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  1. U know if me and a man lef me naa look pon him new woman, or if me and a man deh now me naa look pon him ex. I would just enjoy my time cause i will be an ex too eventually.
    Bobby go sit dung cause a u alone waa daffy duck

    1. Fabulous, just like dat girl!!…enjoy yuh fun time wid him n’ get what yuh can get til it run its course..she an him can stay deh look pa mi back cause I gone full speed ahead :ngakak

  2. omg y is this girl so obsessed with daffy ex, like god damn it…the girl has her job, all she posts about is her job and her daughter, while all robbas post about is her scamming/ theifing tings and her gay man..like chill the f**k out already…take a look in the mirror and see that you have no future…sometimes people take negative out your life (daffy in his ex life) so you can be better. her life has elevated so much more…robbas, her mom, her sista. her granny dem only thief an mine man…u nuh c how inna di sister party other day how the whole a dem a perform..u know sometime u woulda gwaan bad but u mother is there so u hold it down. shame on them no such luck di whole lot a dem a crab inna barrel.

  3. when i saw this post on her page i was thinking tiffany should be more scornful because her child will have to hug and kiss a man that kisses bobbette…she too brite

  4. I will not say a word Dont want them to come cursei out.. But look at my name thou smfh

  5. How she reach Yasso???………jmg…yuh kno seh robbette n claffy swear seh dem a live life of di rich n famous…..as to di party..it’s a birds of a feather type a ting…..

  6. Unno don’t see when Tiffany a trouble bobs Tiffany and Samar x always throwing shots at her y’all juss hate the girl so she always get wrong

  7. Bobette walk and lick out every batty hole In dancehall, is only daffy wants to be seen with her for free clothes and a place to stay. Mule like she nuh ina tifanny class. Stop beg out sade food stamps.everyone knows about the sex party you apple daffy and jicon had. Lmao you think it was a secret ugly gal clothes can buy breast and batty can by but you could never buy beauty, further more you and daffy need to buy a green card.stop sweat gt toya she dont want no friend from you,everything you see her with you run and cop the fake. Voodo worshiper you hate tiffany cause she can bring fourth life and you will never get a child,you think your obeah strong but ask the obeah man why you will never get a child . Tell your sour fat friend sade that im going to report her for foodstamp fraud. Selling foodstamp to take care of the little boy that wont stop choke her with bun.dirty bobette that look like 10 batty man why didnt you defend your man buss head since you so concern about ppl that are in a higher level than you. Suck pussy daffy eating dirty bobette ass for clothes and shoes

  8. Have a couple seats bitch, once a hore always a hore bobette. Trisha did talk how you did a f**k the taxi driver from gwi same time you was f**king daffy.go weh with your taxi pussy

  9. @ foh u r so right. Y u all hate this girl so much. Is not she alone in a dancehall a Thief. N is not her man name alone a call pon batty. The truth is U ALL R JUST JEALOUS. don’t really care for none of these people. But u all can come off the girl man. Who don’t think them better than them man ex. She said nothing wrong. Thats how she feel.

  10. N the one samar X don’t need to be troubling anyone bc her situation is more than sad. She need Fi worry bout her baby father who a walk and a f**k down Jamaica for little a nothing. Bc her little macy’s money can’t hold him. She need Fi find somewhere to live with her girl child bout she trouble people.FOH

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