1. You I was wondering when the Island Traffic Authority was going to reach over here..wanton corruption at all the depots. you better have your 15,000.00 to buy you license

    1. That’s exactly why so many accidents on the road a man ova kintyre name noteye weh drive big truck wek draw load have son weh cah read and write a teenager and dem a boasr say a $55000 dem pay fi get him his truck license how can a bwou weh cah read an never even drive a passo yet can buy a license and drive a big rass truck that is why so many ppl die on ja roads they never really learnt to drive and the fundamentals of operaring a vehicle dem buy and den try to understand. Depo dem fail u a million times to force u to buy your license jamaica is a failed state

  2. Why report here, why not collate the evidence and submit anonymously to the authorities?
    Sad to say jamaica is doomed already failed as a society/economy. Currently on life support waiting for the plug to be pulled. INSHALLAH

    1. You are doomed, FOH with your careless pronouncement! corruption is everywhere and i know Jamaica is better off than a lot of countries

  3. Spanish Tw Rd one worse. I cant understand how the government have that one like free for all. Every worker that work there make all sixy to seventy thousand a wk. When Mi seh hussle ground me mean husle ground. Man buy bus, house and car from examination depot.sometimes I wonder if the government really care about these places and why no audit hasn’t being done there. I have never seen so much corruption in all my life from top to the bottom.

  4. Based on my investigations the Mr Shirley that is written about haven’t worked at Swallowfield Depot for over 3 years, has no auto parts, Yeng Yeng bike business nor killed any of his co workers. This leads me to wonder if the story is truth or the writer has latched on to the first or easiest name to pronounce? I was told by very good sources that the things said are out of character and are damning lies, with all that said i’m appealing to the writer to do the right thing and step forward and report the information/utterances to the police for investigation and prosecution as seen fit by the lawmen.

  5. Yes they are all in on it…if you link one worker, all of them their getting them cut out of it..if them deal with 15 persons each day at 15k a piece you know how much that?? They are the most corrupt government agency. That is why so many accidents and ppl dying on the roads.

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