1. This child is sick in her head she want bust so bad Paris a Wally you a look a hype off a low the gal an go look after you 3pickeny them You days done bout trendsetter

  2. @MET video not showing but anyway Sabrina Preps yuh nu just av u 3rd child?..How u find time fi dis f*ckery everyday? Mi tyad a you now and u badmind arguments..Follow Wendy lead an get baptized…Most of u family are such nice ppl so cut the shit and do just annoying kmt

  3. How she have time fi cuss ppl and she just have another baby.

    She just gave birth to a lil girl. Smh.

  4. She need fi go find something to do, why make such a video disrespecting another female because she is doing something similar to you. Ideeyat gal paris do you see met ah diss any next blogger NO she just cut and go thru and do her own ting

    Paris dunce and fool like, she look alright, but she ah gwaan like she coulda represent jamaica inna beauty contest when she cannot !!!!!!!

  5. This chemical complexion say “ugly country gal”! Country gal nah fi wait pon market truck reach fi food eat. Country gal nah fi juks behind stall fi catch a drop fruit…f**king renk.

    Gal a kotch pon door jam fi mek video and yet you hear pickney inside, you life luddy. YOU WILL N.E.V.E.R. get pass the door jam and background noise video! lolol “ugly country gal” grace de settin of a national morning show doe bitch! lolol


  6. Paris bad mind write ova u spread weh ugly flat nose. U talk both Wally ugly u nose spread a open up like wen donkey a laugh. Before u link the girl and both a you collaborate pon a show u come a talk up u fu$$ry and the girl na mess with u both born pretty tek a next look inna di mirror a ask it how u nose spread weh a ugly. Wally be the bigger person don’t even retaliate just continue count your blessings cause is a hype funnel nose gal a look cause nobody don’t even know who is Paris. Paris you need to c your dentist a lot a plaque form a foundation inna u stinking looking mouth! Paris go hold a back seat and enjoy Wally show.

    1. DWLN…gal nose form like when donkey a bray fi true!

      Wally to the rass world because she don’t personalize up har ting.

  7. Gwaan go true Wally. Jealousy is a mother f*****

    Nuh pay them nuh mine, them say u come from country but so what? Country gal still a recieve Gods blessings doah.

    Wally you are a beautiful and talented beautiful black princess.

  8. You see that’s the problem with the preps girl dem. They always assume seh da ppl dem badmind dem. The sister sandy was just as bad until she was saved and became a wife of a pastor and 7 demons were cast out of her.

    You see the other problem with her is skin color. She must really feel seh anybody that’s darker than her is ugly. Wally is not ugly. I don’t like the hair color on her dreads, but if Wally stay with the natural color hair her beauty will shine more.

    Im surprised she never cuss Mark Zuckerman, because everything about her is a trendsetter. She really is a trendsetter. She was the first dancehall Peggy to deport herself and changed her name.

    sabrina is not ugly, but her ways are. The outside pretty, but she’s rotten inside. She needs to fix her heart. Anybody who always say ppl badmind them, trust and believe its them who is the badmind one dem. remember I to unnu.

  9. mi cannot watch Paris video dem because she sound like a old dunce..she needs help!! if u eva lissen Paris talk u feel sorry fi har..last month she a cuss ppl who a say gully bop fi go buy teeth..last week she a cuss gully bop say him fi go buy teeth…contradict har own self…

  10. Ok.
    . But Wally smart and you fool fool. Wally tek her lemons and make lemonade. What have you done..talking bout you nuh need buss. Some ah unuh feh ban from internet access.

  11. Truth @3:47 no sah
    My bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Yuh meck mi day ah laugh
    Till mi bloodclot cryyyy

    Inna mi bounty voice
    Calm down stop it
    Lol lol
    Luv mi pinkwall :thumbup

  12. What a verbal war Ah gwan pon da icon page. Her lesbian sister Wendy who abandon her kids like puss ah cuss the ppl dem. wendy daughter aneka ah cuss, aneka need fi cuss her mumma wendy who adandon her to go live ah cayman island. Wendy ah grandmother and she have time fi cuss ppl. Oh I forget, Wendy daughter and son inna farrin cos she abandoned dem too. Worthless wendy, the whole ah unnu worthless. unnu stay bad. sabrina need fi tek off the wig if she is naturally beautiful. Shi pretty but stay very bad. sabrina preps, go and read a book to you children!

  13. Met u no get wally ansa. Straight upliftment wally say she deh pon and her fans fi go ova Paris page and like it up. She say 3 weeks after she do her 1st video Paris Starr say she a follow her. She say Paris neva call her name that time but u could a tell a she she a talk. Say she mek a step go check out paris video them and a pure who a hate her, who a bad mind her and pure negatively. Say she no deh pon that

    1. Mi huh think a she Paris did a follow because by right desso Paris started before Wally fi true she neva do it as frequent but u neva remember she do video bout she set trend and all these things? Ah doe think a she Paris did a talk ina di video either because Paris always bun out har family…So she n pre n Paris a pre…she deal wid it good still but Paris not righted more time so she right not to take it serious

      1. Must cause she neva stay good wid dem mekky mekky clothes and wholesale costume jewelry and now she naked like bakkle without label . Ever a talk bout grudge and want to be she. She delusional bad bout paris she favor red pond pothole road whey poor ppl a beg fi fix.

  14. Bad mind is a serious disease. Even if u start before Wally British and she follow you dirty Paris u should a shame Fi talk as she buss and u still de behind u phone just like Terrian none a uno nu intellectual all uno bring pon social media is drama and mixup Fi disgrace uno self. Who would a hire u Fi go sting?

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