Leader Portia Simpson Miller yesterday released 10 years of her statutory declarations to the Integrity Commission which show her holding savings of just under $14 million, as well as stocks and bond investments totalling $48,750.

The documents also show Simpson Miller listing a Kingston 6 property which was purchased for $58,000. However, neither the year the property was bought nor its estimated current market value are stated.

Yesterday, the Opposition leader’s office said that there was no recent valuation done on the property, which was obviously acquired before December 2006, the date of the first released declaration.

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The documents also show that over the 10-year period Simpson Miller missed only one reporting deadline, and that was by eight days in December 2007. That resulted in her being reported to the parliamentary leaders by the commission.

There were no liabilities listed on the documents which Simpson Miller made public in keeping with a promise made after Prime Minister Andrew Holness released his last 10 declarations last month.

At the time, Holness said that the information provided to the commission showed that he had shifted his assets portfolio from cash to real estate over the period since September 2007, mostly investing in his new home, which is still under construction and has already cost him over $80 million.

The information also showed that his assets, which were valued at $7.1 million and US$473,000 in 2007, now total $99 million and $415,000, mainly made up of the value of the new house, including the US$300,000 cost of the property, while his liabilities have grown from $3.4 million in 2007 to $34.4 million as at February 25 this year.

Over this same period he declared net income to the Integrity Commission of approximately $60 million and US$189,000.

Holness, in releasing his financial records to select media houses, said would take legislation to Parliament shortly to ensure that holders of four major political offices in the island — the prime minister, minister of finance, leader of the Opposition and the Opposition spokesperson on finance — declare their personal assets annually and make them public.

The prime minister said that the experience of dealing with the questions about his personal assets had raised the bar about the importance of public reassurance regarding the integrity of political leaders and the importance of declaring their assets on time.

“The process of declaration is not a very simple one because one has to ensure that precedent is set as to how it is done. However, it is within my authority to move legislation to ensure that whoever leads the country will declare their assets and, in addition, those who strive to be must also declare,” Holness said.

“So I am going to review the Integrity Commission Bill to make provision that…their assets must be publicly declared and that a process is put in place by which this is done,” he added.


  1. Met do mi a beg yuh, stick a pin, stick a whole heap a r@$$ pin.

    So you PSM want to tell jamaica that after spending almost 40 years in representational politics, all she have inna har name is 14 Mil. Mi say uno really tek Jamaicans fi fool. uno do di maths fi mi dey.

    You know what, anybody who believe that deserve you as their ruler cuz yuh have likkle more sense than them.
    :hn :hn :hoax2

    1. Lurker ain’t no way u in the states!my co-worker just sey the exact same thing to me (word 4 word)n he is a male!Big up mi brethren cuz pinkwall lurker spell Lurker n she is a nice lady.Tek anneda name bro zeen!

  2. I guess the money and assets inna fareen don’t count. Guh deh Sista P. Di hol a we fool fool and aguh vote een LaCreecha one more time.

  3. Puppa Jesus one next Co worker just comment sey a must $Us too! Listen unno gwaan back a unno workstation now now n go Do the ppl them work! Is wha bout Portia assets sweet unno suh fi lef unno workstation?

  4. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Miami assets pon lock, yet the US can up in a me likkle Jamaica savings as a Green card holder and private citizen. A Portia US transaction dem fi request…then again the husband a de financial shelter. The $58k property a from 70s-80s : ngakak

    1. Oh ok…PP well somebody just update me that a fowl coop up a Jacks hill worth 120times that 58k Portia sey fi the house.

    2. PP, the Miami assets that you speak of, are they tethered to Portia or her actual husband? We’ve got to respect the legal nuances and it relates to property ownership. Also, were said assets secured before the two got married?

      1. Not respecting no legal nuisance. The Jamaican government should start flagging Jamaican citizens/Public office holders with foreign assets just like how America can access and tax me Jamaica assets over an amount as of 7/2014.

        No asset secure nothing…you trying to build defense fi her shady ass? We’re you stating this nuance respect and asset security with Andrew? :travel

        Portia a collect union money from when and other sources of fund and Jamaica don’t have it pon record.

        1. PP, here is the thing, the laws need too updated and at the present, I would like to think that they are expected to declare all assets, local and abroad. What’s really going on is that Portia is able to, if she so desire, to mask her true wealth by means of ensuring that certain references are under her husband’s name and not hers.

          Relative to that, I don’t know if the alleged house in Miami was purchased by her husband and at what juncture. Living somewhere does not mean you own the property/house.

          Collecting money is one thing, but you have to remember that individuals have expenses and predicated on the fact that her politician salary has been relatively meager, all other funds could have been easily exhausted.

          1. She shady Lali. Her advantage is that John public can’t see the paper trail. You rememberwhen she first come about and defend her spending sprees? A from then she should a show are assests. She is a fox.

        2. Relative to Andrew, I stated that the law of the land made it so that he could do what he did and I went on to say that politicians created laws to benefit them and if I am not mistaken, you or someone else on this blog indicated that Andrew did not create the laws in question.

          My issue with Andrew have to do with you taking advantage of loop holes, so that he could avoid paying taxes and I don’t think that politicians should be able to do that. Nuh matter how yuh look at it, Andrew a deal with fuzzy maths. It does not help that Andrew went on the record to also state that he hate taxes–which explain why he has not been paying his taxes–up to that point.

  5. Ok Met so which part a the joke n which part serious.Remember them sey what is joke to u is Death to me.The lady declare her assets just like Holyness n I can’t recall so much joke n laughter when he did it!

  6. Which property in Kingston 6 worth $58k? not even when people a run lef Jamaica during Manley time was the property so cheap.

    Waiting for comrade lailibela analysis

  7. Portia is only now revealing her assets and it took time to separate her assets from her husband’s assets. Individuals should not be quick to accuse Portia of being stealthy or disingenuous–as it relates to her assets. Note that though she has been in politics for over 40 years, she has not always made the amount that she is currently making.

    There are exceptions to most rules. It is plausible that Portia might not be corrupt and as such, she did not use her access/position to accrue wealth.

    Yes, she is clumsy and inept at times; however, that does not mean that she is a crook. With that being said, I would like to think that some of her actual assets are in her husbands name.

    1. Individuals can accuse her of being deceptive if they know her on an personal level. Dem say blood thicker than water but not in all ways.

    2. You see u last paragraph 😀 😀 me no eloquent like u, but you come right to what me a say bout her. The husband is her financial shelter.

  8. What. A . Crook.

    Awful woman. Conning Jamaica fi years and years.

    Like a leech sucking you dry and then claiming it was only a drop of blood.

    Good riddance you intellectual midget, you can’t debate a can of mackeral. Big dunce.

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