0 thoughts on “LISA HYPER ONSTAGE

  1. Yes I love her she’s taking over yes I’m happy to see a female artist stepping up. She keeps it real

  2. Lisa just hit the nail on the head! She nuh go roun nuh cawna. How can a one not like her when she nuh talk and buck – buck?

  3. mi like her but some a these artist need fi use dem money fi betta demself n get a education set an explain yuh cyaan stay dunce if life

  4. Fashion sense is very horrendous especially that costume hat & am not hating what I see is what I speak

  5. sorry Hyperrr but you need fi go back to school. all now yuh nuh answa one a di man question. basic off a this interview yuh sound jealous and hurt sey Slim get fi meet Kartel on her own. The answers u gave for y u left ja jus sound dumb b4 u sey yuh a try expand ur music and look for growth in ur music yuh chat some f**kery inna mi ear… i think yuh jus looking a hype lisa

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