Met mi did affi send in this ya story ya cause a pure people a talk so mek mi start met dis girl is tiffany goodlife/ tiffany newlife sedeki goodlife One time woman who f**k wey Mario dope boy from a girl name Pinky pinkzz n then tiffany claim to sey she n Mario dope boy aka newlife married live uptown n happy and even tattoo there names on each other n then she have baby wah day ya and tiffany start class up Mario n tell people mountain view sey a nuh Mario baby n now it look like she and sedeki goodlife deh back cuz she nah promote house of ladies dis years a sedeki goodlife dance she a promote straight BWOY it sad cause tiffany tell people say she sorry Di day she meet Mario n met Di lil gyal nuh stop mad Mario every min him upload her pic on IG and then delete it…tiffany and sedeki are you guys really together cause the other day unno go movie but wait where is baby star sedeki??????






  1. Good morning met tiffany is a fool cause Mario left she and deh with the f**ka gyal wey name nacky top west from portmore she f**k like dog smh but tiffany me nuh feel sorry fi yuh cuz yuh dis ur gud up man sedeki fi Mario wey nuh want nuh body smh but met I see she upload the baby on IG n trust mi dat deh baby is for a chiney man lol it strange how she n sedeki jus deh back so of she have baby rass cloth a wonder if a fi him baby or a Di BWOY a portmore wey she did a f**k too tiffi DNA (daddy not available)

  2. Met mi hate tiffany clothes is
    Ike she borrow her table cloth n mek a dress and the old pearl jewelry dem pon her hand lol lmaooooo tiffany is a nasty Lilkkle gyal she just have baby dec and deh a dance already she fi shame

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