hunty bev please learn to sit with ur legs closed like a big lady should. also hunty bev it full time now u retire from dancehall and stay home with ur grandkids and knit 2 sweater cause if u keep walking up and down the dance u will put more pressure on ur feet and them will end up looking like this. please stop. ur health should come first not dancehall.


  1. Good Afternoon Met & Metters.
    @ Hunty Bev’s niece, y u wanna assign Hunty Bev roles that u think she should be doing? Had she been in church and standing on her feet for more hrs than she does at the party would u have cared so much as to suggest she may develop elephantitis. Is Hunty Bev in the party disrespecting herself and other ppl? Furthermore is she hurting anyone? Everyone has a vice and if partying is hers let her party. What’s urs?

  2. I was going to say the same thing Startled! How the sender going to tell somebody when they should stop going out???? Why she must stay home to mind someone else’s children? If you don’t want to see her in the party, then how bout you go to a club where the 18 to 25.yr olds hang out? Girl bye

  3. Look how di lady look nice. Damn bright bout knit sweater. Ah mus mad senda madd seh di big ooman ah outshine har.

  4. Wat Bev she talking couldn’t b Wall Street cuZ whoeva u are state ur name cuZ u will get gunned down n box up ! Stop hiding behind ur computer pussy !!!!

  5. If she wanna go out when she 85 make she go out. Foh her bloodclaat bissnezz that.. Whoever sent this in go suck out your mumma and be born again!!

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