22 thoughts on “LOLOL IF AH LAUGH ..ANGEL WHY O?

  1. D’Angel look like she panicking about getting old. Poor thing. D’Angel please try to age gracefully. Put away them old cheap claat claat and short up short up cartoon colour colour and invest in some nice attire. You nuh have fi old up yuh body but wear some nice classy things. Linen, maxis, etc. You need a stylist.

    1. No. Krystal is 28 & D’Angel a draw fi 48. :ngakak

      Seriously though, D’Angel is in her early 40’s.

  2. Dexter must be turning in his grave to see her now.

    RIP Dexter, for all who didn’t appreciate you before, now they know how much assault to their eyes you prevented.

    1. Cindy behave causen seh what angel is fighting dexter couldn’t roll it back him wudda roll same way ina life..Same way she did cuss carlene seh she old and she young..krystal a do the same to her without saying the words

      1. Yeah Met, him couldn’t roll back what she’s fighting, but as sure as Dexter was who Dexter was, he could help her roll with it tastefully & gracefully. I never did understand younger people using old as cuss to other people. Well now she knows & she has an opportunity to do it better because is not like shi fava Macka (yea I said it) so she should do better so we can rate her up rather than laughing at her.

        D’Angel please a beg yuh, tek a page outta Lisa Hanna book fi mi nuh please. Mi nah seh you haffi guh all corporate glam, but tek a paragraph offa har page – but memba seh a Carlene best fren so don’t guh to hard with the followings.

  3. @1:08 u too bad… D’Angel need to set her ass down. Age is a honor she better take it and be happy.

    1. But she looks good suh mi nuh know why she haffi a overdo it..Angel looks good and her face wont age because she has the cheeks..

      1. Aunty just hope those apple( cheeks ) don’t end up drop! From Spice resurrect fallen Angel she become the chaos god seth on IG me nuh tink she ritid none tall! Her dressings and actions says it all!

        1. So what u implying mi niece? Mek mi :tkp
          But is true something spirrychal a gwaan rite dere rite dere :ngacir2

  4. D Angel your natural beautiful Jamaican woman please stop those clown dressing antics videos on Instagram your ageing just fine . Don’t worry you will find a decent grown man that appreciate you cool pretty D Angel don’t let crystal drive you crazy.

  5. Met you know D Angel looks way younger that Krystal! Lets talk the truit.. Sometimes roaming cocky that you have to be watching age you real fast..

  6. Much respect to both ladies! However, Krystal looks way older than 28 and much older than Angel, who has a more feminine softness about her and more sex appeal. Krystal, on the other hand, has a much harder edge to her. But both are beautiful in their own right.

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