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Truthfully, I was a little skeptic to share my music due to the maliciousness we are sometimes subjected to as Jamaicans. I have observed the YouTube commentaries which are worldwide and very different from those of my Jamaican country-men. I appreciate the feedback, both negative and positive, all will be taken into consideration.

Look out for my next single ….’’But I Love You” this month on YouTube. Once again, I appreciate everyone’s input, it takes interest to activate thoughts.
I would like to express my gratitude to a few people; Thanks to Grammy Award Winning Producer Omen (who has worked with the likes of ;Drake, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Fabulous, etc….) from StadiumRed Studio in Harlem, NY for making the beat for my single “Doing It RIght,” you said it would create a buzz and it did! Also, thanks to KillaCam, my video director for believing in the dream and capturing moments I wish could last forever. Thanks to my engineer Joe! A special thanks to my family, you have supported me when I needed it. You have been there to cheer me up when I was feeling down…I love y’all. Last but not least thanks to Met/JMG for the support.

“If you’re looking for happiness, follow your heart…not your mind. If you’re looking for success, follow your mind…not your heart. If you’re looking for both, keep searching you’re not alone” -Lolita.

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  1. Spit some dancehall that the american fans can understand and I am sure you will get some love. Mix dancehall with hiphop.

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