This lil illiterate nanny name MELLISA (Edited) ah work round bout “my man my man” How Cute *:puke! puke
B**h that is community cocky. Thats your man, her man, her man, I can go on but we don’t have all day.
Go & have a seat b**h, you think seh your shit is all good but bitch you just play on da wrong b**h phone.
Ah try cuss & you can even read or f**king write, all your dumb ass know fi seh & spell is ME P**Y GOOD. Bitch it aint that f**kin good if “your man” is still walking round f**king down da place. You f**k with the wrong one, cause your going after my friend thinking she’s me, hahahahahahaha. How you ah watch you man cocky & he’s f**king bitches thats always in your face, you party, drink & take pics with these bitches AND YOU AINT EVEN KNOW IT. Da same way you ah use him for his money ah di same way him ah use you fi nanny, mi hear seh di pickney dem not even like you rass. Anyways lil girl you gwan f**k with mi hear, cause mi know weh you live. AND NO, its not ah threat. Just giving you an heads up, P.S I can’t wait for our man to come back to NY so him can f**k out mi hol, mi nuh haffi tell you seh da cocky sweet, you should know that already. *;) winking


  1. yes to rass ugly melissa u get u wish u finally reach ya dwfllll…a true a community cocky cuz spotlight man them fuk every party gal even the one them we u a tek pics wid…….ooo btw i cant stand blingaz him jus too rass hype but the one weh name popcaaan can get it anytime lml 🙂

  2. Dwfl poor lil ol melissa you finally get call out bitch. Good for ur ass. Always wanna cuss somebody out u dumb AF. Calling people phone cussing dem out fi u dutty man. Spotlight crew f**k everybody. Even the old granny dance veteran dem a f**k. NATALIE 106 a one a dem. Dwfl . Melissa go pick up the kids dem from school and feed dem and then go do laundry. Blingazz have dem and give u dem fi babysit. Oh and btw blingaz f**king stephanie harrrison aka steph grand and Dede tight. One call him babydaddy and the other call him her bredda. Woiiiiiii. No sah

  3. It is sad to see women behave this way ova a man, a man that might not even be worth it. If him and his crew is community cocky no telling what type of diease they ah carry over that side, wow I’m a outside looking in and all this cuss and agruement doesn’t seem worth it if you women love the so call community dick then stay in your lane and wait ur turn and play the game it’s not worth degrading yourself over this man and you both getting the same damn treatment, smdh.

  4. Melisaaaaa come defend uself bitchhhhh. Where were u last year when glamma daughter a run tings and still running shit. Likkle gal go find u life

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