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  1. Yes daddy. You GO !!!
    It is something in the food ( genetically modified foods and hormones in the cow milk and the tv and music programming causing these children to behave so these days maybe…
    I LOVE how the father does NOT belittle her using obscene language or putting her down in any way…
    ” my * BEAUTIFUL* daughter .”
    KEY WORDS here that PICKNEY Nuh seem to UNDERSTAND nowadays… Even mine at times:
    Nuh let up pon d pickni dem these days… Dem too outta orda

  2. She want a kick in a are face .she think she a big woman a woulda give are big woman treatment .met 1me woulda pepper a are little pussy 2 She better be good or she die 3 met hi don’t play with kids if she a big woman she go pon are own get are place find are food an pay ar bills them

    1. You are a sick mofo! Unno beat kill unno pickney all di time and if dem nuh dead dem body full a scars and dem half mad in di end. I hope you man peppa u rass and kick een ur face. Lowlife bitch wid a uterus a glorify child abuse.

  3. Good job Daddy. Since she’s already 5′ 9″ tall, let her put her energies into either basketball or athletics and lef man alone.
    Imagine at age 10….too prime!!!

  4. @ mother of LI Times … U NEED COUNSELLING…. Bitch.
    ( sorry for my language but I PISSED off…)
    So u woulda ‘ pepper her vagina?’ And beat her down with ‘big OMAN treatment?
    Great parenting… U see where that behavior has landed us in the ghettos of jamaica, and other islands where the downtrodden continue to make babies early, run away from home and Nuh RISE from their situation.
    This BARBARIC form of ‘ parenting’ will do NOTHING to help this child. Only make her WORSE.
    – we must keep d lines of communication open… She is TEN fi God’s sake, not even a teenager at fifteen or sixteen. We must deal with children in a humane manner.
    I am sorry if your mother ‘ peppered YOUR crutches,’ a lot of ignorant parents did that back in the days… But let me ASK u something?
    Did all that beating and pepper on you pu**y keep you AWAY from the buddy or sex forever? It does NOT.
    – children learn what they live-
    Give them dignity honesty and a open line of communication and a chance to correct their mistakes.

    1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    2. Mi seh mi reply before mi see urs. Dis low-life bitch a glorify child abuse. Sick mofo wah need a bloody lobotomy fi set har arse straight. Can u believe the vile shit she just wrote as though a nutten? Is too bad JA cops nuh have tracking software fi track har and remove all children and put dem a state care. Lobotomy and hysterectomy fi har stat!
      When mi haffi siddung and watch story after story pon mi screen here in Toronto of Jamaican parents wah murder dem pickney eena beating incidents, their so-called disciplining. Every rass ting a lick and lick dung fi any infraction till dem kill off di innocent child. You heart ache fi know seh anybody can treat children suh.
      Thank goodness you had the composure to formulate a reflective response, kudos for keeping it together.

  5. Hope she larn har lesson..it nuh pretty out deh, and dem yah pedos nowadays just deh wait innah di corner fi pounce at di fuss slip. Glad him ketch on quick and ah try put har innah har grade..

  6. @ soft spot millions thumbs up well said mi na add na subtract. @ tinan wen u comment most a di time mi haffi laugh u funny. Yep watz up u another hilarious one. A Weh yawdy pon dat topic ya.

  7. @ yep U c from wen mi a ask u fi tell mi how u get the funny characters a u no fill mi in a Mek u buyas so mi wa u fi concert help mi please!

  8. @motherofLitimes I hope to God u don’t have a daughter with ur type a tthinking so u will throw ur flesh n blood out to DA wolves n mek them eat har flesh? Nutten out there but vampires look at da post of the 14 n 23month ole baby dat get rape u sick n twisted God go wit u kmft

  9. A waan shake di faadah hand. Some a dem gal pickney yah too quick. What di hell she a run dung but fi get a belly then r poor parents haffi go end up minding di baby the world and all the different length dicks in it nah run go nuh whe. She need fi enjoy r childhood because she cah get dat back.

  10. It is so refreshing to see a father deal with this so dignified and diplomatic. My God she is 10 years old, a baby!!! she need fi wear dah tshirt deh and dem pink clip deh di entire week go skool…OTA-A ADA..

  11. Family, I’m bout to turn in early tonite…gotta get up early and make a few runs, plus one ah mi favorite movies is on right now *Driving Miss Daisy* so I gotta tune in…love love love ya’ll, suh inna the morrows :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  12. It is fathers like these that make women stay away from scum.
    She’ll be embarrassed at school, but I’m sure his point was understood.

  13. How yuh mean daddy, a gwaan like she a woman before time yuh shd an put har inna 1 frilly frilly church frock wid d frilly frilly socks dem and a church boot fi match d bubbles & clips, outa order & force ripe, 2 likkle strand a hair a spring up under dem arm & pan dem likkle chocho & dem fell like dem a woman, & d moment dem man deh hit it dem nuh waan dem again, dem move on to d next conquest.

  14. a hope a chiney bump she wear the whole a next week and sum socks wid bow nd frill pon it …he did the rite thing

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