0 thoughts on “LIPS AND HYPE MIA?

  1. Them Photoshop har face b4 sending this in jus innocently asking pic look some type a way maybe she really stay suh me nuh know these ppl in real life ijs

  2. Maybe touring Flatbush Ave weh nuff man a kill fi duh. lol “babes! babes! catch dis G O L D E N C R U S T. we eat here all day every day. a wah dem know bout dis babes. Gi mi kiss. Make dem see. ” hehehe.

      1. mi like dem to….VH1 material . it would be fun to have a camera follow dem and watch dem and them crew. ‘ YARD WIVES’

  3. Dem a wait till tax time done,so afta dem dun rob di ppl dem,dem run to LA an act like them rich…yuh know richlife…so unu soon si dem mon dem gonna come flossing and passing…

  4. When di people dem post everyday unu complain sey unu tiyad a dem. Now dem nuh deh bout fi wateva reason unu a wonda weh dem deh..weh unu really want? Smh

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