10 thoughts on “LOOK ERE NUH

    1. LOL,
      The only time I hear about Sean Paul is when I come on Pink Wall. We left him when Beyonce left him in 2004.

  1. Where LA hab fi eat anything, him nuh just did evicted outta di ppl dem place. Mussi him mout him gwine use fi try get free lodgings someweh else.

  2. LA SP career been tek awf before him mek the eat pum pum speech… But I feel u already eating it an just want to tell us on the sly.

  3. Check the words intanational…carear….bigest….fram….reel..realli…..no soh… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak him device nuh have autocorrect…mi blouse and skirt…

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