I just want to address the matter I was with Jodi before I met my Bby mother the thing is I want a woman who can help me when I need it me an Jodi not dating over a year now I don’t want no woman who only thinks about hair a clothes weh DAT ago I want partnership I love my son an I want to have a family life is too short so am just hear to let the crowd know am cooling off party an staying home with my family my son and my baby mom is the best thing that’s every happen to me.Jodi easy Yuh bloodclaat self a me baby mom me say working class tired fi u a beg a me eye lef fi me take out give u that what make me find woman begging is a turn off

All uno comments can’t make me leave my baby mom the hearts want what it wants me never been so happy in my time thank u god their are a gift from u

27 thoughts on “LOOK ERE NUH MAN

    1. him woman him a done cause him want him baby mother an the gal live ina him house an no waa come out

    1. G!! lolol. I don’t know which man use dem phrasing yah! Pon top a de dunce grammar 😀

      You desperate ass likkle renking tail females need fi go beg God pardon fi a waste de life him breath inna onu!

  1. Met watz up? Didn’t know you were a doctor also, anyway to your question u need to go to the doctor and find out if u are the problem r u man a fired blank! In wat way met can help u u need to go help ur self and find out!

  2. Another f**kery story bitch is mad Dj is married and av moved on,Dj would neva write that crap. Talk why ur really upset sweetie.

  3. genuinely good advice all the same Genuine cuz maybe dem can’t breed again.Go thru Needleye!!

    1. Hail up yardieT…Genuine, come back come advise up dah post yah too cause it just as in need :beer:

      Happy Sunday to all.

  4. Phoenix…yu spot the sikes quick doe. Buss up di wifey plan.
    needleye101…moscato? Nuh training wine dat. Yu a graduate from apple cider…lol. Just teasing.

  5. Bless up PP,jus a forward back did a Tek een some football matches all day. Barcelona with messi and neymar dem lose again and now arnett gardens under 1 love by mobay!

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