A man who squeezed his lover’s breast during a dispute was remanded for sentencing on April 7.

The 42-year-old driver, Audley Elcock, of a Kingston 7 address, reportedly squeezed the woman’s breast and damaged her handbag after accusing her of cheating.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing on charges of malicious destruction of property and assaulting a woman after he pleaded guilty to both charges last Wednesday.

“You can’t keep coming here for this type of violence,” RM Pusey told Elcock after reminding him that he had recently appeared before her for violence against women.

But Elcock in his defence told her: “I am not that sort of person.”

His lawyer Shane Williams also told the court that he was misguided by love.

But the magistrate was not convinced and told Elcock that he needed to spend some time in custody.

“People like him need to know that no means no, and not oh no,” she said.

“You know how painful that is? You can squeeze her breast and 10 years later she has cancer,” the magistrate added.

The court heard that on March 26, about10:30 pm the complainant who was visiting Elcock, informed him that she had to leave.

However, Elcock was not happy that the complainant was leaving and tried to convince her to spend the night.

The complainant followed Elcock to a wake and while there he asked her if she was going to the funeral and when she told him ‘no’ he started accusing her of seeing someone else.

They returned home and Elcock allegdly started another argument, forcing the complainant to leave the house and head for the main road. Elcock followed her by car, held onto her handbag, pulled at it causing it to tear, before throwing it on the road.

Elcock then stepped from the car and held onto the woman’s breast and squeezed it causing pain.

The matter was reported and he was arrested.

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