1. It’s always a shame to see talented individuals throw it all away. I keep saying, if you didn’t make it in the drug game 10 years ago, you are a decade too late now. That train has already passed.

  2. A mi fi tel u u kno ow long mi did a tel sum ppl da gravy train is approaching its final
    Destination wen mi stop nuh ppl say mi a idiot but mi Neva care coz mi nah go a
    Jail leg my pickney dem fi suffer thru my own greed by d sweat of u brow u shall
    Eat bread an a dat me do find mi self a job an mi happy don’t affi worry bout getting
    Deported caz a dem fast money bizness

  3. I heard this morning that it was Corey in lockup that is the one in the red, but if in fact it’s the one with the arrow that is Dwayne & he has been out of the group before they went over to Gaza.They still remain friends, but it’s funny how his middle name is Keneale, cause Keneale is the one with the bag on (not saying they can’t have the same name now). But Corey is not yet 30 years old & whichever one it is mi hear ah nuh di first him ah dweet. Bwoy mi wish mi wen deh ah yaad fi get di whole fullments. I believe Keneale was in New York inna di February too ( which still don’t mean nothing still) but just trying to piece everything together.

  4. Mi just confirm & it is in fact Keneale the one with the bag & yu know say yesterday mi look pon him facebook page. Wow ah mi likkle fren yu know even tho a long time we nuh talk.

  5. @met, the one wid di bag over him shoulda get lock up, bwoy , princess brown work in line wid the boys dem to get dennis, what a set up !!!

  6. Smuggla…..weh yu big time Jewish Lawyer deh? Court appointed Atty nah guh mek it wid Kingpin charges bredda. Yu goose a season if it nuh done cook arredi.

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