The revelation below was written by a Clive Williams’ family member. But before we go there, let me take you some years back to when there was a movie done with a few friends of Kartel in portmore. Rumors were that, almost all of the men in the video had died with the exception of Kartel .

As Kartel’s popularity grew, his views on religion could be heard and seen in his symbolic tattoos and the masonic ring that he wore.It was hard to take him serious and most people were of the opinion that he was doing things to create controversy in order to remain in the spotlight.
People close to the recently incarcerated musician say differently. One of my sources, close to him , stated that they knew he did sell his soul. The entertainer was obsessed with reading about free masonry and practiced what he read,hoping to reach an unnatural level of stardom.
During my investigation of Clive Williams’ murder , I was told that he was killed by ”The Gaza Soul Reaper”. This was before I was informed of the below and although it was said in a very candid way, I decided to do some research on the sacrificial use of the pickaxe. It didn’t make sense as to why Williams was killed with a pickaxe before,but after reading that it was a masonic symbol, the tool of choice made sense. What did not make sense at the time was why Williams ….
When Corey Todd went public with the threat on his life, he must have been very sure that Kartel was out to get him . Rumors surfaced after that one of the men had recorded Kartel and send the recording to Todd. The young man at the time knew that Todd had not offended the musician, but why plan his death? The musician came forward and denied any involvement, but for someone to make such a claim , if it was untrue, the entertainer had all the right to sue for damages. He did not. Todd was safe, because the world knew that Vybz Kartel wanted him dead and any foul play would make him suspect. Both men were peas in a pod before, it was Todd who was in control of Kartel’s assets not Shorty . What reason could there have been to want him dead?




Met since the Kartel case is over let me give you the full 100 pon di reasoning behind Clive Lizard Williams. For all of them that chat like they know Lizzy and don’t know nuttin bout him. Lizard was never a killer and died not being a killer. Anyone that knows lizard personally knows that he did not kill anyone, Lizard love life, love to make people smile and be happy. Kartel sanction him to do hits but Lizard never went through with none of them that is why Kartel start get vex wid Lizard. Yes Kartel did give Lizard guns to lock but kartel knew where lizard lock di guns and knew exactly who took the guns so why kill Lizard and not the man weh actually tek di guns? There was a time when a bag of guns were placed on the ball field in 3rd world GAZA and the police just somehow came and discover that bag of guns that no one knew how they got there those were the first set of guns that were quote un quote missing. Lizard had an older Brother name Iggy who was also kill by the hands of Kartel and maybe Lizard was seeking refuge for Iggy so when Kartel put the hits out for Lizard to do he would instead warn the men so that they know what is suppose to reach them. Shawn Storm was like a savior to Lizard and Wee he showed them few tings in life and looked out for them certain ways, if it was not for Lamar Chow he would not have met his baby mother Ms Camille Chow who has a daughter named Kweshawna pet name Lizzy Lizards other pet name around the Gaza was Kweffa. Kweffa and Shawn put together you get Kwashawna Lizard is also the god father for Kwashawna. Camille who is first cousins wid Wee has turned her back on her blood for the likes of a man who was leading her own family to their death. Lizards death had nothing to do with guns it had to do with sacrifice. So for all who claim they know so much about Lizard who back and do your home work. Lizard was not a saint but “LIZARD WAS NOT A KILLER”



  1. I am convinced – Kartel eat smaddy pon ya white fowl smh. Like many others, if he did commit his crimes, I am happy he is behind bars. But my god man – 24/7, 44/8 pon da site ya a d man. Him deh a prison… oonu done nuh? So many things to talk about & y’ll keeping this criminal relevant…not even Dudus neva get so much airtime

    Jump dung mi throat now…yup…I know you all will, mi nuh care.

    1. Here on this JMG site we’ve got an unhealthy preoccupation with Kartel for which we make no apologies and any form of advice or treatment would be unwelcome and futile. Though you weren’t invited, you willingly chose to participate, with that, I’m more concerned for you than I am for us.

  2. Saturday I was at the salon and my hairdresser who is a devoted christian said this to me that Shawn Storm was to be sacrifice by Kartel, but he chose lizard instead and that is why the Freemasonry has turned their backs on Kartel and he was convicted.
    This case is bigger than us it has a lot to do with his blood sacrifice.

    Met I would love for you to do a post on the freeemasonry here in Jamaica and the many business places that are affiliated with it and big men that are no longer hiding the fact that they are apart of it.

    1. Yessssssssssss as I said when I heard what was used mi start check ….freemasonary in jamaica I will most def do..

      1. Also him initiated most of the men around him in it…I dont think the lodge in jamaica accepted him, he was doing his own thing so that may be the reason they are upset

      2. Douglas Oraine is a known freemasoner and every FGB Bank has the compast sign in the lobby it is so sickening. I just withdrew my money and bank wid someone else. The symbols are quite obvious in many business institutions

          1. Exactly! I am happy with the verdict he received and sentence and I don’t even mind still reading about it, as people are still coming with new, or verifying old information.

            However, all this Freemason nonsense is over the top – people say, so many people just believe and go with it.
            It is one thing to discuss Freemasonary and high profile, Mega rich, influential people such as politicians etc, but you just giving Kartel knowinvs and fuel to his self importance
            Personally, I think Kartel is being given too much credit and status that is not warranted.

            This write up tells us assumptions, opinions and interpretation on a very basic level.

            I see why anonymous 10:05pm, said what they said, as all that’s above is a series of thoughts, (written) sound bites and some photos of symbols. I see no facts or researched evidence!
            Anybody, willing to believe or buy into something, without the foregoing, or anything else that people can go read up on, investigate or validate for themselves, can indeed be perceived as sheep.


    he is a free mason after all And thats what they do! It happens here in the us as well with most of the celebs here!

  4. I was told that the lodge is different from freemasonry.
    I think kartel was apart off Lodge, but he would have to be invited to become a member.
    There are three main buildings for lodge one in new kgn, beechwood avenue and crossroads.
    If you pass there on a thursday Night yuh will see several top notch vehicles and reputable ppl.
    The freemasonry is harder to get in and is control by the money ppl and influential families of Jamaica.

    1. so mi hear..kartel call him ting free mason..what i will find out is if he joined or did his own thing but not lodge oo …di mark pan him arm se him did climb di ladder


  6. Met, Kartel was definitely not a part of the Freemasonry movement in Jamaica, they would never allow the likes of him in the Lodge. As far as I see it, this narcissist was reading and invoking his own demons and doing what he think would have propelled him to greater stardom, @ Anon a fi yuh website kmt wi agguh rinse him til nutten nuh lef

    1. I think a dat happen oo……..riches dow look pan dem because a doe know who fah white fowl kartel doe eat is a whole heep a fowl dung him belly :maho

  7. Well then he’s a bigger idiot than I thought! Reading books on freemasonry doesn’t give you access to any of the benefits or privileges of an initiated Freemason. I guess he got carried away by the numerous amounts of illuminati videos on YouTube of Jay and B and decided he would practice his whole special brand of sacrificing a life for fame and clearly it wasn’t quite effective.
    I do believe that he was a master at marketing himself, having an understanding of how to use controversy to catapult him to stardom and maintain relevancy in a dumbed down bandwagon hopping culture.
    Met, you and I both know Lizard wasn’t a killer and didn’t have the heart to execute Kartel’s orders , but what baffles me about the above is, if a man kills my brother, what the freak am I doing arms and gloves with this man? Isn’t that like playing Russian roulette?
    Our men are not only lost but they are weak and spineless. Because of ‘likes’ they are selling their souls literally and figuratively, sleeping with men, getting used and abused and being plunked by every idiot with 2 shillings.

        1. Yes thats what one a mi link did tell mi but the strange thing is that u can do it on your own but u will call down certain forces pan urself …maybe das y him did so outa control

          1. I think Finson wudda have a better shot saying this instead a bring in di JCF lol because this is what the whole Jamaica a say now

          2. that’s exactly what I think, he was caught up into his own reading of free masonry etc and invoked all kinds of devils and demons into his spirit but on a serious level Met if ppl really listen to some of his lyrics, he gives an open invitation to the forces to enter his body, saying there’s no God, giving credence to satan (lawd mi not even like think bout it) where is Obara……. please I beg you come shed some light. Kartel use his body as a medium to attract dark forces dats y him believe him was a demi- god ruling the spineless minions

          3. Riches we have been talking about Kartel and this from mussy 2009 so mi nuh know why people surprised.Him call down forces he knew NOTHING about.. That a one a di reasons why he felt invincible

        2. Yes Lalibela, the man was already dark and evil and attracted to anything sinister. He came upon a bit of information and believed he could harness some kind of power since no one of consequence contacted him for initiation. Freemasonry is not by nature necessarily a bad thing and most Freemasons are not privy to any kind of secrets. Such things are reserved for the elites. This damn mongrel don’t realize that certain people would not be seen in the presence of him. He was nothing more than a damn baboon with those despicable tattoos. The other day, the rapper Game attempted to dine at some fine dining establishment and he was rejected and turned away, then the fool had the nerve to cry racism! Is that right? Look at him with those threatening God awful tattoos on his face and neck.
          They don’t realize that crap only appeals to their kind.
          Kartel was no damn Freemason and purchasing a ring online and the foolishness was all for show.

        3. The Free mason is a secret organization, members don’t go out and advertise themselves.. for another freemason to identify another free mason, there are code words used, or certain questions asked, from the reply given, one is able to ascertain whether one is a mason or not and to which chapter they belongs to. Check out the Rothchild’s banking dynasty and will learn where it is coming from. I don’t think kartel would have been invited to join one of the reputable chapters as him chat too much. To tell you the truth, mason or not, I refuse to let any organization as such to hold me in hostage. is God meh seh, and I will not give no credit to a man on earth to seh them have more power than my Father. Is a big brain waching thing.. dem carry out rituals that dem can have damming evidence against their members, and which keep them from revealing anything that is done and said during their meetings. nuff judges, politicians, lawyers ,policemen,and business men are involved. This is why there is so much corruption in the world at large. because dem have to protect each other. or else nuff nuff things can be revealed. Why you think nuff millionair kill themselves? yuh think is always depression dem a experience? no!! most a deh time is because pressure reach them from within their secret circle. where damming things a guh be revealed and dem get epxosed, where mostly a prison dem a guh reach and lose their financial security, and with it shunned from society. When yuh inna deh mason thing, not even yuh immediate family relevant like the mason family. Family betta teck a back seat and love it, or they will be exterminated to keep dem quiet, in case dem might have know any of the secrets.
          Sometimes, before new members are being approved, them have to hurt or kill someone that is close to dem feh show that them only owe allegiance to the mason. This can be madda, fadda, pickney, wife etc. Is a mad bunch a fokkers dem . Masons? brain washing bull shite. Them only seems to be powerful because, them practice croneyism . My god is real.
          Hello met and other metters.

  8. Anon pleasant JMG mawning to u but u ago cloyd as Jcans would say cause it as only just began fi all the yrs whey shit-tell rob Lizard of him deserve to b shown for wat he is just as long so my advise to u is tap pay di bills ova ya teck u name offa anything it deh pon n pull out the plug BUT if u see say u can’t do any of the above just nicely GTFOH it will be greatly appreciated.
    Walk good u hear!!!

    1. It’s a site on the www, so I’m sure that Anon does not require an invite, nor open arms to come here.
      The website public dont? Any website that doesn’t want the public to access it, has a sign up and sign in facility!

      Why is it that when someone voices an opinion different to the regulars on the site, some a unnu just tek offence and tek set pon dem!

      If people with a different view are not welcome, why you don’t ask Met to lock the site, so only you can comment.

      And no I am not the Anon who made the original comment, but although I don’t agree with all they wrote, they do have valid point about ‘sheep’, people educating themself as well as the eight to question if them having an opinion makes them an idiot!
      The Anon never diss or be abusive to nobody, yet is getting a fight for having and using their own mind! That nuh right.

  9. Any man that think you can sell soul is a true ediat.
    Lizard was a killer everybody done know and Kartel was f**king cruff weh tink him untouchable

    Bout sacrafice a bare f**kery dat.
    If a man weh sacrafrice him woulda sacrifice him family, they’ll be more valuable than one likkle jankro from portmore

  10. Lizard not a killer? Yes him full of joy but
    After him lick shot inna Black ryno father and firebomb him yard?
    After him shoot down the man down ah manly road .
    Tell dis dutty gyal fi shut har mouth.

    And Shawn and Kartel same to unuh, so dutty Jankro weh deserve fi get shot down same way.

    1. You do notice the person at no time said he didn’t do wrongs, right? You do know that for you to be a killer, you had to have KILLED someone, right?

      1. So Foxy what u think him intention was? You think it was a friendly firebomb or a friendly bullet?

        1. No friendly fire but unless the people are actually dead, he’s still not a killer. One can argue that he wanted to appear as though carrying out orders while intentionally missing the victims.

          1. Yow just cool.
            Lizard a kiler,everybody and Waterford know him and kieffa kill…
            Just because he never get charge fi no murder doesn’t mean him never dead man pon di road.

          2. @FFF, mi nah guh put my neck on any block fi a man so if you know something I don’t, I defer to you on that.

    1. I would suggest u doe run down di people dem because is him family dem talking…lizard killa man down the road and di man dow have no name…we know bout ryno father house.

    2. fyi Kweffa is di nex name dem did use to call Lizzy……yuh need fi guh check yuh facts str8…….and nuhbady neva seh him neva do wrong, him do alot ah wrong, but him neva do all weh Kartel did want him fi do……

  11. It really a get outta hand! Sacrifice???? I don’t buy it
    Everyday ppl come n Mek up shit just a fabricate !!!!
    Agreed he was obsessed with masonry ummm who is lizard for Kartel to
    Sacrifice though???? A suh sacrifice guh? & why lizard what was so significant about him??? The person who wrote this is clearly biased !!! More than two ppl have came on here & confirmed lizard did kill people. Funny how ppl believe anything bout Kartel but not about lizard yes he may have been victimized by vybz kartel but it doesn’t change the fact of the role he played lmfaooooo den hear ya nuh Kartel start vex up wid lizard cuz him never do the hits LIE!!!!!! Please him woulda get beaten long time him did a carry out hits !!! Your man bredda or cousin was parrin wid kartel dem religiously SHOW mi yuh friends & I’ll tell you who u are if he was such a saint he would never associate hisself with them! Not a damn sacrifice! Kartel is a menace that’s it … From
    What I know when you’re sacrificing it’s a close friend or relative that you have undying love for ! Everyday it’s something new fi real
    I don’t believe nothing the person that sent this saying .. Nope come again with the TRUTH

    1. This nuh new and if dem bias dem have allllllllll right to be because kartel people dem bias jus di same so everybaddie hold dem own part a di stage

    2. Speculation is one thing but I can tell you of a fact that Kartel sent Lizard and Wee to kill Ratty and they both went back and told Ratty and neither of them could do it. There is a whole lot more to the saga than was released in court. Yes, there is a reason why it was Wee and Lizard brought to the house to be killed on that day and the reason transcends the 2 missing guns.
      As far as sacrificing Lizard, Kartel was both demonic and twisted so it’s difficult to wrap your mind around the inner workings of a twisted mind.
      It’s evident he had a preoccupation with death, whether or not that has anything to do with his freemasonry ambitions, is not clear but just because something is puzzling to do, doesn’t make it improbable.

  12. All dem lodge & free masonry talk it’s hard to get facts because they’re not suppose to disclose that information to ANYONE.

  13. A person without the knowledge on this topic is not gonna understand kartel is a freemason the lodge is just another name for their meetings place…. don’t just listen to his songs for the beat but actually listen to what he said, in his song( broad daylight) on the day rave riddim he clearly said mi reach 33 degrees in a masonry…. that’s the highest….. that ring is not on his finger for no reason and notice the finger he wears it on he has it right above the (A) of the word gaza he did that cause the top of the A looks like the pyramid and the all seeing eye check an American dollar bill to see….. someone up top said something about climbing a ladder that’s what he did u have to climb the ladder to get to 33……these masons do the nastiest things the further you go all the more crazy it gets they are serving the devil so picture that, they have to do everything that is bad break every good morals … Inc sacrifices, homosexuality, eat shit drink blood u name it….. its just a one way street going nowhere and the devil doesn’t show Dem the downside alot of your favorite celeb are in it and even ppl you wouldn’t expect don’t just take my word for it go do your research check the library and if masonry was a good thing what is so secretive…. they see only out of one eye only one way… the wrong way these ppl summoned demons to tell them what to do and vybez had many demons that’s why he was able to sing so many songs

    1. @Latty, Kartel was no Freemason and does meet any criterion to become a 33 degree Mason. He can sing that all day long to create controversy, however, any person knowledgeable on the initiates and the esoteric knows it’s all bullshit.
      Those Freemason rings are sold online and has absolutely no power and means absolutely jackshit except Kartel attempting to fool people like you in thinking he’s on some Jay Z level.
      Do you think if Kartel was a Freemason, particularly 33 degrees, he wouldn’t have even had a visa or would have been in prison today?
      33 degrees is not given away like food stamp card honey. Kartel wasn’t born with the right bloodline to even be worth a freaking glance.
      Stop watching so many YouTube videos and giving credence to Kartel’s antics.

      1. Foxy he believed he was as we say he was not accepted into the group so he was doing his thing and thought he was 33 to the visa the embassy did call him to come for one…HE DID NOT GO :tkp

        1. Mi Nuh think him dat fool Met to believe he was 33 degree Mason. A fool him a try fool people.
          I do think he was practicing his own brand a sorcery from both reading books and visiting with his quack science woman but not a damn Masonry.

          1. Foxy him did believe nuh gi him so much credit..A nuh di public alone him tell..The young men around him were encouraged to join as well…as mi seh check di voice notes bout priest ..He believed he could das y him drop ina di big ditch

      2. @Foxy you are so right, Met, I want to say something but let me try and code it right, my child’s father should’ve gotten the CEO position for one of the country’s …… he was invited several times to become a member of the Lodge, yes you have to be INVITED, because of his Christian upbringing he declined the offer several times, we had a conversation once and i said to him innocently, it will open networking opportunities and he said to me in the most sombre tone i’ve heard him speak “would you want me to sacrifice you?” I shut my mouth instantly! sorry to divert but rest assured the government brought in one of their own who is a lodge member. I say this to say that there are procedural things in freemasonry, Kartel was just warped in his own world and morphed into an image he intentionally created to fool the masses

        1. My friend’s father was in it..but the funny thing was that he was not part of a big company..he has his own business so dem have levels…when a member dies the body is given over to them fi perform whatever dem need to do then returned to the family for burial but he didnt discuss anything with those at home mi nah say no more but ………… i think a dem same one kill him because he was murdered…not robbed…had no enemies but all his major organs were knifed into

          1. Met it is a very tight lipped and secret society and not even close family members of a mason can know about the inner workings of this society

      3. I read books! Especially the bible But I can tell you are watching YouTube videos……Jamaica is a 3rd world country of course he wouldn’t have the fame that jay z has that is America …..and your right those rings are online but a person like you without the knowledge would just go buy one cause the ring looks nice without having any idea what you’re buying…. and its not about the power in the rings but to draw ppl in to that world its the negative energy it brings….. and for the whole visa thing he did go to America but he messed up himself with that and hence why I said the devil doesn’t show you the downside he only shows the wealth and fame to trap him he doesn’t care that’s just one more soul for him….. and the bloodline only means u are automatically set for a certain thing u were born in it so u will be used… kartel might not have the bloodline but he has the followers

        1. @Latty, I’ve said this in a previous comment, but will reiterate, 33 degree Freemason is the highest order of ranks whose initiates include George Bush, Prescott Bush, Rockerfellers, Skull and Bones and powerful world leaders who were all Ivy League initiates. Do you really think a low life hood rat such as Kartel fits in that rank?
          What kind of followers do Kartel have? The same low life individuals that contribute absolutely nothing to society? The very people the elite term as ‘useless eaters’? Are you serious?
          These people frown upon new money. Did you know Jay Z attempted to purchase a home on Park Ave for millions of dollars and couldn’t. As did Madonna. Do you know why? New money is hood to these people and beneath them.

          You said it’s not about the power in the rings but to draw people in by the negative energy it brings? Contradiction much? Power and energy are one and the same. A useless ring is a useless ring, no power, no energy.
          Many of the symbolisms used by Freemasonry are actually ancient African knowledge stolen from our people.
          You mention the pyramid and all seeing eye as if it’s something bad. Contrary to those YouTube videos, it’s not any illuminati symbolism. This is again ancient African symbolism of the pineal gland also called the third, of which most people’s are calcified.
          I suggest you do some research.

          1. Poor thing you so caught up in those YouTube videos its crazy you don’t know what to believe anymore…… your reading my comments wrong like I said Jamaica is a small country compare to America Jamaica has its set of freemasons America has a huge set… all those ppl you mention were white, when jay z sang his song on to the next he was at 33 degrees but do you think he will get any further… no cause of the color of his skin so of course kartel wouldn’t have made it far your missing the point jay z couldn’t buy that house cause he can go but so far…….. this is just one big society with different forms of it all over the world like a big business….. Politicians, music industry and a lot more do you think they would make a small time Jamaican reach that far on foreign soil no but in little Jamaica yes…….and kartel has followers maybe more like sheeps but its still many souls…… lmao did you know that our people same African ppl when the white man did all the dirt they did some Africans practice witchcraft and summon demons to get back at them and another thing god nuh see out a one eye and I know about the pineal gland a that gland deh fi mek you look into yah self and pic sense outta nonsense …..I’m talking about the all seeing eye the eye of horus one that see everything but the good the symbols that go way back to Egyptian days yea those same symbols if they were so good why didn’t pharaoh win? cause they were dealing the devils work

          2. every president is initiated into the Freemasons. yes EVERY president!! btw…George Bush and President Obama are 11th cousins and Dick Cheney and President Obama are 8th for thought

          3. First of all, African practiced voodoo, the white man demonized it and labeled it witchcraft so again you’re wrong.
            Second, you cannot know of the pineal gland if you know not that it is the eye of Horus, the all seeing eye, the third eye but I’m sure you believe it’s illuminati, again, those YouTube videos I’ve been warning you against.
            Third, just because a person mentions some bullshit in a song, doesn’t make it so. It’s called controversy, it’s a marketing ploy. Which 33 degree Mason have you ever seen broadcasting it.? Secrecy is paramount for this fraternity. Stop giving so much credence to rappers and deejays.
            Fourth, did you say why didn’t Pharoah win? Which Pharoah? Pharoah wasn’t the name of a person, it was a title, there were many pharoahs and win against what? Who built the pyramids and Great Sphinx that still cannot be replicated to this day? The Pharaohs.
            What kind of madness is ” why didn’t the Pharoah win”? Haven’t all men of ancient died? Do you think anyone is immortal?
            Didn’t Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte having been the most successful military commanders in history get defeated? Wasn’t Jesus crucified? What on Earth do you mean?

            There is a fraternity called Freemason which almost anyone can join. You mentioning Kartel’s 33 degrees of initiation is where you have been taken for a long ride.

          4. Foxy!!!! You are spot on with this. This society is all about stealing and hiding our TRUE history from us. This isn’t just YouTube vlogging, this requires vigilant research and studying that will blow your mind. MANY US Presidents are apart if these societies, and yes Bush was a known Skull and Bone.

  14. Trust me, Kartel is not worthy of being a 33 degree Mason; pure fabrication, hyperbole/embellishment…. Kartel saying that is like di other DJ dem a seh dem have 30-inch donkey dick…

    1. Him did ina it in his mind….not just talk ….he was not accepted but to him he was in there and encouraged the young men to join

    2. Check back the voice notes…when he spoke of priest mi did tink a di killer dem but a neva dat………check check

    3. That’s what I think, whatever he did was independent of the Lodge, he was practising his own kind of free masonry, come to think of it I think he was demented

    4. @Lalibela, exactly. When one talks of 33 degrees Freemasons, you are speaking of George Bush, Prescott Bush, Skull and Bones members, Yale and Princeton initiates, Rockerfellers, and world leaders, all from old money and the right bloodline. How the heck these people really think Kartel is on that level. Oonuh gi the man way too much credit.

  15. Hailings met an metters .i done kno is sarcrifice long long time kartel just trick storm an de rest cause him tink him clever ,and mek dem help him get him offering (lizard) plus all the other secret killings an raping of young girls an killing dem is sarcrificial offerings under pretence a badness

    1. I believe Shawn Storm knew…people whey did close to him know whey him did deh pan but I dont think they knew that they themselves would become victims

  16. Vybz Kartel grew up wanting what he could not have. He actually thought that people who lived in certain areas were actually “born” that way. He also thought that if he was able to get money and control of his own community he could walk on their backs all the way uptown. Kartel did go uptown and was very angry to find out after bleaching and putting on braces he had several complaints. People simply did not want him there. Vybz Kartel friend “Russian” who was the closet thing to what he wanted to look like…..and unfortunate to find out that Russian was not able to get him where he wanted to go because Russian is not where it is….u have to have clout and other things that Kartel would not achieve in this life time…..Kartel also found out that he had no profession and he was not educated… his calls to the lodge were null and void………… he turned to the good old inequity and got angry that nobody really wanted him around ….and was very upset that people of a certain class were accepting Mavado and not him………………..then he started to be a Don as in the talks with problem child he was trying to prove his badness l……and not long after all his conversations that he had with problem child Mr Child informed the police….kartel is a coward and ediot and should have known that Lizard has a light in his face and he should not have used for a sacrifice ……… everything he tried would be done back to him that he did to lizard

    1. talk di tings real a so it go…all the because of a nail the battle was lost…him want what him think other people had…dat a him problem from the start

      1. Kartel try push up him self pon nuff gyal uptown bt him neva undastan di system and one gyal weh im tink was a uptown was a country girl but him neva undstan di code ………..him tink color mean money ….and it may look that way but it was not so …him go and go till him start wah stay like certain man wah buy new benz and di rich bwoy dem satisfy inna dem 35 year old benz and dem whole heap mitsubishi vehicle….kartel neva undastan how Jamaica run he did not understand not all Jamaicans deal in politics and not all rich ppl live uptown….he also did not understand that it was not a money contest it was a “name” you can live any where on the island if you have a name u dont have to be as rich as the next man for you and him to be in the same league you have to have commonality ….he did not get it…so now him a sacrifice fi climb di wicked ladder …..a him sen him self go a prison….di world is not waterford

  17. Oh yes so him a practice him own sorcery n swears say a freemasonry him did a gwaan wid, that is the problem his weak feeble mind opened doors that should never be opened n he didn’t even know wat he was getting himself into ahhhh boy poor thing

    1. Bwoy nuh uunda nuh order….him cah join nuh organization ..him oman cah look so dem nah accept dat …di tattoo dem get a big zero …..and plus him too common him release a song everyday ….and him nuh have it ………..and him nah go get it …him start worship him self….and it cannot start and end with him so he already lost

  18. It dosent have to be close families nopes d pple dem wey a go out an pick up strangers allbout fe sarcrifice dem noh same sarcrifice its o ly that you got different phases

    1. That is so true @just Curious. Why do ya’ll think 750,000 kids go missing in America every year. Yes there’s the sex trafficking trade and organ harvesting trade but many of those child blood is needed for sacrifice. It doesn’t have to be a loved ones, after all, oonuh not even see when the world leaders a sacrifice oonuh at certain times of the year at certain moon on certain dates.

  19. Soh whyshawn storm woman never tell him tek d deal she willing to wait .set a lunatick whst a devotion

  20. If anybody in Jamaica would be 33 degrees Mason it would only be Butch Stewart and Matalon. The elite look down on new money, if money hasn’t been in your family for generations, to them you are nobody. Classism is very potent and completely excludes the wannabes. Kartel could be worth trillions and build his mansion on top of a ladder, he will always be from the ghetto and a hurry come up. Not worthy of initiation.

      1. Have you know that Matalons are jewish ….fi dem thing different…Mr Stewart is a part of the Jamaican system….a wah tell u seh di richest men in a Jamaica is a black man

          1. well unu know seh a him run di PNP …WAH UTE DID TELL MI SEH DEM SEN MAN FI KILL PJ AND DEM RUN OUT A DI ROOM……………………………………………….BECAUSE WEN DEM LOOK A THREE PJ DEM SI ….MEmba seh di country divided …politicians who are in the business of poliitics….ppl like di lebanese who we call syrians and the jews and jamaican whites ….and farmers and such …di place is divided all doing business

          2. Ok I was told that he was in that group along wiht lawyer who died he was a lecturer at Uwi but I dont know if it is true but when a certain person died they were all there so I assumed it was true and they had there funeral procession like it was some kind of government official

      2. Him mind twisted Met suh him can think anything. After all, he clearly wasn’t in touch with reality. Yuh huh hear the man sey ” from yuh a commit crime yuh Eva see suh much forensics yet?”. That goes to show he was not prepared for what was to come.

        1. Real Matalon is apart of freemasonry so please. Go to his establishment you will see the many symbols and statues ok.

  21. @foxy certain levels demand certain things an whether free masoln or lodge him inna sitten deep deep wey need blood ..anybody member the youtube clip wey the littleboy a spanish town wey de evil spirit possessed twice ..aright anybody member what building was infront dat yard ?de free mason building caan go in much details but my best fren mom an dat was in it dem never rich yet i say yet as best fren yuh waan follow u likle fren go every wey i follow the girl go a de door an she say me caan come in loll is sunday i was telling someone.i ask her why she say secrets ..her mom an dad join the adult one shejoin the kids one..every day fe har mom cuss my mom call her idiot cause my mom bussiness was always running in difficulties meanwhile de woman a climb ..dem fly out mom married rich man an dem very wealthy now i caan talk de rest on here loll dem never do no blood sarcrifice we kno of but de daddy noh stop sleep wid de daughter my fren an beat her his daughter so different levels an she lef dat man an married a rich man him wasent part a de long term plan only when i get older i put 2 an 2 together pple always a chat

  22. @just curious, I saw that video. I won’t pretend that I am savvy with blood sacrifices or otherwise. I’ve always had a healthy level of skepticism towards hear say. Do I believe that dark forces are prevalent? Forces that people can harness for bad and probably rub some genie for wealth? Possibly. And if so, I’m sure that comes with a price as the very forces will have their own demands.
    There is much more to mysticism than Freemasonry so outside of that, by his own admission he was engaged in some form of black magic.

    My personal familiarity with Freemasonry is that, low level initiates benefit from networking and the likes but are not privy to the involvement of the higher ranks. The qualifications for 33 degrees is never available to ‘regular’ people like Kartel.

  23. Wow…such vitrol for my opinion lol. I will come & go on this public site as I like, voice my opinion as I please (without attacking anyone personally, of course). But again I say … too much emphasis on this man! Some of it is foolishness too I am sure – I have been on here & seen people stating thing as FACTS when i personally know ppl involved & nothing nuh go suh…but watch ppl run with it like gospel. No doubt he is wicked yada yada – but the glee with which some a oonu run with foolishness is alarming. If someone said he was Lucifer’s himself, smaddy woulda say they saw when he was birthed. Smh. I like the site – it’s comic relief from my hectic life…sooooo…!!!

    1. There are many topics so if u nuh waa see this why not go to the others? U dont know no one personally ina this situation it only sound good to u dont ?

      1. Am I not free to comment, even if I don’t agree with something? Without being told to shut up? Or someone running me to comment pon something else? Really though? Tsk tsk

    2. If one can listens to his music with glee, why is it overkill or amazing to chastise or ridicule him with the same glee? Is glee supposed to take a partial stance?
      You say people run with rumors as facts. When in the history of the world has that been any different or does JMG have a patent on rumors or people running with them as facts?
      If it’s comic relief for you, why the anger? Perhaps you need more relief than the site can offer.

      1. Anger? Lol. Calm down. I said I am tired of seeing/hearing/talking about this man. Rather than say “We choose to focus on him because of…since highlighting his deeds does this…”, people say I should come off the site. Cause if I’m not echoing what everyone says, mi a idiot, mi nuh belong pon ya, don’t? Smh.

        1. Not at all. And please dont be dishonest, they did not ask you to leave because you are not saying what we are saying. There are many other topics so if you are tired of seeing this you can move to the other topics. Its simple..This topic is not the landing page

          1. It’s not, I know. I have seen numerous posts re the same person but I chose to comment on this one, so I’m responding to the responses…is that allowed? And you don’t be dishonest…many, many times I see people on here told to stfu & that this site isn’t for them because they said something that the majority disagreed with. Which is why when I have an opinion for which I know I will be most likely verbally abused, I stfu, smh occasionally & move on to another topic or quit the site. Anyway…back to peeping, no danger in being labelled an idiot there

          2. If u go into a house and choose to go into one room you dont like while there are others why would you go into the room? There are other topics here so if you dont want to be in it or see it you dont have to. You are dishonest of course . You did not disagree you came here and said that kartel mus eat wi white fowl why we deh pan him…No danger in being labelled an idiot at all. You did not propose any substantial argument you were the one who came at us first …when u start a war u nah go know how it a go end

          3. War? What a …uhm…strong word. The white fowl comment is simply to say why the obsession with him? How is he special more than any other degenerate? Why didn’t someone address that? If a house has 30 bedrooms & I realize everyone congregates in one room all the time, can’t I push my head inside and ask a wah mek so much noise inna da one yah? Mi cyaa say mi tired a d noise, whether or not said noise is justified? Smaddy cyaa ansa that rather than tell mi fi come out? Lovely, inclusive environment here. Substantial argument in support of what? I wasn’t defending anyone or anything. And I said to “jump dung mi throat” from the get go because that is the culture on here, a long time me a peep. But as I said – I shall stick to peeping with my dishonest, idiot, war-mongering self.

        2. Haha! Correction: “dishonest, idiot, war-mongering, MAD self”. You go, madame moderator – brilliant end to a fine argument. You’re cute…lol

          1. Didn’t do patient care either so I don’t have zero idea on how to get the restraining chair up and out…closed and down the hall :travel

    1. @Finson, sorry if I don’t see the humor in your question but in answer to your question, do I have to be God to know God exists or to have familiarity with his works?

  24. I don’t believe nuttn bout nuh sacrifice…..lizard miss up di guns dem, das y addi mash him up, di voice notes, tex msg an chow testimony commemorate dat….lizard fiyah shat pon ppl to, but I do believe him was a good yute b4 him link up wid di dj… clear him Neva cut out fi badniss a kartel tun di dancer inna gunman loll

  25. mi waan put in mi two cents but de computer dead me, gimme some minutes i waan rxplain somethings

  26. Good afternoon Met and others. You can be a simple man and be in the free mason. Yuh nuh haffi be from certain blood line. I never use to believe in such rubbish until I come a foreign. I met a JCAN yute weh just very lucky him use to live a UK. Him join it because he had a business and lots of money. Him seh certain things you cant discuss because they will know and there is a punishment. Him show mi the ring and he had to find a lodge quick to attend after he moved here, he said once you join you are in it for life. You climb based on sarifices, he told me in order to climb he would have to sacrifice his mother or his only son. The most loved one gives you the more money and influences. The boy tek off the ring once and him hand full up a bumps and start swell, he had to put it back on. It scared the shit outta mi. There is a lot going on than we know. This shit very deep. A lot of the business orders are in it. I know one from Mobay wah him only pitney dead in a accident and they said that was his sacrificed now him too rich fi JA a Canada him deh…

  27. @Real, u wrap it up di bess way, kartel is exactly how u describe him. As much as i know very little of this masonry ting, I honestly believe, Shirley believed his own hype, so even though in reality he didnt reach 33degree of masonry, in his twisted mind, he thought he did and with his thought process, this is his end result. He couldn’t accept his life for what it was, always wanting what he wasn’t meant to have, TWISTED!!!

  28. Most people who are initiates of free masonry have no idea exactly what is free masonry. From the moment they enter between Jachin and Boaz as first apprentice with the the hang man’s noose around their neck and an apron around their waist, they will never be the same. Many people fear the free mason name and have no idea (including the initiates who have not gotten to the 33rd degree) what is the secret behind it. To join this secret society as with any secret society, someone who is already an initiate has to bring you in…The Masons have been around for a very long time and there are many speculations as to what really happens in those meetings ad how much power can one attain as they ascend the degrees…I really wish I could say what I know about it, (of course I am not a mason, women cannot become initiates) in details, but as it would shock everyone, let me stop here.

    I do not believe Vybz Kartel was a mason, if he was he has not passed fifth degree (perfect master). You would not find ANY MEMBER of free masonry tattoo the name DEVIL on their body. Yes the center focus of the order is BAHPHOMET, which is a goat headed demon, but would not be refereed to as the name BAPHOMET OR WORSE THE DEVIL by any initiate!!..absolutely not!!!…the order is that of secrecy and to do so would cause serious repercussions onto him and his family, (oonuh nuh know de kind ah oath dem haffi tek, some very serious ones, ongle fi fnd out later on sey…….

    I do believe the he as someone said up top, I believe it was Lalibella, that HE, through reading and research and probably some advice stated hi OWN thing, as well as he may be a member of a certain sect, or some cult akin to the lodge.
    His actions pompous as it was tells me that he was acting as GRAND MASTER OF HIS OWN CULT!!..something that he did not understand.
    This is what back fired on him, he read somewhere or was told about blood and energy and the manipulation of energy through a ritualistic killing, but what they did not tell him was that when any sacrifice is given it has to be given to something in specific, incantations befitting the sacrifice has to be uttered.

    If indeed he sacrificed Lizard, it back fired on him and Lizard HEAD FOUGHT BACK AND WON…but I will say some thing though this saga with him is not over, we have plenty more to see and hear, HE HAS OFFENDED SOMETHING VERY POWERFUL WITHIN THE UNIVERSE AND IT HAS ONLY JUST BEGAN FOR HIM!!!

    1. @obara, thank you. Perhaps you can offer some insight for some people on the eye of Horus and the pyramid with the all seeing eye.

  29. Let me say this, there is nothing wrong with blood sacrifices, (not humans of course), this is how we practice tradition in African and other places in the world, but the flesh given must be given to a particular deity, many prayers have to be said along with the correct incantations, and most importantly the flesh must be consumed for all in attendance..only of the work is bad the people do not eat the flesh, but of course we believe in WALKING IN LIGHT AND NOT DARKNESS….

    1. I for one work with a freemasoner I would love to know what goes on in those meetings. I was once calling a fren who is a masoner and he would not turn his head, he just stop suddenly and turned around. Is it true that they cannot turn their heads, but have to turn their whole bodies.
      Obara meji
      I need an email for you, can I ask Ms. Met for your email pls. Need to know something.

      1. @I Spy, most certainly, let me say this I am sworn to any secrecy, but my spiit have incarnated to this realm many times as a spiritual teacher, in this life I have retained many of the memories from previous lives and so I KNOW PLENTY. As for the person not turning his head, but turning his whole body, let me explain, in each lodge the grand master other will if he chose teach certain (not all) initiate some spiritual secrets, which have nothing to do with the TEACHINGS of the society over all, but what the grand master himself may know and decide to share. The turning of the body and not the head, is to protect the physical body and spiritual soul from any negative attack someone may have sent to them through someone calling their name. They are taught that anyone calls their name in house or outside as long as they do not see the person their front this is how they should answer, but let me also tell you something else, the person learned this through Rosicrucian, the order of the rose and not free mason, he is deeper than you may know, because the order of the rose is WAY stronger than free mason….lolol…mason is the least of the apostle..if you all only knew :shutup:

          1. There is something spiritual in my life that I need some insight on, deep things need to break a chain


  31. Suh weh yuh seh Obara….Massa Addi nuh si nutten yet…..mi sorry fi him, him waste him God given talent behind power and greed…..di man dark tuh rhatid…..

  32. @Foxxy, If Met will allow, I will write something and submit about all these things and the reasons behind them, the eye of Horus, who was really HERU, FROM AUSET, AUSAR AND HERU…. THE GREEKS STOLE EVERYTHING AND RENAMED EVERY ONE INCLUDING JESUS WHICH IS A GREEK NAME, FOUNDER OF PHILOSOPHY MY FOOT!!..R.I.P George, G.M. James..please read Stolen Legacy, THEY KILLED HIM FOR WRITING THIS BOOK!!!

  33. Please obara tell them cause them worshiping Jesus his image n story was stolen from africa wise up our peoples e man who steal n rape from our ancestors is not going to empower us

  34. @Obara, there you go, please delve into how it was in the Nile Valley that the Greeks and other foreigners to the continent of Alkebulan were taught medicine, et al!



    1. But Obara, some people pickney guh blind to the 3rd eye and still act a damn fool and need dey asses kicked..real talk!

    2. Exactly Obara. Not only did they steal all our knowledge from Africa and write us out the history books but they demonized what was left. For instance, Africans religion was voodoo prior to Christianity and they made us view it as demonic while replacing it with Christianity. We viewed the cosmos as sacred and they now use this very knowledge of numerology and symbolisms against us. Now they have black people looking at their own history ie the ankh, eye of Horus,the pyramids and fearing them calling them illuminati.

      1. @Foxy, in Twelve Years a Slave, The Slave master hand an insatiable appetite for his female slave. That is metaphoric for Europeans relation with Alkebulan [Africa], he just can’t get enough of the great continent.

        It is usually only us who don’t know our worth and accordingly, we make fools of ourselves…

          1. The wife thought she meant something to her husband until she told him to stop messing with the slave. He was not planning to let go of the sweetness, he was okay with his wife leaving…

        1. I don’t watch any slave movies. I’m repulsed by it all. When have they showed us as the kings and queens we were ruling the whole world including Europe? Never! Most blacks don’t even know that but they know they were slaves. It’s psychological warfare!

          1. funny enough Foxy, I love watching slave movies because that was an era that blacks ( although in bondage against their will ) were unified and it took a village to raise and help one another versus now…where blacks are free and they are so hateful and segregated and fight gainst one another, no unity amongst each other unless it is a racially motivated crime committed by a white man against a black man…slave movies teach me a lot…

          2. @Yep, I get you. I had a friend who shared the same, so I guess it works both ways. I can’t help thinking it’s to keep us psychologically inferior. Why haven’t they shown us in all our splendor? In all our glory? They have never taught our children who they were prior to slavery. All our children are taught is that they came from slaves. Our story did not start with slavery. We are the original peoples that brought the world all their knowledge, who were we prior to that?
            That’s what I teach my child and so I don’t support their movies, plus, we are only awarded Academy awards for playing slaves and

          3. Foxy, we all have to agree to disagree yuh zimi?! Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and rightfully and respectfully so. I’m the only one in my household who loves to watch slave and African movies, while everyone else in my household cut clear and gone bow dem business cause dem hate it.

          4. and your views are exactly that of everyone else in my household, and I totally view both sides with an open mind and understanding :peluk

      2. THE ANKH IS THE SYMBOL OF THE WOMB, THE FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM, THE WHOLE WORLD IS RAN ON SACRED GEOMETRY AND SYMBOLOGY, The Pyramids and Sphinx were designed and created to access the realms within the Universe and so they aligned them to Orians belt, there were rites and rituals to everything, this is how the creator intended to communicate with us and raise the earths vibrations, but of course now a president cannot be sworn in to office if he is not facing the a certain position equal to 33 degree if measured by a compass, and is surrounded by buildings and monuments with certain symbols etched into them, lol so much more to say

        1. Which is why all the great monuments and important buildings are located on ley lines and energy grids. The use these symbols to harness the earth’s vibrations, symbols including the phallus, obelisk and dome.
          The ankh also contains everything from creation to now. As a matter of fact, science is just now catching up on what the ankh has always contained. Science just found Higgs Particle also called the God Particle and this was already encoded in the ankh. All part of our ancient African history. How is that for mind boggling. Obara, when you get a chance, read this.

          1. Also the monumental ‘Stonehenge’. While they still cannot determine how it was built and how they managed to transport the statues, it’s mind boggling how strategically placed on the Earth’s grids they are so as to usher in the summer solstice. Powerful knowledge.

  36. Obara, please explain what you meant by this: ( in particular, the eating of human flesh????)- and please correct me if I am wrong :bingung

    Let me say this, there is nothing wrong with blood sacrifices, (not humans of course), this is how we practice tradition in African and other places in the world, but the flesh given must be given to a particular deity, many prayers have to be said along with the correct incantations, and most importantly the flesh must be consumed for all in attendance..only of the work is bad the people do not eat the flesh, but of course we believe in WALKING IN LIGHT AND NOT DARKNESS….

  37. Obara, please explain what you meant by this: ( in particular, the eating of human flesh????)- and please correct me if I am wrong :bingung

    Let me say this, there is nothing wrong with blood sacrifices, (not humans of course), this is how we practice tradition in African and other places in the world, but the flesh given must be given to a particular deity, many prayers have to be said along with the correct incantations, and most importantly the flesh must be consumed for all in attendance..only of the work is bad the people do not eat the flesh, but of course we believe in WALKING IN LIGHT AND NOT DARKNESS….

  38. @Yep, yes yuh get it wrong mi fre, Humans are NEVER given as sacrifice, to do so is an ABOMINATION, That is not to say people do not do it, it is done in money ritual cases…in a Odu Ifa verse of a story is told, I would love to tell the story but I do not think you all would understand it, but the gist of it is God created a tree and within that tree there are all the animals in the world, anyone who could climb the tree all the way to the top would reap all the wealth of the world, Our Orunmila did so and the story is quite interesting, but it is said anyone who get to the top of the tree without climbing it limb by limb and encountering all those animals and defeating them have gained their wealth through money ritual, and this usually entails using human beings…ABOMINATION!!!

    1. okay mummy thanks for the clarification, but fa real doe Obara some ah dem now ah days pickney dem nuh fraud ah nuh third eye suh dem needs ah buss eye :sup2:

    2. Mi a tell unu something in a Jaimaica in a every parish certain family just have children at a certain and di pickney dem pair up for marriage etc…so u can know a girl weh a 25 and she and ar fren a fren for 25 years….u wi hear dem seh mainnly the woman a mi daughter him a go married to or etc and dem a compete but every body is paired up.. is not like a ting weh di bwoy and di girl nuh know…some time duue to circumstances di bwoy and di girl nuh deh and some time dem not attracted to each other…buut u wi hear dem seh …Mi shoulda married to …………………….so and so trust mi some strange tings gwaan a Jamaica ……

  39. @Real…..mi a read yu writings….ongle ting mi a tell yu sooo far is the Butch family is not old money. Continue.

    1. I never said they were…I said there thing is different they are the Jamaican part ….they are considered “white” Jamaicans ……the place is divided by name, parish, clubs and ofcourse profession…..and in Jamaica everything is a profession ….so the Chinese are professional business ppl ……

  40. @Foxxy and Lalibella, these Africans have retained the teachings of their ancestors, but it is not placed into a book, it is passed down orally, not because of its vastness but because they have been robbed through their own kindness of welcoming strangers as they did the Greeks who came, stole and what they couldn’t carry back with them they burnt. To know the secrets of the ancestors you would have to now be initiated into tradition, and of course when these Europeans realized that they could no longer gain access to some very important knowledge, they began to demonize AFRICA AND AFRICANS, but what is OGBONI?? ABORIGINE OR R/F??,,NO ONE KNOWS…google it and you will find hardly anything, ask an African and they will condemn it and tell you beware, and meet me around the corner and shake my hand with OGBONI handshake, lol…The Queen of England is OGBONI..R/F..ah doe know how dem let har in…but let me shush…In African on Sundays the Christians will go to church, and the Muslims will go to the mosque, then they ALL will come to the compounds bow their head to Ifa and shout…..AND GREET US ABORU ABOYE ABISESE!!…..SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!!

    1. But if you look at the grabs and headwear of the popes, they are all stolen from Africa. All their knowledge belongs to us, was stolen from us. That is the sole reason they burnt the library of Alexander. DNA has memory Obara, so even though centuries have passed, some Africans will still retain fractions of ancestral memory. They call Hippocrates the father of medicine and discard Imhotep who gave them medicine, science, philosophy, astrology and mathematics.

  41. Da topic yah so intense mi go a the store and a the phone mi use as back up nuh wah miss nuh comment ……@ foxy all next week if mi ansa you the debate caah dun.. so Chu obara come comment one person opinion just like everybody else …….him right …the rest a ppl Dem naw feed in to wah yah say so u jump pan obara comment U LUDDY….. nuh worry man yuh comment Dem a mash up the wall today mi luv debate and u mek that possible relax man we all have something fi say but mi done play wid yuh yah now yah ramp too much……….. but yah know mi a ansa cause mi luv it….1 anything yah wah call it witchcraft voodoo Dem still a devils works wah yah write again 3. Most a these higher up entertainers have demons so most things they sing about is what they did and yes partially the marketing part is true like I said earlier to draw more souls in….. and yes secrecy to the untrained eye everything is in plain sight who don’t understand will not see… if they were directly coming out and saying yea yea we are serving the devil knowing that god lives they couldn’t have brain wash so many ppl 4. So if yuh know pharaoh name why yah Neva enlighten me and tell mi him real name yah still nah get it …..when I say win I’m saying he did the devils work against god and no victory just like kartel….. and wah yah mean who build the pyramids a him give the orders a the ppl Dem weh him did a control a Dem build Dem ……. this last part mi feel it fi u how u fi put military commanders Inna the same wid Jesus god send him son fi sacrifice fi we what the hell do you mean? Mi luv Dem long ride yah a hope yah still deh deh eenuh

    1. @Latty ….the intent was not to show a parallel greatness; just to show that the greatest of men have all met their demise… Knowing that Jesus is European, like Alexander the Great, you should not be surprised by their names being mentioned in the same breath.

      When you talk about the Son of the Most High, you are talking about someone else.

    2. Go sit your ignorant ass down with your one bag of foolishness! I’ve tried to be nice, but seriously, one must know when to quit. At no time was I debating with you. How can I debate with madness. Obara and I have a relationship. She’s knowledgeable in the esoteric but being mundane, not only can you understand or appreciate the wisdom, instead you insist on spewing bullcrap.
      I’m done with you. As a great man once said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

      1. Lmao its funny how you spent all day and debate wit an ignorant ass like me your funny ……..when mi first comment up top you latch on to mi comment like white pan rice and a come talk bout you tried to be nice a wah mi say mek it hurt u so …..what u and obara relationship have fi do wid me a company yah look…. this is a public site mi talk how mi feel before you glad say yea we a talk pan some levels weh most ppl nah know bout …….relax man all lata mi still wah talk bout this a that’s why the site deh yah its impossible fi know everything say what you know and me say what me know

      2. If I may interject here for a minute……the both of you ( Foxy and Latty ) are two very intelligent and classy women ( I can safely assume this from years of reading your comments ) suh please!!…unu nuh badda badda slander nor degrade one another’s intelligence nor reasoning cause dis ah nuh nuh mixup thread topic. Unu left dat to the skettel bam dem. Please don’t cross lanes. Agree to disagree cause I’m learning a lot from the both ah unu :peluk

    1. @Lalibella this is why they killed Fela, he had 27 wives and he died from AIDS, and NONE of the wives had it…R.I.P Fela!!

  42. There is no one entity name the devil, GOD HAS NO ADVERSARY!!!!!…NONE!!!!!…LUCIFER is the closest angel to God, It is Lucifer who God, same God of David, God of Isacc, God of Shadrach Meshach and Abendigo that God gave command over this earth realm as the world police, I am not here to convince anyone, but religion has misled you, as a matter of fact, the preachers have, because the very bible tells you exactly what I just stated in Job chapter one, and you can recall when Jesus drove LEGIONS PLURAL) FROM THE MAD MAN AND THEY FLED INTO THE PIGS…Met and riches were correct when they commented tha Kartel “opened himself to theses forces to come in by the practices he did, he invited LEGIONS into his life…PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, PAY ATTENTION TO THE LAST PART,THE MESSAGE SHE GOT FROM WHO SHE DESCRIBED OF MOTHER MARY..SOMEBODY IN HOLLYWOOD GOT IT RIGHT….YUH THEY GOT IT RIGHT IN THIS MOVIE!!!

    1. Obara, yu know it’s a great task to even attempt to reverse the damage of missionaries? lolol…I do believe this demon entered this realm from the womb and not after’.

      BTW, him is no damn mason.

    2. None is worthy to be an advisory of the Most High, I concur, the God has no adversary… Lucifer or morning star is definitely not so such advisory.

      If Kartel wanted to gain knowledge and rebel, he should have rebelled in the manner that Fela did. Fela is a different kind of person, he married all 27 women at one time.

      I have never seen a more powerful entertainer and defender of his people…

  43. Nuff ppl in here a mix up power, obeah and masonry…some of the symbols that are masonry you would see it in their establishment they are builders they do a lot of “mason” work they develop land etc……My understanding is different does not mean either of us are right….Jewish signs are very similar to mason signs ….ie kaballah is a port of Judaism

    1. That’s why demon was able to fool the flock…dem hear of things and think a so it go. This demon wasn’t a Mason. If him daddy or a male generation wasn’t a Mason…then he wasn’t a Mason. Him have no skills of a Mason, no Military, Law Enforcement, accountant……, ziltch NOTHING that would even mek dem want him sweep lodge floor much less.

  44. No disrespect to any Free masons, aboru aboye abisese to all initiates of any order, first let me greet you with respect! @real the Jewish mysticism the Kabbalah is way way way beyond and above free masonry, our tradition of Ifa can almost be described as practical Kaballah, a long time ago I commented that kartel was operating on the spiritual realm of yetzirah, in this sephirpth (realm) there lies Lilith…..if you know and understand yetzirah you would understand how this guy ended up where he is now…do not get me wrong there is good and bad in all things, but in order to survive certain influences there must new Harmony, balance, I do not believe tha he kartel knew even what yetzirah is, but he accessed that sephiroth and it consumed and as he rose up he entered in to….. I wish I could open a school of metaphysics..we all need to learn ourselves in order to save ourselves

  45. Is a call mi get about this topic and mi haffi come see a what’s goings on let me say my piece cause a yasso nice….Ok from what I learn from yard and foreign is that lodge abd the masonry thing real addi might be fooling people but I think he’s a part of it he must have been trying to not take orders so they put a stop to him cause it’s not just now he has been sacrificing people it’s so much we don’t know I’ve seen some documentary on these things and he plays the part I read every single comment even tho some digress from the subject the main thing is this man dipped his hand in evil my aunt was married to afreemason she told me some things that shit is deep crazy stuff they do she died tho and she said he had a room in the house that she couldn’t go in and he always have meetings at this creepy place he told her some stuff after they got married but she didn’t know she was trying to get out when she new it was devil worship I think she was a threattohim and then cause they still don’t know what caused her death then I came to the states I found out this is all over a lot of big name people are in it he is into it that’s what I think the devil targets many

    1. Look at how Jennifer Hudson’s career took off after 3 members of her family were sacrificed/killed…and many more like her

  46. If anyone have the stomach for it find a book called the godetia, BIG WARNING HOWEVER, DO NOT CALL ANY OF THE NAMES YOU SEE THERE ALOUD, LOCK THE BOOK AWAY AND DO NOT PRACTICE ANYTHiNG THERE! If you cannot control yourselves DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT to buy the book. the author did not complete the information but the names and descriptions of the entities there are real, calling there names if you are strong still can be harmful, they all want work and these godetias are malevolent beings…

        1. Ok. Me know yu nu thin skin so you didn’t tek offense to me saying that…On the other hand, for those who will seek out the information and misuse it them can’t sey yu didn’t caution them…lol.

          1. Minnow lalibela, lol, but they have their place and position in the world, but I understand, I do not invoke them but in my work they pass through every now and again seeking my attention, but I walk in the light….they have their path and so do we…

    1. Obara, much love for the knowledge as I forever seek to be aware; however, I do not desire to invoke angels or demons–as that would be a lifetime and a full time job…

  47. very interesting read!

    Maybe a little off topic: I don’t want any one to think I’m mad or anything but when I found out Kartel was found guilty of his crimes the first thing that flashed through my mind was him being found dead in his cell because he killed himself. And I can’t seem to shake this thought from my mind either.

  48. Where do you all get this information from lol freemason has nothing to do with any blood sacrifice etc there are various cults that do that and kartel is not a Freemason Herod that publicity.most politicians Anglican priest dr.and other men of virtue good stating and good people are Freemason dem Nuh guh round and kill people and trouble anyone.i know Freemason that are not rich but they do ok I work with many have in my family meet hang with many and most things people say about them are lies I have even read their books and stuff that is not often seen by non members and have the opportunity to join know what kill us as a people? Lack of knowledge and seeking it guh read a book man and stop talk shit.same way how jay-z or kanye wear clothes or show a sign people try putting things together saying it means this That illuminati Freemason etc lol none of what unu think evil mean anything bad

    1. …and you should add that the entire Illuminati argument came about because of a fictional book/movie, by John Gresham…lol

      1. @Phantom, Dan Brown, author of Davinci Code wrote the novel ‘Angels and Demons’ about the illuminati. It was a good read but boy, I don’t think it was Dan Brown cos most of them screaming illuminati don’t read. They watch these idiotic videos on youtube and run with the nonsense.

    2. Buss, I too have friends who are Freemasons and like I’ve mentioned above, at lower levels it’s generally great networking and the like. Those who are not of the elite are not privy to any knowledge or secrets.

      I also agree that many people in good standing are Freemasons and partake in none of the aforementioned things. I also agree that the mass hysteria regarding Jay z and Kanye and the illuminati and the like are complete ignorance.

      However, at the upper echelons, your or my friends would never in their lifetimes be privy to the inner workings of the elite. Here, research Bohemian Grove for starters. Research Aleister Crowley (who by the way is rumored to be Barbara Bush’s biological father). The Popes and many at the Vatican are known to partake in many sex rituals and child sacrifice. At the surface, it seems preposterous but when you delve deeper, you will be amazed at what you find.

      1. Foxxy, huh??ah lie???Crowley??? Dem resemble enuh and yuh know who resemble Barbra to, Madame Blavatsky, founder of the theosophical society and author of Isis unveiled…..Crowley was a boy to Eliphas Levi. No man Foxxy we must talk….one day we will do a topic on Crowley and how he tied homosexuality into his spirituality and alchemy..sick! Dey don’t understand that homosexuality is actually a spirit belonging to the incubuss succubus realms

        1. @Obara, she’s the spitting image of the man. Her mother dated him and it’s said when she came back to the states she was pregnant but of course, she had to get married and pass the child off as the husband’s.
          There’s a thing called sex worship and that’s where they are sodomized. Crowley was called ‘the wickedest man on Earth’ and it was known that he indulged in child sacrifice, pedophilia, homosexuality and every known ill to man. But of course, being a so called aristocrat, it could fly.
          If people knew what goes on in the depths of the Vatican they wouldn’t be able to handle it. Some things are not for everyone.

          1. Yes Crowley was something else, he is well known but he could not walk in the shoes of the likes of Eliphas Levi or rudolf Steiner, dr de Laurence people fear you but I salute you, you were not evil just mid understood and a serious business man , you fooled the world, and although your peers did not respect you, you grabbed the attention of Jamaicans lol…rip

        2. @Obara, you know what has always intrigued me, many correlation and similarities between Princess Diana and Isis. Even her place of burial was symbolic. I’m sure you already know that that one sitting on the throne is the head of all the depravity in the world.

          1. Met tomorrow I’ll send you the link if I can find it. A guy name Rik Clay was doing some research and finding out a lot of information about Diana and the ley lines, the energy grid, the street names, some deep shit and he went on a radio show called Red Ice Creation and a few days later, then said he committed suicide. Handsome 27 year old guy. If anybody want to know truth, listen to Bill Cooper. Chances are, if the person is still alive, they are spreading disinformation.

      2. In reference to the Vatican and children…that’s also detailed in the guise of cherubs seen in many christian paintings.

    3. @Buss, absolutely correct, there is however a secret there and it would actually shock people envelope the initiates who they themselves do not know, lol, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, the mind is powerful the promise of the unknown but beautifully tempting stimulates humans and curiosity is a beast, if only you all knew!! There are however societies out there that are powerful again I will name the order if the rose, Rosicrucian, Nuff respect to them, especially all who studied Rudolf stein…Martinism….among others…..I will not even mention Africa who have societies deeper and more vast than these….free masonry is a smoke screen, what I mean is after you have climbed to the thirty three steps you r
      Enter if you are lucky enough into another realm, I say no more……@ lalibella Fela waste if the best, The powers thatbe killed him like they did Khalid Mohammed et al

    1. @Buss, what I surmise is that those who you know, who are allegedly of the Masonic order, if correct, they are highly discipline. Being close to them in the context of family, you are of the opinion that they would never misinform you.

      Entertain the notion that initiates will never be made aware of the truth and I am of the opinion that they only sought to pacify you with whatever, books that they gave you to read.

      Knowledge though abundant, is not given to all. Knowing that you can’t dispute that which have been mentions, you seek to discredit the content. All is well–if it it truth that you seek, then the truth will be revealed and if you seek that which is not true, that such will be your inheritance…

      1. One of the oath taken by the first apprentice is that should he reveal any of their secrets may their tongue be plucked from their mouths bad their eyes be gorged out…..they, through fear if these terrible oaths cannot reveal any secrets… Lol..poor thing dem…

        1. Hi Obara n Met, now that i see this about the gouging out of the eyes, I’m wondering if that young man from Scotia Bank that was murdered recently revealed some secret. He was very bright (had a law degree with honours and was also very proper. He seemed like the type who would be recruited ino thse societes. His death was so strange as I doubt it was a gay crime of passion

          BTW he is not buried yet as his mother cant bring herself to bury him, she says he’s not dead. I so feel it for this lady

          1. Yes Met, the Christian guy. I’m wondering if he had started the initiation didnt go thru with it became a christian and confessed.

  49. Met I’m a first timer but always a read is there any way I can give Obara my number or email fi link mi I’ve got some ???? Maybe she can Ana’s Tnxs

  50. hi everybody !been reading from day anyhoo @obara y wen legions r being cast out it always seem to fly ina pig? is it thts y dem nuh good fi eat? bwoy pig eva seem fi get a bad wrap …i like bacon =/

    1. Metty ah weh yuh fine dem ya bloggers from missis??Laugh til mi choke :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  51. De bible set him did go back go bless de pig, but on a serious note @kay, de pig is a dirty animal, who has de sweetest meat, yuh see temptation…lol..I do not eat it

    1. One of my earliest memories had me denying the consumption of the swine and by the time time I around 7 I likewise denied milk–of these things no true value commeth.

      The seemingly sweetest and nicest things are often times the worst for us–consumption wise…

      1. @Lalibela, I use to love some steak, love some Boston jerk pork but I no longer eat any such meat. I know the bible cautions against shrimp and lobster but nowadays, I only eat seafood, I’m not even a fan of chicken anymore, and I only eat them wild. I do not drink cow’s milk, we are the only creatures that feed from another species breast. I drink almond milk. I do only organic and now I’m consciously aware of what I consume. If people enlighten themselves on the things they eat, they would radically change their diets.
        For example, most black people still eat like slaves. The masters use to throw the slaves the rejects like the feet, tongue, skin, tails, intestines…just like animals and to this day, it’s what blacks eat as delicacy. From the oxtails, the chicken foot, the tripe and beans, the cow foot, pigs tails, pigs feet and all that crap. Residuals of slavery.

        1. @Foxxy, the more you grow within your spirituality the more turned off of meat you will be, it weighs down the spirit, read Ponder on this by Alice Bailey and Dr L. w de Laurence did a piece on it also I will send it to you

        2. @Foxy, you are your way. Powers greater than me has always sought to guide me.

          This is a powerful blog–I have been sitting in this Whole Foods parking lot for the longest…

          1. @Met, I went to purchase some items, saw the traffic and then I just got carried away with the blog and decided to stay put… I travel with a laptop and a tablet everywhere that I go…

        3. Lawd gad Foxy!! Now yuh putting me in between a hard rock and place…I LOVE tripe and beans and REFUSE to eat mi stew peas and rice if it huh hav likkle piece ah pigtail inna it fe flava up the stew…gee wiz, thanks Foxy :sorry

          1. Yeppie did any of us conclude that Kartel is free mason? Because mi waa know when that was eva di pinnacle a our discussion

          2. Metty, I have not come to that conclusion, but have always suspected him as being very dark and evil…something in his eyes always threw me off. will say this with absolute certainty…The eyes are the doors to your soul and he just always appeared soul less. As the dreadie dem did seh the otha day, I liked the beats to most of his songs, but was never enticed to listen to the words cause they always spoke of wrong doings or murder. Him is also not ah memba of any secret society wid alla dem deh voice notes him like leave bout the place fe guh rat and chat out the people dem secrecy?!….UNU MAD?!?! :hammer

  52. Food for thought:

    “Wisdom (saith Solomon) is to a man an infinite Treasure,
    for she is the Breath of the Power of God,
    and a pure Influence that floweth from the Glory of the Almighty.

    She is the Brightness of Eternal Light,
    and an undefiled Mirror of the Majesty of God,
    and an Image of his Goodness;

    she teacheth us Soberness and Prudence,
    Righteousness and Strength;

    she understands the Subtilty of words, and Solution of dark sentences;
    she foreknoweth Signs and Wonders, and what shall happen in time to come;
    with this Treasure was our first Father Adam fully endued…”

    1. This is why I pity those @lalibella who chase material wealth and slight spiritual knowledge, Wisdom, I worry not about my children because I have taught them very we’ll, and that is more that any weight of gold

      1. They are lost Obara and easily led astray. They chase wealth and for 5 years of hype end up spending the rest of their youth and lives in prison.

        Obara, are you back yet cos I’ve been dying to speak to you enuh

          1. Alright, so we haffi speak on Viber then cos it’s free. Met will give you the number.

          2. Met mi have so much emails, yuh have to give me it on whatsapp. And mi nah log on pon yuh site tomorrow cos I didn’t do a thing all day.

  53. @obara lol a d bacon me mainly eat still but bwoy me a try dwl! @MET how do you keep sane? you uncover so much do you feel safe?do u have any fear? yuh strong is all i know cuz me wuda well paro ,well i guess im not on ur level

      1. i hope u dont take any offense !im jst curious …well i do believe in God bt not everything the bible says bcuz God himself never write it and i feel like its written to ones understanding

  54. whoever made tht pope comment i really do believe some things gwan enuh ! there is this show on hbo da vincis demons n suppose u see hw d pope is depicted and i cnt help bt to believe some truth to it..sigh give it a watch

  55. Kartel is of no secret societies….dese societies are built around loyalty an secrecy, kartel possess no such personal qualities, kartel is a attention junkie an him talk every rass ting him do…..but him very manipulative an clearly love to LEAD suh di notion dat him try form him own ting may not be too far fetch

    1. lolol…

      Him would a betta off a try learn how to become a carpenterl rather than a “lord” over a band of misfits and plague to society…lol

  56. Lawd, do mi a beg unno. Go tek up a book and read!!! Somebody like Kartel would have never been allowed to join the Free Masons. They are a group of God fearing upstanding citizens both of which we know Kartel is NOT. There are in fact secret societies that worship the devil, etc but they are not Freemasons or use the same symbolism. A simple search on google will lead you to that information. Met, please mi a beg yuh if you are going to publish something on free mason make sure it’s FACTUAL not information you hear at the hairdresser or from a creative mind. Since you are so good at copy and paste try find a balanced, factual article that you can read and educate yourself and subsequently your readers. Some of them anyways. It burn me to see the level of ignorance and dunce in the Jamaican community that is often revealed on this site. Mi shame fi unuh! *drops mic walks off stage*

      1. When you come on here under the disguise of trying to insult, read what’s up for discus least you embarrass yourself. If my copy and pasting habits affect you don’t read them least you break out in hives. Please pick up your mic and remain on stage , it would have been good to remain quiet than to scream and look like a lost fool.

    1. where is sand man when you need him with his cane to drag your dumb asss and your mic off the stage? SHET UP!!

  57. Let’s look at it this way, any ghetto u live in or come from the gun locking rules are the same ( u loose gun u either get it back or get slap weh” it’s a common street rule. The man dem sell the strap dem and think them could have gotten away with it

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