negative energy that has led to several of our top artistes being killed or incarcerated? Why Bounty Killer? Why?

Why are you on a campaign to mash up the Gully and divorce it from the Alliance? What chapter in the Laws of Power are you acting out now?

Yours sincerely,

I.M. Perplexed


  1. I think bounty killer should leave mavado alone to time, time is the master but bounty killer a carry on like him wan mavado to big him up in a everything him do.. the man come on interview and say him very greatful for what you done for him… what is the problem bounty? because u beg mavado buy one ranger rover for u and him no buy it you are so upset.. which I think he should have just brought for you and when u beg him again him can do as him like cause him already buy it… but to done a man career because of a van/car him no buy give u is very very negative.. mavado never make u nuh get no visa mavado is just luckyer than u at that time. and had more money woulda buy out people.. bounty killer you are too badminded and negative u jump on papcaan and what happen right now them little youth deh should a come to you for advise but now the little youth have more followers and a reach far than you.. because them don’t respect you nobody respect you.. me a wonder if any family memba can talk to you about you behavior.. Buju banton deh a jail and still none a dem young artiste here cannot pass him out are be on his level because he is respected unlike you bounty you notice most veteran in the business no young people cannot pass them out? look at jimmy cliff? he is well respected. bounty you are a sad and negative human being.. you should be a shamed of your negative badminded self..

    1. sender go suck u mumma……why gully germs never pay fi him fren go in the party……why him never reverse a mo bay weh him fren dem lick out man teeth…..and mek JJG offi run way an Fox

    2. sender you don’t understand the story,look bounty have party,man come bad up police get shot and dead is that bounty fault,why should he apologize when they f**ked up his pasty and she bad light on it,if they didn’t come wid badness that wouldn’t happen, then chase cross go and mek a bounty diss,all this time bounty never diss dem and mavado did or said nothing,then because bounty nuh apologize mavado a throw word pon bounty in many songs then start big up kartel,all he was doing was dissing bounty him nuh care bout kartel,then bounty sing song that didn’t diss him but talk bout the situation, plus mavado diss dem and dem gi weh busy and him is f**ked up how can you tell the man dat got in trouble not to give any other man any visa,that is f**ked up,cuz he wanted it for himself,mavado nuh have no international success so what should killer badmiond him for,all his songs and collabs flop,no billboard,no major rotation etc but him think him big and still nuh have a hit like some old bounty,or even busy one more night,and the one with major lazer

      1. BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IT UP…fair is fair…Di way Mavado deadly pan him mouth all him own marriage him deny :travel

        1. Remember when mi put say him married di man release big statement se a lie mi haffi draw fi marriage license and certificate ..not even him own wife him mouth loyal to! Is better him did hear killer song and have NOTHING to say because dis whey a gwaan yah now a mek mi skin itch mi fi write and when mi drop it …IT NAH GO NICE

  2. Met Good morning, but me a tell u say u see the part weh senda say bout mavado bex cauae a him dead friend is true.. if the cassava piece ppl them will fi talk, how dat dead boy did rate bounty when bounty call the boy him go and anything bounty ask him fi do him do it and when bounty give hom money him tell bounty killer say it is ok him dont want it.(nothing illegal) di whole a dem ungreatful so it is true bounty need to leave the boy alone

    1. after connie dead killer did vex wid vado because connie box di same police whey shot him, how long after dat chase cross mek song? das all mi waa ask…him nuh fi gwaan like him nuh have up killa and killa condolence could not bring back connie …a him own guilt did a ride him mek him mek it be about the condolence

      1. true words met……from 2010 gully germs a diss killer with the voodoo song ….bout millions him spend a the party……no body tell vado a f**kry him a do…..but now a 2014 and killer see seh it a go too far and do song ..and the only thing some people a seh a badmind……kmft

  3. Morning Metty and Metters, this is coming from Movada camp, most of the young youths that was hungry wid white scwall a tear dun dem extra dry mouth corna, Bounty gave them their dream of a life time, they should be grateful he gave them the keys to a door of opportunity, ungrateful is worst than witchcraft, don’t bite the hand that gave you the bread. Never forget the poverty and hungry weh u used to suffer, and when u hear the killa name call, remember him as a sunny day that you once had along the way, remember him as a good ting. it’s you Movada should be ashamed of your ungrateful , extra hype,never si come si self

    1. Mavado dem did vex from di same night wid only himself to blame so di best ting fi soothe his conscience was fi blame bounty by saying him neva give condolence . Why did connie box di police man?

  4. I don’t get what Killa want from Vado. Does he want his first born. Yuh know say is mostly black ppl stay so. Dem do sumting for you or help you in some way and is like yuh en debt to dem fi life. All when yuh say tanx a million. I was taught at a young age that if I do something for some one and they say “Thank you” that should be good enough. No one one owes me anything. Vado let it be know to the world say a Killa “buss” him but what does Killa want. If he wanted to benefit from Vado’s career why didn’t he become his manager and secure his percentage for LIFE. Instead dem a go back and forth like 2 big gyal. I’m not siding with Vado here, because mi lose offa him fi even a go back and forth wid Killa, but Killa need fi chill. As sum one say, gwaan ina di studio go mek 2 “GOOD SONG” and loww di yute cause Killa is a grown man fi Vado. Is what??? Yuh help him up di ladder but yuh nay want him pass yuh. If yuh did have more money dan Vado yuh wudden a beg him buy yuh Range (allegedly) so u need to go mek sum money an loww di yute. The dead guy is already dead, Vado cannot force an apology outta Killa so just let it be. Dem both need fi stop cause it don’t look good (NOT in my Melissa voice cause dat voice gimmi nightmares)

      1. Honestly Shani mi really tink all of dis back and forth wid di 2 a dem is rubbish. When JA artiste get signed to foreign labels, dem change. Alllll a dem, especially if dem neva see dem kinda money deh before. Mi nuh know dem personally so mi haffi go offa tabloids but as far as mi read and observe, is not like Vado a gwaan like him nuh know Killa or a deny Killa helped him “buss”….Suh wha more real him want. Mi nuh get it cause from what I see, Vado living a pretty average normal life cause even before him get rich him used to walk round wid a entourage like him is Jay Z so what more Killa want?? It really a get boring now cause mi always see Killa as a bad mad hard core Ninja Man type yute. Mi still have a problem visualizing him ina di studio a trace like gyal. Mi lose offa him too.

        1. Lie dat,shaggy,sean paul,baby cham eva change a just lick licky frighten mavado,shabba nuh change either and diss man,wid all the success all busy have him nuh hype,mavado just want all fi him self and be boss/general,yuh can be your own general and nuh diss yuh original general,him diss di man ova nothing

    1. Did Killa say he wants something from Vado? On this site, if you dont like what you hear you write back a rebuttal. So Killa is getting dissed for how much years from Vado and the straw has broke the camel’s back so he is now responding. Killa wants respect. He spend so much money on him and didnt ask for anything back. Do your research.

  5. for all who did not know, Movado have been dropping subliminal disses at bounty a while now, so who all saying that bounty should this and that needs to just chill!!! He finally answered and everyone is in a hoopla over it….

  6. A long time vado a sing diss song at killa…..an killa Neva answer cuz him know seh ppl a guh seh him badmind becuz dats di quickest damage controll dese artis resort to after dem diss him….if vado so good why all di gully artis dem weh write nearly all him hit songs are no longer wid him any more! better yet dem take side wid killa against him…..all dem do chat one bag a shit bout di man how him tan bad….but wen dem left from roun him dem treat fi dem artis dem worse kmft. Das why mi nuh buy weh dem seh bout him cuz dem always prove to be worse dan him kmft.

    1. CC if Mavado is so good why him nuh carry not one a di same gully bwaay dem wid him or gi dem a good link? Mavado is a liyaddddddd very sneaking wid him ting but if mi fi write a response to dis letter here it nah go pretty. Him mek Chase Cross sing bout how killa obeah him and how him a go park up rolls royce and is only him bedroom finish pan di house. How Killa dis him and killa neva ansa him all dis time?

  7. well written article because the diss songs not going far. people are interested in motivating songs not war music. especially what happen to kartel.

    Bounty need to go back to making uplifting songs and Mavado need to continue making good songs cause the “everything nice remix” a lock every dance right now.

  8. all star thursday last night boos rang out killer get it wickedddd….iyara get fling off stage smh it sad say dancehall ago go trough another rough patch

  9. say wah unu want bout killer but one thing mi sure nobody caan say a that him change from mi a pickney till now a the same way him stay that show u seh the man real rite now if u mention vado name a ja ppl will be like ok vado tune dem not even a play pon radio too tuff ya now cuz ja ppl nuh care fi him cuz we all see the BIG change inna him

  10. Met least kartel buss a few artis vado can’t even point pon a artis weh him help, an like mi seh b4 all his artis weh write nearly all his hit songs dem fi him leave from round him an a defend killer.. Why wud dem leave di artis wid di money an di resources to help dem an gawn teck side wid smaddy weh pauparizing like demself? Min naa listen to wah killa a seh are wah vado a seh mi a look pon facts…..kartel treat him artis dem worse dan how killa treat him, (fact) vado treat him artis dem worse dan how killa treat him….yuh cyaaa bawl seh man a deal wid yuh f**kup an tun round treat ur artis dem worse…..to me di wulla dem a di same ting him is no different from killa if so be di case smfh.

    1. I think I gwine write Killa side a tings because people nah get it all now eno..Jamaican artistes cannot be humble with anything God give dem..as dem start see money dem feel people fi change towards dem…

    2. mi nah lie bounty buss nuff ppl and him stay the same way from him little still which is real. Not a lot of people real inna the business. Mi hope the two a dem can patch things up and mek some good songs together.

  11. @met u dont need to write nothing …lol yh he was always in dat strip club fi tru but corey spend millions a dollar fighting alliance music off the airwaves him end up admit that in interview. killer and corey nuh fi talk none tall..

  12. Met mi naa teck up fi killa enuh, cuz I cud careless…. is jus dat wen mi look in to wah dem claimed it doesn’t make sense, dey all treat fi dem artis dem worse dan how dem claimed killa treat dem suh how is dem different? Badmind is always di go to card wen link mashup between artis cuz dats di quickest way fi win pity an get support…..everybody else can fall fi dat shit but not me…..mi si di wulla dem as di same f**kin ting smfh.

    1. CC dem love se badmine all when they dont have anything fi anyone badmine but a di one dem whey call it always a it..Mavado mek Julian tun him ina fool

  13. First let me say that I can see clearly that you are a huge Mavado fan, and that’s cool.
    I don’t think that everybody from the Alliance were scared to respond to Kartel. At the time of the feud, Mavada already had a buzz so i believe that everybody else stepped back and let him take on Kartel. Don’t forget that most of the guys in the Alliance responded to Kartel, but only Mavado’s responses really stood out. And that was because he, Mavado, already had the buzz and was to be the new star.
    Trust me; Mavado did attack Bounty, but indirectly. The same way he started his attack on Kartel. Don’t forget that in the beginning Mavado use to throw words at Kartel, and at the same time claimed that he was not feuding or talking about Kartel. Mavado only grew some balls after Kartel start to diss him up real real bad.
    Ok now let’s clear up a few things. You asked, “Why does he want to bring down another dancehall hero?” So which dancehall hero did Bounty Killer bring down? Mavado is no dancehall hero. Shaba, Ninja Man, Super Cat, Mad Cobra, Bounty, Beenie, Buju , Capleton, Sizzla, Elephant Man, Kartel, and even Sean Paul are all dancehall heroes. If he, Mavado, was such a dancehall hero, why didn’t he have a bigger impact on dancehall when Kartel went to jail? If he was such a dancehall hero why didn’t he have more hits while Kartel is in jail? Mavado did have some heroic acts, but those were all quarantined when he was spotted running across the parking lot over back road a Sting 2008. Besides BET, what other talk show did Mavado appear on? You are probably going to say that you have never seen Ninjaman, Capleton or Sizzla on a talk show. Well some legal circumstances didn’t allow for that to happen for Ninja Man, as yet. As for, Capleton and Sizzla, Ameica is afraid of outspoken Rastafarians. So do not wait for that to happen.

    Do you think it’s right for you and your crew to be given a certain amount of passes to enter an event, but you decided to bring more crew members than you were allowed? You know what, maybe Bounty should have apologized. But why put all the blame on Bounty for something Mavado and his crew started? Don’t forget seh Bounty CROSS, ANGRY n MISERABLE.

    1. Talk upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp him did a disrespect bounty because him neva care whey him say at that point him did already get him visa so f what killa say…and den because di bwaay neva get a pass and end up dead killa a di easiest man fi blame…less dan a week Chase put out song a talk a bag a tings..If Mavado neva have up Killa why have all those things to say in the song?

        1. If him did have Killa under di umbrella of respect why didnt he go to him and say him neva like how him deal wid connie ting? Why walk out di whole a piece a talk bay tings????????????? dem fi gwey man

          1. met well said…..but mi a ask some a who a chat….did u ever hear of connie before him dead? and in which vado song before him dead? but i bet u her vadoo talk bout flexxx…..busy. signal …kibarki….foota hype…etc

  14. ppl unnu nuffi stiffe unnu self enuh…………but mi wuda neeeeeevvvvvvvvaaaaaaa waan repay summbady weh help mi inna life dah way yah……..a same so unnu kartel an c weh him end up……….keep going mavado….u do killa bad if mi was killa mi wudda feel it but everything gud mn………mi loose affa u big tme….god pls don’t mek mi figet weh mi a come from………….pussyhole mavudooo….n bout killa wuk obeah im wuk it fi all a unnu ……….ungrateful but god no like ugly an u no juss ugly outside alone……..wait till everything buss out kartel ago look like an angel to u

  15. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

    two things mi haffi sey suh far nd that is, wan i doah tink killa badminend two modiva is too ungrateful

  16. Who ever send this in has to be part of Mavado PR team, the boy would still be alive if dem did call Killa fi come and simmer iut ever thing but no every body want be boss. MAVADO start the war when him mek chase cross diss killer and then him use subliminal shots in him son, Loyalty is key and Mavado no have none since him get thr contract.

  17. In light of this entire discussion its a pity movado or bounty never decided to be the bigger man an just and schedule a one on one link so that they could air their differences, how i see it the two men would carry feelings one a seh yu mash up mi dance and do other a seh yu mek mi fren dead regardless.

    1. A nuh di mash up dance a di deception
      Mavado knew that killa was banking on getting back his visa and wanted everything to go right that night..Killa was under the impression that because a wha happen it might dim his chances but after everything play out Killa realise say the visa man was under Mavado authority and may have played a part in him not getting back his visa. I believe a di cuss whey killa cuss him the night mek him tell di man dont give back Killa him visa

      1. Killa shouldnt vex bout dat cause him come pon OnStage a while back and seh America can keep dem visa him guh all ova d world already.

        Then him come back to him senses the last interview and seh him want to drop album but him woulda like him visa first fi promote it the right way.

        1. As mi se Killa vex bout the deception ..Mavado act like him neva get no visa dat time him did get it already and also the reason why him feel to say him cudda gwaan wid whey him gwaan wid a di man party

  18. Bounty always feel seh cause him buss u him own u and u will always owe him. A nuh suh d world guh. Hard work and dedication will carry u through. Nuff other people roun bounty get d same chance as the successful few but weh dem deh?

    Every artiste wha lef bounty camp complain about respect and respect is everything to a man.

    1. If man stop u from hungry countless times him nuh haffi tell u say u owe him …it is due because it is right…bounty neva act so towards vado yet

      1. Mavado gift weh God give him stop him from hungry period, mi sure a nuff man killa “stop from hungry” and dem still hungry said way but like I said… anno killa give mavado him talent..him nuh owe nubaddie but God.

  19. u knw weh mi caan undastan y a afta unnu reach weh unnu tink unnu waan go unnu c d badmine……….if killa did eva **ck mn some a unnu get it a thousand times……..unnu kiss him raasss all along an den unnu come wid dis bullshit bout respect ……killa u cudda seh sorry no matta wat but if u no mash cockroach belly u caan c weh in deh….u chat pon d security weh gi u d visa…..u chat pon politician….u chat pon turf….n u chat pon flex an wuss of all u bite d hand dem weh feed u b4 u tun gully…..bounty neva fraid a kartel when u an him mek peace a jamboree bounty still go style him…..bounty listen mi leave mavado to time dem soon sacrifice him 2…..leave him if u conscience free let him go….

  20. Mavado pay back Bounty long time. Wa him must do give Bounty him life?

    A baby owe him life to him father but when him become a man its all about respect. Dat why nuff ppl nuh deal wid dem father but dem still respect him fi bring him to the world. A d same thing.

    Bounty gimmicks diss song dem nah mek it pass Wednesday, next weekend if him lucky.

    1. zeen…a peoople like u mek kartel deh a prison ….wen kartel a do f**kry unnu seh killer badmind him …..now mavado a do f**kry and unnu fraid fi seh a f**kry him a do …bout killa badmind……but mi sure seh mavado deh go same place weh kartel deh,,,,,u a talk bout killa go back on is word bout visa……rememba seh vado seh jah kill him if him talk to kartel….wen kartel do the song wah that fah memba seh mi f**k u madda

  21. met wha u mean stop from hungry countless time …when mavado (singing blacks deh bout) him did poor yes but is not killer cook him dinner/or contribute to it a nighttime him mother did work a post office and him father did deh foriegn..a years mi know singer family him wasnt the worst of the worst …always clean if a couple shirt and pants.. respect? 9000 times singer big up killer inna life u ever hear killer big up singer? when di war a gwaan him come say mi 2 pickney dem a war kmt….and flexx jus lost him way him and vado good longtime ..

  22. @Met, a betta me nuh say nutten cause me nah go partial…U tink seh Vado nuh as wicked as shirley??? David Brooks sneaky badddddddddddddddddddddd…Dem a talk bout connie, did Vado go Ms Ivy funeral???. A longtime mavado a chat shit and a dash word pon killa and killa ignore him, but enough is enough..Time will take care of that ungrateful dag movado..Fi all who a talk bout wha killa coulda waan from movado, like him coulda really pay back killa, please…When vado and shirley did ina ALLIANCE, Killa rated vado more dan shirley even thou killa knew shirley was far more talented..Rodney, mek david ungrateful brooks galang, nuh baddie a yaad nuh memba who name vado..

  23. @ zeen guh sit down some where, stop chat fart, my mother and father bought me here, and mi a mine them till mi dead, all mi pickney them affi mine them tuh, Vado too blood claat ungrateful, uno cud a chat till spit dry up ina uno mouth, so what if Bounty did ask Vado fi car or what ever, him could give it to him, as misay before up top, Kill gave the key for the door, what they did with the key was up to them, and remember the handed several keys, mi see man do a little ting fi man, and when the man get on top him come right back to that man, and carry him on a car lot and tell him to pick any thing him desire, some a dem shouldn’t have mouth to talk, or eye to see Killa, them rejoice over the mans downfall, but the steps of o good man is ordered by the Lord, and upholds him with his hands, Bounty had to come down to this level to show up uno ungratefulness, but he will raise like the Phoenix out of the ashes mark my words. God bless miss Ivy boy, and uno can’t curse him,

  24. tenk u sketel bam……..das y him end up inna batty man groupie……….mi not even a wish him bad……killer god will never mek u beg bread gwaan eat u chicken bck………..an keep on holding up u head……u bruk so wat…….whitney Houston did bruk……….micheal Jackson did bruk……..so it happen to d best of us……him ano human so him caan bruk………gwaan david njoy it…..but remember he who spit in d sky it will always fall bck inna him yeye…….live good n good will follow u

  25. please sender stop u don’t know the half..sender did u know that vado n chase cross kick off on the gully cause vado nah do nothing fi di youth u did know say cassava piece man dem nuh with vado killer nah break no gully/gaza respect is due n never be ungrateful in life cause KARMA IS A BITCH#if some things did fi talk sender ur belly hurt yuh

  26. Mavado and chass cross dissing killa from the incident in the club, killa ignore them for years, until killa couldn’t ignore anymore.
    Mavado blame killa for his friend death but yet still is Connie bax the police, mavado guilt is killing him because his mavado start the confrontation. So mavado made a video and post it on YouTube that killa send police to kill him but Connie took the bullet for him.
    Mavado need to accept that he cause his friend to die and not killa

  27. vado did come jamaica for miss ivy funeral btw then killer moved the date to following saturday when vado had show in orlando ….he says/she says bulllshit need fi jus stop kinda boring

  28. Killa move from the dancehall gate and mek new talent come in.Yuh a block di gate an a take bout yuh a buss people.If yuh waan tek credit fi new talent mek dem sign contract.A Shabba style nuff man use an mi nuh hear Shabba a tell man fi worship him.Bounty yuh gave Khalid dancehall remix pon hip hop beat and yuh get more foreign exposure but yuh badmind hold yuh down.Yuh fi stay a Jamaica.

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