1. Heh haaayyy! We deh yah and we large and in full charge, one more year of progress pan the non entity them, any way I am appealing to all mi family of Pink wall blogger to support my peoples in this movie, it’s a good movie, done by our own local peeps in Florida. Big up Bev, aka Toya goodas, with a ton of ambition, always doing progressive things, lots of great things in the makings, we are go getters and trend setters. This movie will be in theaters in Jamaica in February 2015. Please don’t allow bad mind to get the best of uno, please to support the thing. Thanks in advance.

    1. Was di same comment mi wa b out to leave. Sick a dem. If a nuh violence a some kinda music industry themed movie. Creativity dead eena di movie industry a yawd. Whaapen to a sci-fi, rom-com, adventure, fantasy, drama?

  2. Smh! Jamaicans as usual, crab in a barrel, uno know is garbage, and is only YouTube it’s going to be watched on, Lol, I am glad uno is not God, and he alone have last word, and who God choose to bless you have best believed no one can curse. So with that I am not even looking at the nay sayers, the white man comes out with all kinds of f..ry and make box office hits, the only thing we as black people do is set to criticised each other, when we see the next black person a try, but, God runs things same way, and uno poison mouth can’t stop this,
    Uno own bad mind ago kill uno ina uno sleep.

    1. Are you directly connected to the movie?
      Personally, I would love to see the Jamaican movie industry reach to the highest heights, but even you must admit that the industry has been oversaturated with violent and drug themed movies for some time now, particularly as the country struggles with crime and violence. I seriously doubt any of the commenters have any ill intent toward the movie makers. I am hungry to see other genres of movies in JA films, starving in fact. If we can go compete in bobsledding why we can’t have a Jamaican western? I cannot believe a nation that is so innovative in many areas is still stuck in one mode when it come to films. It’s just time for the movie makers to start thinking outside the box.
      The first time I commented I actually watched the video without the sound, but after reading your comment I watched it again with the sound on, and I have to agree with most of the comments. Everybody in every scene is asking about their money. I feel like I have already watched the entire film by just watching the trailer.

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