Good day Met,

Two quick issues including a be on the alert warning to all. Firstly we hope the new JA Govt can modernized our dilapadetd and archaic sewer/water pipes on the island.This is very important becuase of the millons of water leakage losses National Water Commission is reporting. More importantly these old sewer lines are filled with dangerous crawling animals like scorpions and forty legs.

Met u ever feel like u have a guardian angel that communicates to u n always a give u a hint or a funny feeling yet??‎Well me siddung pon di toilet n outta di blue a mind sey get up n OH GOOD GOD OF ALMIGHTY the universe largest 40legs dat a come straight up from Inna di toilet pipe hole come crawl pon di seat! I tun fool but had enuff sense fi draw fi di washing brush n claat him! I will have nightmare thinking abt what would’ve been had it reached my butt. I made a vow to GOD that NOTHING will EVER EVER get in my butt!

Plz look and look again before u sit down on ur toilet seat cuz it doesn’t matter how pristine ur bathroom is,they will come thru the toilet hole ppl.

4 thoughts on “LOOK BEFORE YOU SIT

  1. Even in my private comfort space i look then flush ,then look and flush again before actually sitting..seen way too much story of snakes actually coming through the sewer lines,plus a bright ass night light in my restroom.I will not use it in the dark at all

  2. Your only concerned was your butt huh…I’m sure as a man when u sit u dick go inside the toilet to , it’s not hanging outside …suh suppose Mr scorpion did teck a left turn an nip u pon u dick then what??

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