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  1. It hurt me fe see how Marlene just sit boob boob sit . This man have she like a puppet on a string. There’s video on them page wey the recording pick up he’s saying to she what you saying i don’t want you to say the wrong thing . A big woman like dat having a man coaching her about every move Marlene you have sell your soul to the devil my dear ‘ no way your happy and no one grudge your slave Hype lifestyle you both need freedom from your self & rehab. By the way u face caving in sit boob boob sit Marlene.

  2. har hairstyle and him nose match __________________________________no wi need more video dwrcl,them is comedy

  3. :hammer Why they always showing expensive shopping bag and Sky forever Inna cheap clothes and hair spoil?

  4. They harmless entertainment,i kinda like em is only when him bad up and hackle up himself mi no too rate that.

  5. Face too tough n mawga(meagre) fi dat hairstyle. Look like dem old starving heffer.

    D people dem seh fi leave dem mek dem live,how unnu know seh she nuh happy wid wah she ‘hab’?

  6. A wah dis man? The gay guys seh wi low dem, ok we leave one. Mi like di passenger yute cute two.

  7. These two move more like father and daughter rather than two adults inna relationship. I’m sure this man all buy dis gal her pads and panty dem so I know him finance her botched plastic surgery. She’s fake from head to toe literally so you know her self-esteem lower dan Satans SETI. There’s nothing more beautiful than two people who are genuinely in love, but I feel sey she’s in love with his spending and he’s in love with the control he has over her. Either way what ever works fi dem

  8. Where is this lady edges? Har head side look peel out like some Jancrow head back. Wah no edges a go?

  9. I rather be broke & happy inlove than being Rich & ugly with a woman beater. Marlene so hype brother in prison doing life what a family you run to . You think the muma easy every cent is hers that’s a dangerous mother inlaw u can’t only lef with your two dogs if u Lucky to walk away with the family secret a hear them wok u lik mule state to state trapped wife .

  10. Mi nuh too sure if mi like him on his own but I think they cute together y’all keep saying he’s mad but Marlene look mad too suh wah unnu point. He is the director and she is the leading lady in this poppy show so yes he is gonna tell her cut when she messes up lol

  11. i don’t know these ppl in real ;ife but i follower her and i love them both. always happy and full of fun… what is really the problem here????. can’t you guys just live and love each other.. why the shade at any given moment… i am sure these ppl have done none of you no harm but you took it upon yourselves to speak ill of them whenever the chance arise!!.. if she looks stress out its because of all the ill will you guys throw at them.. no wonder lesser ppl commit suicide, because not everyone can take this kind of stress. i am sure she feels like absolute crap everytime she reads these hateful comments!!.. come now man!… the creator puts us on this earth to take care of each other, not to tear each other soul apart sheeeeesh..

  12. Dat ketch up inna two hairstyle sumting deh a Jamaica maddest hair style dat dung a yawd now at least a dat dem say when Mi see few a Mi school fren dem inna it

  13. Ah true mi hear dem ah chat but how she ah tell ppl how passion ah tell hair sister how him want har back and how she nuh want him cause him bruck. But hold An deh met ain’t PASSION IN A RELATIONSHIP? Har him and di new gal bruck up ah ready? Because mi like how him look with har still. Marlene face too hard meh nuh know weh him see in har to begin with it faddah

  14. But wait deh how passion ina relationship but him ah try talk to me? Mi confuse yuh see why mi don’t deh with dancehall man smh em have him Oman all ova him page and ah look other Oman smh poor idiat gal meh feel sorry fi har…. Because she seems like ah good gal but ah dag will be ah dag


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