1. lolol…she being diplomatic cause she can’t bother wid the loud ting pon IG again, lolol

      She still waiting on the call from months ago. She even offered the opportunity to collaborate…de dread went to the “”hills until yesterday.

      1. Lisa lucky she a look pan him wid a full two yeye a one eye mi cudda cut offa him n lock di next one..All him is , is just a bag of hot air..a try rile up people for his own music agenda but thats as far as it goes

  1. DWLN…from today I’m going to stop beating on Lisa 🙂

    Dread! is NOT what you say is how you say it. I don’t have the platform that he has, hence me can say whey me want (at times with filter) but he IS a public figure and should stop beat him martor stick pon zinc fi get heard…carry de stick wid out beating zinc.

    Lisa, I won’t bother you any more going forward- Scouts Honor.

      1. Yu damn devil! :sup2:

        Me nu think him want Lucretia drag on har slippaz and jump inna har cyar wid har big burley guard dem and come give him a earful a de good ole St. Catherine kimbo and bumbo dem :alay

  2. Yuh knw I strongly b-lev Lisa ansa in a place a Sis P doah cuz she nay did aguh cum suh close tuh gud she wuda give wi a speech wi haffi duh wid taxing Chronixx next twee twee :ngakak

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Ahhhh bwoy nutting like ah fool wey nah kno when fi lock him mout – thank you Lisa fi come redeem back di ting

    No matter what Obama do or not do he should never be styled as a waste man – he has made political history in the states, show some respect for his achievement because if chronixx live to be 500 year old he cannot match it !!!!!

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