12 thoughts on “LISA HYPE DID ANSA

  1. LIsa is one forgiving girl. Imagine that she still loyal to Kartel and wished him a happy birthday after he ruined her. She doesn’t even seem to have up Spice at all. May she get a hit song in 2019. Very down-to-earth girl.

  2. Lisa has a good heart. Yuh notice how calm she is, shi nuh inna di bagga bagga! Bad to bad! Spice, yuh gwaahn!….Yuh, gwaahn!….Yuh can tan deh!….Trouble deh, deh!

  3. I’ve also liked Lisa Hyper… MI spirit tek her in a way that I felt pity for her. Wished she had a different mentor.

  4. Lisa Hyper, we a expect some new music from you inna 2019. Less chattings and more music. Yeah, Spice need proper competition and a you have di formula. Yuh inna Teacha camp long time. The pic issue a common assault now. Lets get to work!!!!

    1. Ofc lol… the whole a dem fuck underage pickney…mi sure bout Tommy lee weh use to fuck mi fren frm grade 9. I use to think she was lying untill I saw him with mi eye when him did come pick her up from school. After him tek her virginity and give her one blu phone she nuh hear Nuting more from him. But her parents where ok with it along with other family members. Smh

  5. Lisa goh pay di Battyman ah Brooklyn weh did do yuh nails and yuh tell him yuh soon cum back and neva return,yeah you di same one weh design di cocky wid hair round it pon yuh nail.Yuh also need fi stop dig up barrels fi old clothes and goh dress modern,tell mi why Shibby wake up dah dead yah doh mon….Ooooooo by di way yuh stop sell pussy?.

  6. @Tell big, stinking pu$$y spice fi guh pay mi Aunty har bloodclaat money!!!!! Shi seh shi “rich”, right! Di time shi tek ah talk bout shi ah gi weh million bloodclaat dolla, shi guh dung inna memory lane and guh PAY DI BLOODCLAAT POL DEM WEH SHI OWE AND FU@K OVER!!!!! Lisa neva have di money, because SHE ALWAYS PAY HAR BLOODCLAAT BILLS WHEN MONEY DID AH RUN, suh nutten nuh wrong if it run out and shi nuh have it fi pay now! Suck pussy spice been ah hold money and ah deny ppl dem pay after shi wuk dem out, now shi “rich” and STILL nuh bloodclaat memba dem????? Move yuh dutty bloodclaat, Lisa supposed to owe ppl now, because unnu seh shi “dead and bury and nutten naw gwaahn fi har”, but yuh suck hood friend NUH SUPPOSED to still owe nobody, under NOOOOO (0) CIRCUMSTANCE! MOOOOOOOOOOVE, YUH STINK LIKE DAWG SHIT!!!!!

    1. MI SEH @WE NUH PET PPL n @PHANTOM PHOENIX if ppl nuh ready Fe de BRUTAL TRUTH do nuh cross dem two de….caws dem will flatten u WID trute and sarcasm.

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