Dear Met,

I saw this picture of lebron’s James’s son and several thoughts rushed through my head. However the main one that settled was ppl always talk about Peer pressure but rarely mentions parental pressure. Case in point his Dad is the best basketball player in the worl‎d, society and perhaps is parents expect and probably wants him to play basketball too! How manifestly unfair this all is??

Met take stock and see how much children follow in their parents footsteps and it is a lot. The issue arises then if you are a successful at something should we as parents direct our kids in that path?We see Famous actors kids going into acting too similar to sports stars kids playing their ppl’s sports.The next thing u have is the problems arising when Parents live vicariously through their kids.The stuff they never achieved/fulfilled they impose on their kids as if it was they the parents’ choices to make.
A parent will beat a child and claim they were beaten as a child and they turned out fine right?well same concept they apply and so you have a generation of lawyers,Doctors,cops,rather than the child’s career preference,even for schools.Then yuh hear that ur great granfather,granpa and DAD went to KC ‎so the likkle yute have to go there instead of going to a co-ed school ensuring he fraternize with girls regularly!

What are your views on this since them say Parents knows and wants what is best for their Kids.When the time comes will u allow your kid to follow their own path or will you identify what you think is best and do that?


  1. Senda good morning but no where in this speech I see where u said LeBron forced or even talked about his kids having to follow in his footsteps. Yes a lot of kids especially boys end up walking in their fathers footsteps whether that becoming the best doctors or the baddest criminals. But then you still have some that goes the opposite of their parents careers e.g Snoop dawg he’s one of the biggest rappers his son went in a different direction he’s a basket ball player. Modanna biggest singer her daughter a model. That other black actor guy but remember his name right now but his daughter went the complete opposite route and became a porn star. Even look at Eddie Murphy none of his kids went into acting. At the and of the day especially this generation kids are gonna do war they want regardless if their parents like it or not.

    1. Hahahha Lawrence Fishborne who would’ve thought, a man like him who comes off as stern and respectable, daughter would’ve taken such route
      to become a porn star :hoax2

  2. Good morning….I completely understand where you’re coming from. This is something that Ive been thinking about lately. My younger brother has decided to study Theology and wants to become a minister. I believe that he made this decision to please his mother and to compete with his older brother who is in med school. I do not support this decision at all because I truly believe that he just wants to please her.

    As a parent myself, I push my daughter to be successful. I dont want her to choose the career path that I am pursuing but I want her to be a success in every way. That is the mindset of great parents.

  3. Excellent article and perspective, thanks for publishing this .
    Interesting comments as well.
    I believe a parent can guide their children and there is absolutely nothing wrong with guiding them to be greater than you ( the parent are, or ever were.

    I believe in exposing children to wonderful and exciting opportunities, so that they cause what amazing things life has to offer, especially if they work hard and become successful.

    I think it is nature’s intention for som pie of a parent’s portraits and likes to rub off on a child, but in this day and age and extremely rebellious, younger generations , the kids today will ultimately do what they want and make their own choices, once they break free of their parents !

  4. There’s nothing wrong with a child following in the positive path laid by his parent(s), as long as it’s not being forced on him/her or as a vicarious mean for the parent(s).

  5. Gm everyone,hi needleeye101 your points are well taken,i reference Lebron’s James’son for demonstrative purposes only and not to say he is forcing him. The thing is as Parents I was trying to get us to look in retrospect,introspect how we strike that Balance.

    It is a very thin line to balance between what we want and our kids want. Some ppl will say that uve lived ur life already and took ur path so why can’t they be allowed to take their OWN just like u?

    Others wil say but uve made ur mistakes and that’s why u wanna guide them and protect them from say BaD career choices.Ultimately I feel great parents are able to strike that balance in allowing kids leeway to choose their own destiny and stepping in with their wisdom when they recognize a particular path/choice is not the best. Apprecilove the comments.

  6. “Then yuh hear that ur great granfather,granpa and DAD went to KC ‎so the likkle yute have to go there instead of going to a co-ed school ensuring he fraternize with girls regularly!”……

    dear sender…what does the above statement mean or is meant to imply?…..mi used to C-bar but fi once mi haffi defend KC…..cause it seems like yuh want say yute whe go KC or any odder all boys school a some fish business…..there is no coincidence that all boys schools have stellar academic and athletic records all over the island and internationally….not to diminish the achievements of co-ed schools but certain schools have history and tradition, they bestow upon their attendees a certain degree of prestige ….in other words….the pedigree is established……C-bar, KC, St Georges etc..similarly all girl schools have that pedigree….queens, holy childhood, immaculate, st hughs….well except merl grove….merl grove never yet get no ratings…….even di infamous vybez kartel a big up C-bar every chance him get because di influence dat was provided motivated him…even him yute follow inna him footsteps go C-bar……what you fail to take into consideration is that when it comes to all boys schools in jamaica, following the tradition is voluntary and is based on honor….and have nuttin fi do wid parents pressuring dem kids…..

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