1. If you go back and watch that Documentary you up load, which I think you may have done numerous times times. Millions of dollars loan to Jamaica during the 70s by the IMF, were supposed to allocate toward schools and education, didn’t serve its perpose, it went to personal consumption. So let hope, this money serve its purpose.

  1. “Your Government should be transparent and clear about what your getting”. Not Jamaican government!


  2. Mi say, all me a look pon Obama, all me can think is what if Portia was in this position because she would never be able to answer even half a question

    1. _____________________________________________________
      Obama and Portia a twoooo well well different smaddy oo..Obama has natural intelligence and has used it to its fullest capacity

        1. I was listening to the radio today and an older gentle man called, he said Porsha should not have spoken today because she’s an embarrassment to the younger Jamaican, she doesn’t not know how to command the English language. I was like….damn damn damn!!

  3. Mi hope she a tek notes mi hope she see how big people conduct business. And Mi a fret say next week yu hear portia allow same sex marriage.

    1. hayyyy u see how Obama introduce fus?? and him call pan di butch :hammer
      I am happy they are going influence the young leaders by training some of them in the U.S

  4. Not speaking proper English doesn’t mean a person is not intelligent, the substance of one’s argument will determine intelligence.

  5. The best way to reach the masses is to speak their language…….“wah gwan Jamaica” :cool

    ANDDDDDD he don’t wanna be Jamaican eedah :ngakak

    Very articulate, intelligent speaker!

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