Apparently Vegas bun out Drake wid di sampling poppy song and seh him neva rate wha Drake duh..Well si poppy come ansa yah seh drake a him bredda..But a same way Diddy did bredda dem up and scrape from di music to so Popcaan keep ur eyes open


  1. Admin can you turn of the sound on the advertisement or tell me how to tuh cuz it annoying bad it a play right through and through mi can’t even hear this yah a just dis loud ad a over shadow it.

    As tuh Vegas mi nuh yuh wi neva mention ntn more bout popcaan after this,what popcaan need fi know is how to make money and lego this breda shit,if yah get a change fine but don’t come gwaan like fool and mek a next man a eat while yah watch him eat.

    1. off* it all a tek long fi load and mi typing nuh slow mi complete a word and then minutes after it a type it out

  2. No surprise here popxaan star struck. He doesn’t even get what’s going on. Dem man ya a straight teef dancehall reggae gi life to every damn music.

    1. behaving like a true damn groupie, while a next man a eat meal from the pot a food him spend hours cooking up ….a guess him never learn dat part a de business from him former boss

  3. What Drake did wasn’t kool but Drake and poppy have a relationship so we don’t know how them deal wid it behind the scene! Popcaan an Vegas a nuh friend so why Vegas a Gwan like him a some spokesman fi dancehall or some union rep him fi Bill.

  4. Why di fcuk poppy nuh do sumting bout dem yes men deh Inna di backgrung!Annoying n disgusting af!

  5. They don’t get it, sad part is they probably never will. Mr. Vegas spoke nothing but the truth. Let them be Vegas, dats shy nuff a dem get use like a bitch.

  6. Popcaan is a clown for dat
    I bet any money Drake ain’t pay him
    The problem with a lot of artistes is that they thing isnt copyright so whether him mad or not drake can use him however
    Drake is flexing like the true Jew he is
    Poppy flexing like a frightened uneducated ghetto nigga sad but true

  7. While Popcaan stupid ass can’t even come to America, england or Canada. Why him no ask ovo to sponor him so he can get a visa since he feel drake ia his friend so much. Controlla was a hit with popcaan on it then he releases the album and he is not even featured on it anymore. Then his dumb ass sitting there sounding like an idoit talking about low Drake. Drake came from riches even before degrassi. So he is taking advantage of popcaan ignorance. He dont even have a good agent to represent him and demand what is due. Hes good with a couple of chains and some new cars. Young and stupid and sad. Now that i know he’s an idoit i can’t vibe with his music anymore. Hes been a groupie nigga since vybes. Which grown man not boy calls another grown man daddy. Maybe thats how he got his name…from getting popped in the ass real talk

  8. All him a tell the youths is get high and be a bad man. Damm idiot can’t even tour outside the islands. Any supporter of that f***y he said is an idoit like him. Vegas has been in the game 20+ years and still touring. Anyone with good business sense would at least take what he said into consideration. My point is he doesnt wven have that. An agent or manager should have told him not to tespond let Drake defend it bc Vegas a talk the truth. Beyonce new song “hold up” is on a straight reggae beat she even says “me no” a truth Vegas a talk.. Big up your damm self Vegas anywhere you deh. An make them idoits hang themselves.

  9. I think people are blowing this thing out of proportion. Drake doesn’t need dancehall to sell records and I dont think he is using the dancehall culture in his music to sell records. I think with him being Canadian it comes very organically since, just like in the UK, dancehall and Jamaican culture heavily influences pop culture. None of us know why Popcaan was removed from the song but It very well might have to do with the fact that he cannot travel to promote/perform the song. Drake is not a one man team that solely decides who and what material goes on his album. Releasing a record is a BUSINESS that many people have a final say in.

    1. Absolutely correct!

      Popcaan should have maintained his silence and not even addressed Vegas, cause opinions are like buttholes, everybody got one.

  10. Being illiterate and arrogant is really something else, This bwoy popcorn sound like a duncebat, I don’t expect anything better from him anyways, the few change Drake give him is not in any comparison to what drake makes off the record, and for whatever reason this DUNCE not on the song, Him coming to address Vegas who talking the truth shows how much him is a true RETARD. Who listen to these idiots? The younger generation is in trouble I tell yah.

  11. Met word in the street is that Vegas is upset that he was not on the album and i believe. He is a bitch like that.

  12. Am not defending anyone mi jus a try split justice…..rap/hiphop and reggae dancehall these 2 genre have a long very long history of taking from each other there’s a whole list of melodies, punchlines, lyrics, songs, slangs concept, beats dat we Neva originate , dancehall artis take dem from rap/hiphop/RnB…. Vegas himself did a whole album a cover songs from other genre and in him own video him seh him did it fi promote himself, eeda way yuh still a exploit somn weh nuh belong to you….notice di riddim dem these producers a make nowadays! Yuh haffi have melody fi ride dem yuh cyaa jus straight up dj pon dem, das why every artis now tun sing jay be cuz dem abandon di original one drop riddim an a sample wid hiphop beats I cud go on and on wit dis but mi sure ppl wid a good musical history si weh mi a seh….. a rappers/RnB artis mi use to hear a sing which part a gyal dem waa suck an which part a dem gyal fi suck now almost every dancehall artis a sing how gyal fi suck dem hood, these tings were never in our songs smfh…..if drake went tru all di legality to acquire di right to sample di songs and him and di artis come to some agreement I don’t see how is dat culture vulture, Rihanna work work, Justin bieber sorry, and drake sample songs were all produce by Jamaican producers, if unu waa ppl stop vulture pon reggae dancehall music den unu stop vulture pon other ppl music simple as dat.

  13. Dancehall music has gone to the dogs. Popcaan doesn’t have a business mind and will never become as wealthy as Drake. Drake and his team didn’t want to pay popcaan that’s why popcaan didn’t get any credit. I hope popcaan really listen to what Vegas is saying,read between the lines.

  14. Vegas has no reason to be upset cause he is not on it cause nothing nah gwaarn pond it… just a few old samples as he was looking for more input on the album from beenie or popcorn… He is saying not is a bit of a joke although he is not on it…

  15. Not even Stephen Di genius got his credit to work on the album! VEGAS U RIGHT ON THIS ONE ! Drake and 40 a culture vulture! Dem new artist a rapper groupie! Big up BOUNTY,SHABBA STAND THEM GROUND FOR DANCEHALL

  16. Ignorancy, poor popcaan should have stayed quiet. “Sorry fi mawga dog dem turn roun bite you”

  17. People need to understand the American music industry. It’s Drake’s album yes but he doesn’t get the last say. He has bosses that has bosses. It has to do with the record label it wasn’t nothin personal. Drake is a way bigger musician than poppy is and he bigs him up all the while. Jamaican ppl are so small minded it’s crazy (my parents are Jamaican so I would know) Drake can’t just “sponsor” popcaan, Drake isn’t in charge of Canada so he cannot say who can come and go. You ppl are just so negative and bad mind I don’t care, it’s the truth.

    1. Nobody said he could bring popcaan to Canada. We know he can’t….and I understand the American music industry….you clearly missed Vegas’ actual point completely. Furthermore, there are small minded people in everywhere…so do not generalize Jamaicans….and I was born here as well….just the way you said “my parents are Jamaican so I would know” tells me what kind of person you are….

      Leave Jamaicans alone Miss America…this is above you….gone right over your head

      1. But we’re not talking about “everywhere” so why am I gonna comment on everywhere, popcaan is Jamaican and this is a Jamaican based group lol and his point was that popcaan wasn’t on the album so no I did not miss the point. And someone did comment about Drake helping popcaan come over seas. What I’m trying to say is you guys don’t know the full story or the reasoning behind why he wasn’t on the album so why bash him and popcaan both? Why jump to conclusion without knowing the full story, that’s my point. It was business and nothing personal. Im glad popcaan is smart enough to know that.

  18. Mi can’t even listen to Vegas anymore even when he’s talking facts and truth so I had to read the comments f on the bloggers to get the gist of the argument, Vegas chat too much him need fi focus pon fi him ting sing more chat less, in business not everything is about cash, relationships are equally important as someone stated up top, the production of an album involves several others and every decision is taken with a purpose in mind so there must be a good reason why papi was left off the final cut. Low Di Yule dem days why all your woman dem mus f@ck pon yuh kmt

  19. Drake a sex him inna him battam now!
    Vegas chat too much fi true sometimes now but him a talk truth still

  20. Drake made a fool of Whizkidd too, afrobeats artiste . Him go harder than Blackbeard on this album international theif

    1. Not so true, their song, One Dance, is doing exceptionally well, which has allowed Wizkid to be the first Nigerian to have a number one song on the billboard charts. So Wizkid is winning.

      Popcaan time will come, sometimes what we think is the ceiling is just the floor. That is why I believe he is doing right to keep his mouth shut. I wouldn’t make an enemy of anyone especially if mi nuh ketch no weh yet. Humble calf suck di most milk. Pappy’s talent is unquestionable, him time fi go international is coming and it may not even teck a collaboration fi dweet. Beenie, Shaggy and SP did it on their own, all him need is focus, good songs and great management.

  21. Vegas ever buss anybody? Uve had plenty of international eyes on u n theres plenty talent in ja

  22. I can understand what Vegas is doing, but dumb ass Popcaan like what his doing right now he doesn’t want to travel the world, he wants to stay within the islands… If Drake was so much of your friend he would help you, get out there and be seen by all…
    Instead of you getting ignorant about what the man had to say, why not sit and she you know what him right, and get your recognition like you should, just like all artists should… Give credit were credit is due and stop use people music and make it your own without even giving the royalties for it and recognition… I bet you Sean Paul made sure BeyoncĂ© paid him for being in her video, these artists needs to get smart and stop being idle…

  23. Bwoy Pop Caan & his bag of merry men sound awfully dense, dunce & illiterate sah. My advise to Pop Caan, firstly lose that crowd of men, because it’s for the same reason why your dawdy is in prison right now. After you lose them maybe you will not only be able to hear clearly what Vegas is saying, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll also be able to understand what he’s saying. Though I won’t hold out hope for that. He called you a girl before in some silly tweet, well this video makes you look like Drake’s bitch.

  24. How does poppy sound shame in his voice lmao no sah y’all are delusional and always want to make little things a big thing. Popcaan wasn’t even the only artist to get cut, Kanye and JayZ were also cut.IT WAS ALL BUSINESS NOTHING PERSONAL. Drake isn’t in charge of the last products of his album so many other people are involved. And for all you dumb people say why don’t drake help popcaan by bringing him over seas you idiots, DRAKE is not in charge of Canada’s immigration nor is he in charge of the US’ immigration. Stop being so small minded and negative, you your f***ng brains.

    1. Help does not always come in the form of a visa. Sounds like you have a personal relationship with Drake to how yuh know di ting, true? LMFAO

      1. Lol but how does anyone know if he helps popcaan or not. Just because it isn’t out there? Why does he have to broadcast what he does for him? Or why does popcaan have to broadcast it? I think ppl should know their facts before passing any judgements.

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