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  1. Manin Mett and Everybody….Patrick Gaynor you cannot compare apples and bananas if your son died under tragic circumstances you would have to work with the police and pressure them to take up the case. You have a stage as in the media and I have not really heard you saying anything about the death of your son. Today you made me aware that the child died under violent circumstances. I am sorry to hear that but you can still take that up. Also, the reason why Rema and Jungle kill each other is because they know no one will give evidence. I do not agree. Lizard family stood up and made it happen and you people are downplaying the evidence.


      2. Met, him intertwine it inna de post-verdict speech de adda day.

        As fi de Rema, Jungle phenomenon…is de principle a whey de oman sey post-verdict too “bout a nu uptown people a get kill a somebody whey dem grow up wid” to dat affect. Therefore, a poor people a kill dem one annada and a no politicians and police, but poor people cause another poor person nu have nu human value to the next.

        1. Donna Hope dem nuh good mi jus a realise seh ppl really nuh want certain ppl elevate because wid dat deh tinking nuh body nah tun doctor or lecturer….mi sure a neva so shi a tink when shi a study fi ar exams pros and cons fi every ting …di man a killa and there is a consequence

  2. Also…Gaynor miss an opportunity as Real (morning) pointed out. All who no like it going to have to accept that Chow, Lizard (posthumously) and him family has set a course fi justice that we people have let go like powda inna wind since slavery done and we gain rights fully. We must utilize the courts cause a fi we own.

    1. Lisetn Phanton why didnt Mr. Gaynor go on TV and look a forward for his son just as he is doing for Kartel ……..and himself??????????

      1. Very good question, Real. Fi all him know Kartel may be a culprit inna dat and wear it proudly as a tattoo. Me nu put nothing pass nobody, so Gaynor need fi go reevaluate him position.

        1. ————————————-Dem very selective and everyting dem seh dem a a ghetto youth and nobody nuh haffi ask dem caw nuh matta how much ting dem have dem still a hide gun and woulda kill a a man fi a pair a shoes ……so mi nuh know weh him a tek up fi kartel fah and kartel stop chat to dem long time him need fi go COMB HIM HAIR

      1. You Met is no Good!!!…Ninja fava horse ah get whey inna apple basket!!…lmaoooo..yuh nuh good!!…hahahahahahaha!!,,mimnuh waan laughenuh man cho..grungggg!!!!!

          1. Met, yu grow wid some real country folks don’t? lol

            Ninja jawbone a whey yu fi watch to- cause dem work over time fi support those lips…lolol

  3. Kartel should a go prison long time a nuff thing him do to the people a Waterford and Gregory park the people them is afraid of him, him should a use him money and help the children them at maxfield park children home instead of buying guns.

  4. Dis situation nuh need dis wul heap a rigmarole….it nuh have nuttn fi duh wid dancehall, it nuh have nuttn fi duh wid him lyrics an image….not one time mi hear di prosecution mention nuttn of di sort, dis trial was jus about a individual weh commit murder, all dis talk about di media an music an ghetto an politicians is usually wat you hear wen a ghetto yute kill anodda ghetto yute, dere’s is a certain ignorance dat bin running rampant in di ghetto b4 mi even bawn an it goes like dis… whenever a ghetto yute tief, murder, rape etc. etc. an get caught dem feel like dem shudnt be held countable be cuz some one else b4 dem did do it an get weh, SMFH. Dem always seem to know everything about di system an politicians after di Fact! dat dem get caught committing crimes against anodda ghetto yute.SMDH.

    1. one track mind mi neva know se a suh di twin dunce suh till him a go talk bout wha happen to fi him son like him waa blame police..they love to use their circumstances fi do whey dem waa fi do and if nuff a dem go ina di people dem good area wid good behavior its not a big deal but dem waa go ina di people dem neighborhood wid dutty loud behavior …since ninja man him think seh upt people believe say ghetto people nuh fi live near dem

  5. Met a Fraid dem Fraid fi Ansa certain question straight-up, das y dem a guh roun n roun a talk bout balance system an politicians an all dese tings, none a dem nuh waa jus admit seh kartel was wrong both fi di murder an fi di way him did a behave towards his co-workers….all dese artis a duh is playin di middle….if dem don’t want to say yeaaa nor nayyy den dint say nuttn…but don’t come on di forum to insult ppl intelligence.

    1. Same suh..dem shudda shut off him microphone because him is such a fool. He was not even saying how di law a be impartial to Kartel him jus a tek up space..The system in Jamaica is if u call smaddy pan dem wrongs u a stop dem food so no one can stand up for what is right and di system will always wrong

  6. All me hear is people who want Kartel get freedom fi duh weh him want, cause him a ghetto youth, without personal responsibility. Ninja started well reeling off the case stats lol .. but den get derailed by him own ego “inna di eighties when ME blah blah blah … lol cho. Twins just love to hear himself talk. The other fellow (can’t recall his name) had no clue where to take a stand except to say he could not agree with the conspiracy theory bout govt a look scapegoat a la twins bogus argument. Donna hopeless bad bad kmt … next

  7. @met .A you dem should a interview .Dem nuh up to the time .A want tell the hol a dem who a the real Queen bee pon culture

  8. Jus fi take shame out a dem yeye dem faintly bigup lizard, but none naa bigup di witness who come forward! Dem dance roun di question as to why dem Neva show up a court in support…..kmft hypocrite dem weh a try insult ppl intelligence

  9. Met, I read a response by Twins pon de wall last week. I thought he was a smart man until I saw this program.

    Twins is somewhat like Kartel; can put two words together but lack the ability to reason, stay on topic and deliver a coherent response. Twins all over the place with his argument. He is not as bright as I initially thought. He made no significant contribution to the discussion.

    Instead of stating the FACTS of the case which resulted in a guilty verdict and making a plea to society’s youths and fellow entertainers to refrain from.criminal conduct, they attempted to blame society and the ‘system’, as if society made Kartel commit murder.

    They all knew Kartel works outside of music. If you are on the streets or know people on the streets, Kartell criminal works would not escape your ears.

    They, like many dancehall Gaza fans are the ones who are saying the verdict against Kartel is a verdict against dancehall when that is far from the truth. Kartell was convicted of murder. The evidence is overwhelming. The jurors heard the evidence and rendered a verdict. They must stop live in denial and accept it.

    Kartel is NOT an alleged murdrer. Kartel IS a murderer. No pussyfooting around that FACT, call it what it is.

    1. real coward but mi know dat long time because dem love bitch about tings..but notice ina di video not one working class person seh fi let him guh! dem se if him di crime him fi do di time

  10. Met, yuh mek a de picho wid Kartel a pose up wid de rifle, him and bout two odda yute. Kartel is one a de entertainer who did a gi de music a bad reputation. Him duh it inna music, inna him behavior outside a music.

    Him mistakenly tink seh him cudda get weh wid Lizard murder by arranging to dispose of Lizard body. Inna feem mind and de ignorant ppl mind, if no body, yuh can’t get a conviction. Dat is why Kartel mek music bout Lizard death cause him neva believe him cudda get convicted. Him try mock de system but now de joke deh pon him.

    1. If him did ever get off when him done wipe out all di industry wudda empty out. He is truly the epitome of evil. Some a dem fi stop talk bout when dem a sing song a only fi song sake because dem know dem a lie , if dem nah sing bout demself dem a sing bout dem fren.Kartel him did claim him stop sing certain lyrics and jus switch up di word dem like people a fool

      1. Met, from the first interview me know twin full of it…dem always a chat issues but have no reasoning to it. If a him son murderer did get tried and convicted would he have wanted someone to critique it the way him a critique Lizards FAMILY outcome.

        I say Lizards cause it was his family who sought justice and received it. I take it that twin wasn’t too interested or just a coward who didn’t have time to seek justice for his son, and in the end a use the scripted propaganda “of blame the politicians and the police”.

        Read/Sound like a coward’s move to me and one that they use to whip “ghetto youth and residents” into a anti-establishment frenzy that is unproductive for them in the long run. Yet, Kartel and twin can nhame steak and dem chicken back. Hmm, Who is really doing damage to the lower rung?

        1. That is to show you that ghetto is really a state of mind because all dem move outa di ghetto and a live upt and still a gripe bout what shouldnt affect them

          1. Love you…and add that along wid de gripe that dem prolong the issues while aiding and abetting the issues in the “ghettos”.

            Me nah lie Lizard family and TRUE FRIENDS LOVED HIM and that is apparent because they did not cower and waiver at all. A that gaynor and de ress a idiot dem fi know. A TRUE LOVE do dis: Finson degree couldn’t block it, Half a million dollar bribe couldn’t stop it, death threat couldn’t stop it….O.

  11. @Phantom, “awoh”!! a dat dem fi know…I cant even waste my time to watch these hypocrites, cause up to di time(pun intended here), killa is the only one so far that spoke truth regarding kartel’s destined demise and he said it with no partiality..

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